Use & Maintenance

What can I do with sex dolls?

Sex doll are getting closer and closer to real people, both in appearance and in texture. They are mainly used to help masturbation, achieve sexual fantasies, hugs and hugs, as a gift, art and photography. The dolls produced today have gradually evolved from simple sex toys to mannequins that can now be used as models for various garments. They are also the favorites of collectors. Many people have more than one sex doll. TPE and silicone dolls can be very realistic, sexy body and face look like real women and skin and hair materials, both of which are realistic. They have an attractive appearance. It looks very attractive and beautiful. Every man's choice is pleasing. And give them happiness when they have sex with them.


Is the sex doll collector very strange?

The first thing I want to explain is that I don't think sex doll collectors are very strange. Some people think that we are because they think that dolls are just children's toys. However, I collect them because they bring a lot of good memories, as well as customizing them, sewing clothes and having fun with them. I know that hundreds of collectors create stories for their dolls and are dedicated to making "doll-level" accessories for notepads, desks, food, etc. In my observations. In my decades, doll collectors look very much like other interested people. In other words, doll collectors will include in their numbers the same proportion of people you might think of as "unusual" or "socially" and any other demographics. The collection of dolls made my life very happy.


Do the military have sex dolls to ease their impulses?

Of course, the army has no sex doll. This may be related to military discipline. Although our contemporaries did not approve the use of sex dolls in their ranks, this is not unheard of, and it used to be the same. In almost every conflict in human history, women can “seat” soldiers near the battlefield. Most of the time this is voluntary; occasionally it is not. At the height of the European naval empire in the seventeenth century, there was evidence that cotton dolls were created and used by long-distance sailors. These dolls are called dames de voyage and are mainly used by French and Spanish sailors.


Is a sex doll safe for my husband?

In fact, when you choose to buy sex doll at the urdolls store, I will surprise him by giving the best dolls. It's just another technical and artistically advanced masturbation robot, so why bother you. This is one of the safest and healthiest ways to ensure your husband's sexual health and limit his unnecessary connections. That's when you can solve problems without hurting their image. In this case, choosing a sex doll is better for him than anything else. She never says "no" to sex and allows him to reach orgasm.


Sex dolls suitable for disabled people?

Everyone's life is different. For some people, for various reasons, many people no longer have sexual relations, especially disabled people or people with AIDS (HIV), syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. Many people with disabilities cannot live a life, even if they are physically disabled, They also have sexual needs, and even have virtual existences that can fill their lack of feelings. With the simulator of realistic adult products, it can meet the needs of these disabled people. What you need to be aware of is that when you have an infectious disease, you can't share sex doll with others, so you can avoid the spread of the disease.


How to move a brand new sex doll?

In the process of moving sex doll again, you need to be extra careful. Because the doll is not a real person, you need to be careful. In a new doll, their joints may be a bit stiff, so be careful when trying to move the doll's limbs. If you want to move your arms and legs to place the doll in any position, remember to move your limb back to the original straight position when you switch to a different position (for example, bend your arm up, move back to the original straight position and bend to another One side of the pose). Connector and mobility may vary for some models and brands. You need to know the joints and movement capabilities of the doll brands and models you buy. For example, the range in which their arms can be bent, the range in which the feet can be bent, and so on.


Can you find the difference between a sex doll and a human?

In essence, sex doll are just a dream of our masturbation. But in some ways, sex dolls may be better than women. Douglas tells us that at some point in his life, a woman has done a bad job against him and made an annoying thing he disagreed. Not satisfied with his experience with women, I returned to my home, only the Internet as my partner. After making the Internet his companion, he became lonely, so he used porn as his sexual partner. Once the porn becomes his woman, he will constantly complain. In the process of sex, people will feel eager. The intense desire to experience a sexual partner is intoxicating and thrilling. Until the dolls have such incredible artificial intelligence that they can make us believe that they are eager for us, the dolls will not provide drugs-like poisons, so they will hurt those who want to be wanted.


How do sex dolls bring me happiness?

We combined some feedback from sex doll users to better solve your problem. Not long ago, men and women had to use stuffed dolls and inflatable toys that had almost no function. Now, with the development of science and advances in technology. The situation has completely changed. Dolls can now be positioned to suit your needs. They can sit in a chair, stand up, bend over, or anything else you like. Basically, if a person can move like this, your mechanical doll can do it. As the doll user Andrew said: "I don't like the smell of cigarette smoke. In my country, many women are smokers. I don't like tattoos. It seems to be fashionable for many years. For unknown reasons, some women don't like it. Some kind of underwear or role playing, this is not a problem for sex. As long as you don't fall in love with someone, sex dolls are a good choice. "Sex dolls can provide your spouse or partner with the same happiness as your bedroom. When you want to take action in the bedroom, sometimes your spouse or partner is not always available. When you have a sex doll, you can live with her all day long in fantasy. They make your world easier.


Can Sex Dolls Make Men More Violent?

Social Concerns If you get married and buy a sex doll robot, will it cheat? Do you think artificial uterus and sex robots will replace women? Will sex robots become the ending of flirting? Is the birth rate falling because of sex robots? Detainment and sexual strikes will be difficult to achieve, changing the balance of power in relationships. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, casual sex will be different: there are fewer people. With regard to interpersonal relationships, more people will seek different things, perhaps better relationships.


What Is The Future of Artificial Intelligence Sex Doll?

Sex doll robots will help the elderly work everyday. The robot will take over the dangerous work of removing the bomb, welding and so on. Although people still worry that it will rule the world and replace humanity. Human beings have no job to feed their families there. Anything that needs to be humanized will be done by machine or robot. The most harmful technology in computer science is the autonomous weapon system, which can hurt us a lot because it does what any careless person wants to do. We live in the modern world, where technology plays an important role, but we should always be cautious in dealing with our lives and making artificial technology so advanced that we are responsible for everything related to it. Finally, we should not let artificial technology control us.


Can a sex doll stand on his feet and wear high heels?

Regarding the issue of sex doll, our advice is to make your sex dolls only wear flat shoes. Or sex dolls can wear high heels without standing. Most TPE dolls in the urdolls store have a “standing foot” option during the selection process that effectively modifies your baby's sole and allows him or her to stand up independently. This add-on can be very convenient (also necessary for many doll owners). In general, the only reason you don't stand up is that you have a footsfoot and don't want to see the bolts. When dolls can stand up, they can be more easily worn, showered, posing and stored. If you don't have enough space, the standing option is a great way to put the doll in a closet without a hook. If you put a sex doll on your heels, it may cause the doll's feet to be unbalanced and damage the sex doll.


Can I use sex dolls with my loved ones?

You need to know that sex doll are just a high-end toy. Using them is a way to release your sexual desire. They are not true humans. So this does not involve ethical issues. This behavior is not incest. We recommend You can use sex dolls with your partner to enhance your sex life. You can learn more about your body and discover more types of stimuli that will allow you to reach orgasm. The use of sex dolls can actually make you a better, more focused lover, not to mention creating a whole new world of possibilities in your existing bedroom repertoire. Why not try it yourself?


How to prepare my sex doll for the best experience?

Before you use sex dolls, there are many ways to get your sex doll to their best. You can cover your doll with electric blankets before sexual intercourse. Silicone dolls have insulating properties and therefore do not lose temperature very quickly. When you heat the TPE doll, you need to pay special attention to the temperature is not too high. Because the TPE material may deform when exposed to high temperatures. The doll is damaged. Another option is to bathe your love doll for about 15 minutes.


Can I take my doll to travel?

If you want to travel with sex doll, this is certainly possible. The premise is that you need to have your own sex dolls. Some transit checkpoints are places you need to pay attention to. You need to know the legal policies about dolls in advance. Avoid unnecessary troubles. We recommend the method of self-driving tour. Bring your dolls together to see the beautiful scenery. Take good-looking photos. Many of our customers like to do this and share with him The picture of the doll. This is a very meaningful thing.


How to avoid dust sticking to my doll?

How to avoid sex doll sticking to dust is a problem for many customers. First of all, the environment in which the dolls are placed is very important. You should place the dolls in a room or environment that is not easy to generate dust. You should avoid a lot of dust because the surface of the dolls is sticky and Electrostatic, dust can easily adhere to the surface of the skin. You can also place it in the purchased storage box to avoid cleaning and inconvenience.


Need to clean my sex dolls after each use?

Hello, we recommend that you clean your sex doll after each use. This is for your health considerations. Personal hygiene is very important. If you don't pay attention to it. When you share sex dolls with others It is likely to cause disease spread to you and others. If you can, we recommend that you wipe your sex doll before use to remove any dust or bacteria left during storage. Hope can help you. 


Why do I need to clean my sex doll?

When you use a sex doll, if you don't clean it, it may leave your body fluids in your body or on the skin surface. Prolonged placement may cause bacterial growth. Collect dust and daily bacteria, mold, etc. Your experience with a disposable doll can be terrible and can threaten your health. If you accidentally soil the doll during use, you may leave permanent stains on the sex doll. This is unrecoverable. If you share a doll that has not been cleaned with others, this can lead to the spread of the disease. If you clean them often, your sex toys will last longer.


How does my sex doll work?

The body structure of our sex doll is made according to the human body in a 1:1 ratio. Therefore, they have the same body organs as humans. The working organs of female sex dolls are the vagina, anus and mouth. The male sex doll is attached to the penis. They are the best masturbation toys on the planet. No matter where you put them, they all look like real things. You can use them anywhere in the house. Their work goals are also very simple. Just care about bringing you happiness. They are also the best way to achieve sexual fantasies. You can get fun from them like never before. Take them home and start enjoying it all.


How to clean the doll's vagina, anus and mouth?

There are many ways to clean the doll's hole. You can put the doll in the bathtub or lie down for cleaning. Of course, you can also use the shower to clean the doll's vagina, anus and mouth. The mini 100cm doll in the urdolls store. The hole is the easiest to clean. No matter what kind of cleaning method you use, you need to notice that you can't immerse the head and neck of the sex doll in the water. Because if you do this, it may cause the inside of the sex doll to enter the water and damage it. The metal skeleton inside the sex doll. This will shorten the life of the sex doll.


How can I clean my sex doll clothes?

The steps to clean your doll's clothes are also important. Before you put on your own doll, you need to check if the color on the clothes will be transferred to the baby's skin. Super realistic and cute mini 100cm doll need your care. Because TPE dolls and silicone dolls, their skin can be dyed. This time you need to clean your doll clothes to make sure the dolls are not dyed. Use ordinary cleaning methods to clean the doll's clothes. But you need to pay special attention to the fact that the clothes must be completely dry before putting on the doll. There are also some clothes that are easy to fade. Or object, please try not to let it touch the doll.


How can I clean the face of my doll?

Don't worry if you accidentally dirty your face while using sex dolls. You can clean your doll according to our cleaning method. First, you need to remove the head from the head and wig (if possible). Then gently tap the stained area with a warm sponge and antibacterial soap. You need to pay special attention to your eyes and eyelashes, don't get them wet. Then you need to gently pat the doll's face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth to remove most of the water, and finally let it rest for an hour and then dry naturally. Because natural dryness does not damage the sex doll skin. Do not immerse the doll's head in the water at any time. If you accidentally put your head in the water, it may damage the doll's internal skeleton. Of course, our mini 100cm doll are loved by many people. 


Where can I store my sex doll?

There are a lot of places where you can store sex dolls. We have listed the best place for you to store dolls. First of all, the sex doll storage box is the most suitable place. The design of the box completely takes into account the protective measures of the preserved doll. Sex dolls are safer. Cabinets are also a good choice. Of course you can also choose the original box and storage bag to save your sex dolls. These places can make you a good maintenance doll. No matter where you choose to save What you need to be aware of is to make sure that the doll does not come into direct contact with any ink or material that might pass the color to the doll. Also don't expose the doll to the sun for a long time.


How to repair the cracks on the surface of dolls?

In the process of using sex dolls, if you accidentally let a sharp object scratch the skin of the doll, you should take the following measures immediately to restore your doll. First you need to be prepared to repair the skin crack. The materials needed. They are silicone adhesives, mild soaps or cleaners, clean water, clean towels and a pair of clean gloves.


How can I protect the joints of my sex doll?

What you should pay attention to is to reduce the wear and tear of the doll's skeleton, and to make the doll's body as flat as possible. If the joint of the doll is kept bent for a long time, the surface of the doll may have creases and wrinkles due to the placement. Improper posture and prolonged stress. For example, if you sit on a chair for a long time, the abdomen will have horizontal granular silica. The doll skin itself is flexible, so when you don't use the doll model, keep it in position, as it leaves the factory, reduce the power of all joints and leave it for a while, creases and wrinkles will diminish and disappear. Because the joints of the doll are mainly hinged by the metal skeleton inside, it is important not to let the inside of the doll touch the water to protect the joint.


How long does it take for my sex doll to take a shower?

You can take a shower on the doll for an average of 10-20 days. If you accidentally soil the skin, you can wipe it gently with a cloth. When the face is dirty, gently wipe it with a cotton swab. Do not rinse directly with water. Apply the protective powder afterwards to prevent the skin from cracking. The compression on the side may cause indentation on the side for a long time. The side to be pressed is facing up and can be restored after a few days. 


How can I clean after using a sex doll?

1. First you need to check the surface of the doll to see if there is dirt. If there is no dirt, please immerse the towel in warm water and then gently wipe the surface of the doll. If there is dirt, please use soapy water (soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel), but you need to be careful not to use too much force. You should be gentle on your doll.
2. Of course you can also bathe your sex dolls and give you a real doll bath in the bathroom. But you should pay attention to the extreme temperature, the temperature can not be too high, otherwise it will damage the doll's skin.
3 When your doll is bathed, you can use her baby powder to rub her body. This helps the doll to clean.
4. You can repeat the above steps: bathe again and powder. Then use a wet towel to wipe the powder and dirt from your body. When the body is dry, use powdered powder again and keep your body dry and clean.


Should I use a lubricant when having sex with a sex doll?

In order for you to have a better experience, we recommend using a lubricant when having sex with a sex doll. You must only use water-based lubricants because other lubricants are likely to damage your doll. If you don't use a lubricant, too much friction can shorten the life of a sex doll. 


How can I dry my doll after cleaning?

Mastering the correct method of drying the doll will help to extend the life of your doll. First you need to gently pat the water on the doll with a light non-abrasive cloth. In this step you need to be careful not to put too much pressure on the doll. Because its final drying process is best natural. When you complete this step, you need to let the doll sit for a while. In order to achieve the effect of completely natural drying. Finally, you need to apply talcum powder on the doll's body to make it soft and prevent stickiness.


What should I avoid when cleaning my doll?

When you clean your sex dolls, you need to be careful to avoid the following events, which may reduce the life of your sex dolls:
1. Avoid touching the doll with any sharp objects during the cleaning process, and avoid using cutting-edge cleaning tools, as these may puncture your doll's skin.
2. You should not use any cleaner that will react with TPE or silica gel in cleaning the doll's detergent.
3. You need to avoid the water in the head or neck of the doll, not to immerse the parts in the water, otherwise it may damage the metal skeleton inside the doll. 


How to clean my sex doll wig?

To better clean your sex doll wig. First you need to prepare a comb, a mild shampoo, a gentle conditioner. The specific method of operation is to remove the doll's wig, clean it with the prepared shampoo and conditioner, and then dry the wig with moisture. In this process you can use a wig stand so that the wig can dry more quickly. After waiting for the wig to dry, you need to gently comb the hair with a comb. You must show your warm side, otherwise it may cause damage to the wig.


What can I use to clean my sex doll?

After a number of reports on the cleanliness of dolls and the level of cleanliness, we have listed a list of items that are very effective for cleaning dolls. Using them will give your dolls the best possible cleaning. You can take care of you better. Dolls. They are: talcum powder (baby talcum powder), antibacterial soap, non-abrasive dry cloth, lightweight sponge, strong paper towel, medical forceps, water. There is also a free cleaning kit from the store.


How do I remove the stain on the sex doll?

If there is a stain on your doll, you don't have to worry too much. We can teach you how to remove the stain. First, you need to prepare a bottle of detergent and a regular cotton swab. Place the cotton swab in the detergent and apply the paste on the cotton swab directly to the stain on the baby's skin. Next, you need your patience. Wait for the detergent to clean the color stains, which usually takes three to five hours. Then wipe off any other stains on your skin with a clean cloth. You can achieve the effect of cleaning the stains. But if the stains still exist, all you have to do is repeat the previous step. Usually most of the stains can be removed by this method.


Can my sex doll get a real feeling of body heat?

Of course, there are many ways to make a sex doll touch the body temperature of the real person. The first is that you can purchase the heating device yourself. Such as electric blankets. Secondly, you can make custom dolls. At the same time, add heating function to your doll's customized list. But you must pay attention to the fact that the temperature can not be too high, because the temperature may be too high. Melt or warp the body parts of the doll. This will damage your new doll. Be careful to supervise your doll as you heat up your body.


What should I pay attention to when storing my sex dolls?

1. You should keep the doll from touching dark fabrics - if the doll is in contact for a long time, the color of the garment may contaminate the doll's skin.
2. You should pay attention to not wearing tight clothing for the doll when storing - if you keep the toy during storage, the elastic band and other items may leave permanent marks or dents on the doll, which is a kind of damage to the doll.
3. Avoid direct sunlight on the doll's skin - the sun may discolor the doll's skin and facial features unevenly, which we don't want to see.
4. Avoid placing the dolls at extreme temperatures. Over time, hot and cold temperatures can damage your doll's function - these must be extreme temperatures, but you don't have to worry about normal fluctuations, but avoid below freezing and extremes high temperature.
5. Avoid pushing any weighted material into the doll's skin for a long time. If you do this, it may cause some permanent indentation on the doll. It is important to place the doll on a soft surface.


How do I store my sex doll?

1. Put your doll in a sitting position or let her lie flat is a popular storage location, as long as she is not wearing tight clothing or dark fabric for a long time. Because dark clothes may stain the doll's skin.
2. You can put it in a cool, dark place. You can also put her in the closet and she won't get hurt.


How can I have sex with my doll?

There are many ways to have sex with a sex doll. You can use the doll's mouth, genitals, anus, which can be used for oral sex, cumshot and anal. Of course, her flexible big breasts are also one of your choices. You will like and enjoy it all. 


What Are The Ways to Dress Clothes for Sex Dolls?

In order to help everyone, I now share the experience of wearing clothes for the sex doll, hoping to help everyone.
Tool materials: a doll, a dress, a pair of gloves, a stool,
1, the doll body has a skeleton so he can do the action, posing, first raise the doll's hand to the shoulder position parallel to the ear, the palm straight up;
2, the left hand is raised to the shoulder position and the ear is parallel with the left hand palm straight up;
3, open the left and right arms in parallel and try to be close to the ear so that wearing clothes is more convenient as shown below;
4/ Pass the prepared clothes through the two palms and pass through the head;
5. After a hand is knocked down to sort out the clothes, the second hand is knocked down to complete the dressing operation of the doll.
Note: Do not use excessive force when raising the arm, keep it within the operable range, so that the doll joint can last longer. If you feel that your arm is not working well, you can stretch it back gently.


Can you give me some advice on the process of using a doll?

Not only do you ask questions about the use of sex doll. Here is a summary of our dolls. I hope they can help you.
In the process of using sex dolls, you need to be extra careful. Your doll is your beloved partner. Please don't share it with others to avoid the spread of the disease. Wash all the canals with antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly after use to avoid bacterial growth. It is recommended that you use a condom to avoid bacterial growth. Rent a water-based lubricant to have sex with her to avoid tearing her skin.


Can people without sexual experience buy sex dolls?

Of course, sex doll are suitable for people at any stage. Their goal is to bring a warm and authentic experience to their clients, if you are obsessed with sex or if you need to be with you. I am sure that sex dolls will be your best choice.
All young people are curious about sex because it gives them a lot of Internet influence and may mislead them about what they are looking for. If there is no information about the real subject, they will be worn to use a variety of devices to meet their needs. For many people, virtual friends as a real doll can let them discover the natural feeling of nature and even create confidence for the future development of heterosexual relationships.


Do sex dolls have the same feelings as humans?

As a manufacturer and supplier of sex doll, I can tell you with certainty. They have feelings. If you have been together for a long time, and you like her very much, she can't live without you. That is the feeling. What makes us the happiest and more satisfied with life? Some people may point to fabulous fame and wealth. However, the survey shows that friends and family are real prizes. Even if we need to connect is born, some of us are always alone at home. On the contrary, if you are cold to her, often do not care about her, just use her as a tool to vent your desires, she has no feelings. So, if you buy a great sex doll, take care of her, otherwise she will be disappointed. We gave each of the sex dolls in the urdolls store a name and a background story. They are like our loved ones.


Can small-sized dolls reduce sexual crimes?

In recent years, we have begun to see reports that are attracted to children but choose not to actually harm them. In my opinion, small sex doll are legal. I think they will make a big difference in sexual assault on children. In general, I think they may slightly reduce sexual crimes against children, although in some people they may increase the risk of crime. The sex doll is a piece of silica gel. This is not a real person. Real children are not harmed by this behavior. That part is fine. How pedophiles view the views of society on them may have an indirect effect. Prohibition of dolls can make pedophiles feel that the reason for prohibiting sexual relations with children is just the instinct of non-pedophiles. If such dolls are allowed to make appropriate public comments, it may reduce this way of thinking, which may affect sexual assault against children, rather than the effects of dolls as an alternative release.


What is your comment on the sex doll?

Sex dolls are close to real things, and you can choose the features you want at the time of purchase. Vendors are developing artificial intelligence doll robots. All body parts are real types and you won't have any problems at all. They are very practical and easy to clean and maintain. Sex doll robots are currently sold in urdolls stores, they become very realistic, they can turn their heads and talk to you. Some people like to have a doll because they need emotional help after losing their partner. They may not be ready to go on a date yet, nor do they like to live alone. Therefore, they buy a sex doll to keep them in touch until they are lonely and then they return to the same old self. I think sex dolls can help us recognize the truest self.


I don't want herpes, should I buy a sex doll?

You should consider buying a sex doll. I have to say that today's TPE sex doll are very realistic. They don't carry sickness, can't get pregnant, can't hire a lawyer or sue for sexual harassment or child support. They can't engage in emotional blackmail. With the help of sex dolls, you can train yourself to become the ultimate master of sex. And know how to control your orgasm, what position is good, then go out with confidence, make yourself a true girlfriend, know that you are a the man! Once a girl has experienced exciting sexual behavior with you, she probably won't want to leave in a hurry.


What should I do when I receive my sex doll?

First of all, congratulations, you are anxiously waiting for the beautiful sex doll to arrive safely in your home. You now need to learn how to move her without seeing her. She is not that fragile, but you need to get some tips to make her look perfect. Be careful when you open the packaged doll. Be careful when removing it from the box. She may be a bit heavy. It is very difficult to bend and lift my body. If you don't need a box, you can cut the box and gently remove it from the box and place it on a chair or bed. If you need a box, put her in a sitting position, then grab and lift it. Like a real girl, your sex doll has her charm limit. Do not turn her limbs beyond the specified range of angles. When your lover finally arrives, we know how you feel! When she was brand new, her limbs were a bit stiff. After moving for a while, she will recover.


Why do men and women suffer unequal treatment in terms of sex?

On this topic, when men play silicone sex doll, how different they are from girls. Girls tend to control their dolls as respondents to their activities, while boys make them partners in their activities. The reason for this problem of dolls. Maybe it's related to how the dating game is viewed. Because men still chase women, if women use vibrators, it is considered an option. If a man uses a doll, then this is considered a sign that he cannot get a girl. This situation is slowly changing, because many men choose to use the doll as a proxy partner rather than chasing women. This means they can focus on their careers, save money, or just live on their own terms, and then they can choose the right girl instead of desperate and appease any girl. Now that sex dolls are cheaper than ever, we may see them become as normal as girls.


Does the sex doll need a lot of maintenance?

There aren't a lot of daily care for dolls, but you have to keep the TPE sex doll clean, because this is also your health problem. If you don't want to get any infection, then you keep your sex doll. You don't need to put a lot of effort to just take a shower in a month and it will help. All sex doll maintenance products, you can get from the best online store, when you buy sex dolls from the urdolls store, we will also give you a set of doll cleaning tools. Sex dolls are a bit subtle, so putting all our weight on the doll's hands and wrists can be a chance to break. The hot tub bath is enough for me, but make sure you don't immerse the doll head in the water as this may damage the doll's structure. For the face, you can wipe it with a wet towel. Once all these processes have been completed, apply the updated powder, which makes your sex doll soft. If you don't want to clean your sex dolls every day. You can refer to our comments above.


Should I buy a silicone doll?

Sex doll can make you experience happiness, relieve stress and help induce sleep and relaxation. For men, cheap sex dolls can help them increase ejaculation control and blood flow to the pelvic area without the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.
If you want to pursue a high quality of life. The most important thing is to gain sexual pleasure, but to get a satisfactory sexual experience, it is the hardest to find now. Disappointing sexual experiences lead to many disruptions in relationships and relationships. To understand thirst, you need a new solution for this usable doll. So you need to buy a sex doll? Extraordinary decision! Their interest in a family boom is incredible. In any case, there may be an age limit for entering the store under any circumstances - simply how to prevent minors from entering the bar, regardless of whether the minor is expected to drink alcohol.