What should I consider when purchasing a sex doll?

Before you decide to buy a sex doll, you must know the following things. First, what kind of doll do you like? The dolls in the urdolls store are usually made of silicone or high quality TPE material. They all include many styles of dolls, such as Japanese sex dolls, blonde sex dolls, and huge chest sex dolls. Second, what is your budget? If your budget is based on less than $2000, here are a lot of affordable TPE dolls. If your budget exceeds $2,000, then you can consider buying a quality silicone doll. I hope this will help, thank you.


Will sex dolls solve my single problem?

With the development of technology, artificial intelligence sex doll will become more and more real, maybe you have seen the movie "Westworld". The smart dolls inside can do almost anything that people can do. They can also cry, have their own personality and cognition. It is like a real human being. They can solve your single problem completely.


Has someone made a deceased lover into a sex doll?

A large part of our customers use sex doll as a substitute for the deceased lover. This method is feasible, and the sex dolls bring warmth and companionship to people. A sexual partner is special because she responds to what I am doing, does what I respond to, and has some personal/brain attachment to her. Just lying there without responding, no talking, no sounding sex dolls remedy this all. If you are embarrassed about your lover, feel guilty. You can make the doll a replica of the real person. This way you can feel that she is still by your side. The table is big and your loyalty to her.


How about the insertion vagina of a sex doll?

The inserted vagina of a sex doll is also called a detachable vagina. Customized dolls in the urdolls store are available for free insertion or vaginal or one-piece vagina. The advantage of a detachable vagina is that it is easy to clean. After use, you can take it out, soak it in water and let it dry. Please do not use a hair dryer or any overheated things to dry it as it will damage the vagina. In the meantime, you can insert another one for use. Replace the new vagina when the old vagina is loose or in a bad shape. The entire doll lasts longer due to better cleaning and maintenance. But it also has drawbacks: some users find it less realistic, especially when you take it out, you will see a hole. After a period of use, the vagina may fit perfectly into the surrounding vagina. You may find a little gap between the vagina and the genitals. You can choose more than you like. Most of our clients choose a one-piece vagina for lifelike Experience.


How is the fixed vagina of the sex doll?

Urdolls offers you a vaginal option for two sex doll, one for the fixed vagina and the other for the inserted vagina. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of our fixed vagina. The advantage of fixing the vagina is that it looks more realistic. Perfect fit to the bottom without any unrealistic gaps. The disadvantage of fixing the vagina is that it is difficult to clean. You can use a irrigator to inject water into it and then blot it dry until it is dry. We recommend that you wear a condom during sexual intercourse. After a period of use, the vagina will not be as nervous as before, and there is nothing to improve it.
In short, whether it is a movable vagina or a fixed vagina, it depends on you. Interestingly, up to 65% of customers choose to fix the vagina instead of the movable vagina. The actual vagina seems to be the most important factor in making a decision.


How can my doll's arm move?

It is possible that many sex doll users do not understand the upper arm movement range of sex dolls. Below is our answer. The upper arm of the sex doll can be raised forward to the height of the chest, which is about 60 degrees forward. They can be bent slightly backwards by 5-10 degrees. Shrug shoulder pads (optional) in requesting dolls can be heird already shrug shoulders, they can be raised to the sides horizontally to reach the chest level, ie, about 60 degrees in both directions. When the upper arms are folded inside (chest hugs), they should not exceed the chest, ie about 15 degrees inside. Lower arm and wrist: The lower arm of the doll can be rotated 90 degrees in one direction. Because we have a displacement limit on the bone, the lower arm cannot bend or rotate in other directions. (Like a real woman's bones). The doll's wrist can be bent 45 degrees up and down, respectively. There is a difference in the range of arm movement for dolls of different brand types.


Where can I buy a TPE sex doll?

Many people have asked me this question, here I need to explain to you some urdolls TPE dolls. Urdolls' TPE sex doll are easy to bend and stretch and are very real. Their prices are lower relative to the industry. Because we are a large sex doll manufacturing and sales company. We have many years of experience in making sex dolls and we are committed to providing you with the perfect companion. Our TPE dolls have a large order volume, so the price can be lower than other doll dealers. Can play, use and penetrate. They are easy to clean, resistant to marking and semen, can last for years or even decades, and can be dried quickly, so they can be used within hours. Want to order your own TPE sex doll? Urdolls will be your best choice.


Can I buy a sex doll without registering on your website?

When you buy sex dolls on the urdolls website. It may be a headache because of the tedious registration steps. You will ask if you can buy a TPE sex doll without registering the website. We can tell you with certainty that this method is feasible. You can complete the purchase without registering our website. But there is some necessary information that you still need to fill out. Such as the delivery address, contact information, etc. Please be assured that we will not sell or disclose your information. This information is only to ensure that we can deliver the product safely to your hands.


Does Artificial Intelligence Make Sex Dolls Come Alive?

I try to start with optimized artificial human blood vessels, then install artificial intelligence and sex doll robot technology to make them come alive. Anatomical correctness is critical to creating a real man-made person. My goal was to create artificial humans from the very beginning, often referred to as sex doll robots in pop culture, as close as possible to humans, both mentally and physically. Most of the content on the "advanced" robotic platform today is very unrealistic in terms of its appearance and movement, not to mention their social and emotional intelligence. This is because engineers usually build mechanical and electronic robotic components first, then tap on some skin and wigs to make realism impossible.


Is It Possible to Have Silicone-like Dolls in Various Forms?

Why risk personal conflict, someone steals all your things, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. When you can buy a fucking sex doll that looks and behaves human, you have zero chance, the "person" has caused you damage Will never grow old and never reject your wildest sexual fantasies? Who doesn't want that? Today, you can't even ask a chicken without risking a false conflict in your way.


What are the customization options for small sex dolls?

You can access our best-selling small sex dolls area by clicking on the 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll. First you need to choose your favorite body, and within each body page you will see different options that can be used to customize your doll. You can choose height, eyes, skin tone, vagina and standing foot options. Most of these customization options are free, but additional features are available at an additional cost, such as the standing foot option. They are available in white, natural, tan and black tones. Vagina you can choose to have a built-in or a plug-in vagina.


What is a small sex doll?

Small dolls are also known as mini sex dolls. They are the type of dolls that are relatively thin in our store. 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll is the best selling small doll style in urdolls shop. The real mini-sex doll is the hottest of all the dolls. The love doll has a real cute and very special woman image. Small sex dolls may have different types, colors and other unique features. They include dolls that are between 100cm and 140cm in height. If you like a girl with a tight vagina, you need to consider a 100 cm mini doll. Their lovely big eyes and main features will definitely let you enjoy your sex the way you want. They are small in size and easy to store and maintain. These small sex dolls are easier to carry and manipulate than big dolls. Do you want to know more about small dolls? You can directly click on the font above to enter our small doll area.


Can the standing feet of a sex doll move like a normal foot?

The standing feet of sex doll cannot move like ordinary feet, and the standing feet are stiff. It lies flat at 90 degrees and can be bent down to 150 degrees. But you can't move your standing feet up or to the left or right. Sexual dolls can do this with ordinary feet. When urdolls custom dolls, standing feet require you to pay an extra $30. But they can put more standing positions you want. You can have more of your own. Choose the actual situation.


Where can I buy a small sex doll?

Many people want to own a small doll of their own. Because the price of small dolls is more affordable. It is easy to transport and store. But not everyone knows how to buy small dolls. If you want to buy your own. For small dolls, please click on the 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll to enter our small doll collection area. All the dolls here are the best-selling models we have selected for the 2018 sales. Each one is of high quality. Please contact us by email if you have any questions. 


How do I use the discount coupon code when I buy a sex doll?

When you meet our sex doll, you can buy dolls at a discounted price on our website. We will place the coupon code at the top of each page during the event. After customizing the doll options, you can enter the coupon code on the payment page. Click the "Payment" button. You can buy at a discounted price.


Why didn't my sex doll order pass?

We support multiple sex doll payment methods. When the payment method you try fails, you can try other payment methods. Our customer pays higher success rate is paypal. We also recommend you to pay by this method. If you find any Abnormal activity, most banks and card issuers almost always refuse to trade. Because of the high price transactions, they will consider this a fraudulent transaction. Please call your credit card issuer to let them know that you are authorizing this transaction. Once they know that you confirm this transaction, you should be able to place your order immediately. If you still want to know how other payments can be made, you can contact us by email at


Can you have a love doll clothes?

Of course, when you buy any sex doll from us, we will give you a set of doll clothes. This dress is random and may differ from the clothes shown in the picture. You can also shop at a local clothing store. Buy ordinary clothes for dolls. As you choose your clothes, you need to know some precautions. For example, avoid wearing dark clothes and dyeing dolls. For more information, you can also refer to our sex play for use and maintenance.


Do you buy sex doll with clothes and hair?

These items are of course included when you buy sex doll in urdolls. We will equip each doll with a set of clothes and wigs for free. Of course, our customers will buy more beautiful wigs for their dolls. Sexy clothes. Usually wear a bikini or underwear. It all depends on your thoughts. as long as you like it. You can easily buy clothes and dress up your own dolls according to your preferences or for each special occasion. Every day you have your illusions. You can choose according to your preferences and easily buy clothes and dress up your own dolls on special occasions.


What factors should I consider when looking for sex dolls?

Before you start looking for real sex doll, we recommend that you consider three things:
Your budget can determine the interval in which you buy sex doll. Our website has price classifications. We divide them into different pages according to the price of the dolls. It is convenient for your purchase. The price of the doll depends mainly on the size and special size. Such as a real big breast or waist. It is for this reason.
2. Size
You need to consider the size of the doll you want to buy according to your needs. Usually small dolls are more convenient to transport and store. We classify the doll according to its height and size.
3. Materials
Material is an important factor to consider because it will determine the various functions. Both TPE and silicone dolls are of high quality. We recommend that you first choose the body and size you like. Second, find the face that will make you fall in love. Third, customize the dream of your true love doll.


Can I change the doll after I place an order?

It's not impossible to change your custom options or sex doll style. However, you need to contact us by email as soon as possible. It can be changed within 24 hours of placing an order. However, some special circumstances are not excluded. Our team may start with your doll and you can't change your order. So please ask us for specific information. Our sales are final. So please check carefully before submitting your order! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


How should I choose a sex doll for my partner?

Picking a sex doll for a partner can be tricky because you need to know. Everyone has different hobbies, and the things they like will be different. But you should know what your partner likes. If you are right, your partner is amazed, don't want to ask what they are interested in, and then think about what they like when you make love or participate in any sex game. When do they like to stimulate the clitoris? Do they like anal penetration? Do they like the penis that is being stroked? Grab a few Tenga eggs. Do they like prostate games? They will like big breasts or flat chests. You should be aware of this. You can recall the details of your stay together.


How to choose my sex doll?

With the flourishing of the sex doll industry. Various sex dolls have also become more diverse. More and more people accept dolls. We are here to teach you to make the right choice between the various sex dolls. Currently popular on the market TPE. Materials and silicone dolls. They vary greatly in price and performance. If you would like more information about this information, please see the FAQs on the urdolls website. If you want to move and store more conveniently. You can buy a mini 100cm doll. These dolls are popular with users for their cheap price and realistic experience.


How old do I need to buy a sex doll?

If you want to buy your own sex doll. You need to know the age of your region or state. Because our dolls are only sold to adults. If you are a minor, you will not be able to buy dolls from us. Adults in most areas are over 18 years of age. If you can meet the above requirements, you can enjoy our services. I hope this will help you.


How much does it cost me to buy sex dolls online?

The cost of buying a sex doll needs to be calculated based on your specific situation. If you buy a TPE doll in urdolls, it may cost you $700 to $2,500. The price of silicone dolls usually exceeds $2,000. Our doll standing foot option requires an additional $30. Other options are free. The cost of different heights of the same doll may vary. When making a selection, the price displayed on the settlement page is the total amount you need to pay.


Can I purchase additional sex dolls items separately?

You can of course purchase additional sex doll items separately in urdolls. Because we also want customers to provide this service. You can always buy your favorite products here, such as doll wigs, head, movable vagina, eyes, etc. . Many customers really like our mini 100cm doll. You can contact us by sending an email to Tell us what you need. We can definitely satisfy you. 


What are the criteria for custom dolls functions?

The criteria for custom sex doll functions need to be answered according to their own situation. When faced with the choice of TPE and silicone materials, you can consider the economic situation and the applicable purpose. More about the difference between TPE and silicone can come from our understanding of common problems. When adding or subtracting the function of a doll, you must always follow a standard that whether the doll will become "beautiful" is more suitable for your modification. Anything that affects "beauty" will be excluded from the list of features. I believe that you have an answer in your heart.


Will the bank statement show that I purchased a sex doll?

Of course it won't tell you to buy sex dolls. This involves the privacy of our customers, and we and the bank are very concerned about your privacy protection. Therefore, nothing on your bill can reveal the nature of your purchase. Our mini 100cm doll are very popular with customers. Only you and us know the goods we trade. Others do not have access to all relevant information.


Can I use promotional and coupon codes at the time of purchase?

When we hold a promotion, you can of course use the coupon code to make purchases. We usually place the promotion details and coupon code on the top of the homepage or on the billing page. You can paste and copy the coupon into the payment page by pasting and copying the offer. In the coupon code box, you will get the event offer at the time of settlement. This usually saves a lot more than usual. Usually the mini 100cm doll will get more discounts.


What should I do if I can't find the sex doll I want?

When you can't find your favorite sex doll in the urdolls store, you don't have to be sad. You can contact us at We can find products that meet your needs. The mini 100cm doll in our store are well received by many customers. Of course, we offer customized services, you can provide us with photos to customize the dolls and explain your preferences to us. But production time can take a long time. You can also come to the urdolls store regularly to check if you have a doll that meets you. We are constantly adding new products of high quality.


What are the free options when buying a doll?

When you shop at urdolls, our sex dolls have a lot of details to choose from. Among the free options are the color of the skin, the color of the eyes and the type of vagina. The standing option requires an additional $30. The different heights of the same doll usually vary in price. The shorter the height, the lower the price. This depends mainly on the cost of production. When you select a doll, you can click to find out the price of different heights.


Is it better for my sex doll to have a standing foot?

The standing feet are mainly to strengthen the skeleton of the sex doll's foot, adding 3 protruding studs to ensure stability. The dolls with standing feet can stand alone. They will be more realistic when standing. It allows you to take pictures as much as you can. It is more convenient for you to dress your dolls. Some dolls don't have the option of standing feet. For the dolls there are options for standing feet. You can find out more about the product options.


What is the price for customizing my sex doll?

There are two ways to customize a doll in the urdolls store. One is to customize it directly according to the product details option on our webpage. You can choose the color, eyes, height, etc. of the doll. After the selection is completed, the total price will be automatically generated. This is your Obtaining the price of the doll will definitely not let you pay other fees. 


What is the process of buying a doll?

We have summarized the complete process of the user buying a doll, which is very simple:
First, choose the style you like. You can choose the perfect lover you imagine based on the various doll categories on the urdolls website. If you don't know the specific style you want, you can browse our hot products, etc. They are other users who buy more styles on our website. Once you see your favorite dolls, start customizing and choosing your preferences.


How do I buy a realistic high quality doll online?

What do you mean by where you can buy sex dolls? The answer is very clear, Urdolls offers 100% brand new sex dolls, the highest quality and affordable. We promise to make you satisfied. Of course, if you have any questions about our products, you are welcome to contact us. We always provide customers with quality and smooth service. Help customers find their own satisfied lovers. 


What is the depth dimension of the doll hole?

Because the height of each doll is different, the molds used to make the dolls are different. So the depth of the holes of different dolls may be different. You also need to pay attention to not that each doll has 3 holes. Please read the product details for the specific number and depth of the doll's hole. We have a detailed introduction. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


What types of sex dolls do you have?

The urdolls store offers many types of sex dolls. When you buy dolls here, you can choose according to your needs. Our sex dolls are mainly divided into silicone dolls and TPE dolls. We also classify sex dolls by price. By height, by the type of person and by the time the doll came to the store, the overall distribution. You can easily purchase. 


What is the difference between the inserted vagina and the built-in vagina?

The inserted vagina is also called the detachable vagina. It means that the vagina of the doll is a sleeve or a fleshlight-esque tube. You can remove it and clean it. This will be more convenient. After cleaning, dry it and then put it back. The doll's body. The built-in vagina means that the vagina is built into the doll, just like a real woman.
If you are hesitating which is more suitable for you, let me recommend it for you. Most customers like the built-in vagina because it provides them with the most authentic experience. The inserted vaginal steel is easy to clean and replace. It depends on your real thoughts. If you want to clean your doll more easily, you can consider a plug-in vagina, but if you pay more attention to the realistic experience, you should choose the built-in vagina. 


Can I customize my own sex doll?

Of course, our dolls have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose your favorite doll and choose custom options (such as skin, eyes, vagina, feet, etc.)
We allow customization options, please let us know if you are looking for some options that are not available on our website. You can also send us an email with pictures and instructions, and we will evaluate your model and provide suggestions.


Is There Any Easy Way to Clean The Sex Doll?

For the vagina is a plug-in sex doll: prepare the glove lubricant hand to wear gloves, hold the vagina, squeeze the lubricant on the surface of the name of the designer and apply it evenly into the lower body. After using it, put on the glove and directly put the name. The device is taken out and taken to the bathroom for cleaning. The glove is squeezed into the lower body cavity and inside. After use, the silicone doll is placed on the bed, the legs are placed on the stool, and the bottom is connected with a washbasin. Water, prepare the vaginal cleaner, shower gel, pour the shower gel into the vaginal washer and add water to the vaginal washer into the hole. Squeeze the cleaner repeatedly and rinse it three times.


Will women be replaced by artificial intelligence dolls?

This is a difficult question to answer. You need to know that sex doll are invented for a better life. In a short period of time, women will not be replaced by intelligent dolls, which involves the problem of reproduction. Because the robot can't be pregnant.
To design a more realistic sex doll, the designers invented a sex robot that can communicate emotionally with the user. The most primitive desires of mankind have always promoted social progress, and the adult industry has been exploring and applying the latest technology all the time.
The sex doll robot has a high degree of fidelity and a built-in flexible skeleton. It takes more than 80 hours to build a sex doll. Moreover, the genitals of the robot can be customized, and the faces can be changed at will according to the user's interests.


What is the future sex doll robot like?

Future sex doll robots will have an impressive memory and remember the conversations of the past. If this high-tech sex robot is released within a year, hundreds of people will buy it in the UK.
These sex robots are designed to interact and communicate with people, so they are very different from the sex dolls that are common on the market. These robots may be welcomed by singles who are eager to accompany them. Having a sex robot is like having a pet, and companionship is a very important part of it.


Does anyone really have sex with a sex doll?

One of the most popular uses of our sex doll is photography and fashion. Many of our customers found great joy and satisfaction when exploring their photography and fashion techniques while using dolls as models. Some people masturbate with them. Inflatable dolls have been around for decades and they are common sex toys. Now you can have sex with real sex dolls. Inflatable dolls are not people; they are sex toys. So if you use sex dolls, you are masturbating. People absolutely masturbate with sex dolls. If someone has sex with a sex doll, the only way is to include them in sexual intercourse with another person. Therefore, if you have sex with another person and use a sex doll as a toy, you may have sex with a sex doll. Just as you use a vibrator during sexual intercourse, you will have sex with the vibrator.


What do you think of child sex dolls?

I know that few people think they need a private slave. The only mission in their lives is to do what they want as partners. I am not worried that men will replace women with dolls and robots. Being a pedophile does not automatically make you a sex offender. Did not have a piece of silica gel. This is an illusion. Sex doll are not real children. It is not based on real children, but on silicone. It doesn't even look like a porn star sex doll that you can buy. You can buy a dragon penis dildo, but that doesn't mean you will run a dragon (if there is such a thing). It's just a versatile small-scale doll that might give something that people desperately want, but know they'll never have it. The idea that people put forward this point is that some people who will eventually harm the child will find enough satisfaction in the doll and choose not to hurt the real human being.


Is the sex doll really as good as the one on the Internet?

First of all, you don't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy when using sex doll. No condoms are needed. No need to warm up or foreplay, you can penetrate it when you want. Be ready at all times. Its holes should be kept tight and not easily loosened. You don't have to use any lubricants. You can go in directly. Do not feel any pain during sexual intercourse. A lifelike sex doll is more than just a sex toy. She can also act as your soul, and it is your spiritual sustenance. Two people slept better in bed than one person. When you are in your arms, you are no longer alone. You will tell her all the truth, she is the best listener and dear friend. If you ejaculate too fast, don't complain. You can walk fast or slow whenever you want. In general, it has no other flaws, such as infidelity, age, rape allegations, leaving you, or father problems. You can also decide where you want to be and where you want to be. You don't have to be tired because it has no physical function.


Where can I buy male sex dolls?

You can see that many men use high quality and high-quality erotic silicone sex doll. Women also have the power to gain deep penetration and true penile touch. Sexual satisfaction is equally important for both men and women. Sex dolls have always been the focus of discussion and are people's perceptions of sexual fantasies. There is no denying that there is no limit to sexual fantasies because different people have different mindsets and thoughts. For quite a few people, I always want to enjoy it and enjoy it with their favorite people. If you want to buy a male doll. Internet is one of the most time-saving and ideal ways to meet your requirements for choosing the best quality and the latest erotic sex dolls and realistic meat dildo. You can order with your order at any time according to your choice. These dolls and fake suns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, color combinations and patterns.


Will you buy a sex doll?

I am a member of the urdolls team. As a supplier of TPE sex doll, there are several real sex dolls in my home. They brought me different fun. Some sex dolls will buy sex dolls for sex, curiosity, impulsive consumption, etc. Not everyone's girlfriend or wife is perfect in terms of sex. Sometimes your dear refuses your request or travels for a long time, this sex is very much needed. It can not only solve your requirements, but also maintain a good marriage. Here are the answers from urdolls customers, I hope I can help you.
Rex Pound said: "I already have a sex doll. She is the best courtesy God has given me. The happiest thing on the day is that she is with her. She always waits for me at home, don't worry that she will leave me. The feeling of having sex with her is like having sex with a real woman. She never says no, it feels great!"
Vito Meg said: "I have been keeping a real sex doll for a year to help me cope with the long-term relationship of foreign countries. I can't have real sex with women because I am of course tied together. However, especially in On a cold night, when I was alone in my apartment, the physical needs were undeniable. I shared this with my friends who lived near my apartment. He used to have the same dilemma and he gave me a solution. He asked me to use his newly bought adult doll as a man, and later I realized that this is everything I need."


How to choose the best sex doll?

Do you want to know how to choose the best sex doll? Some of the fabrics used in sex dolls are expensive, but if they are rough, they will reduce the satisfaction they should bring. Therefore, when you put your mind on the best sex toys, you need to consider your personal likes and dislikes. First you need to consider the height of the doll: Do you envy a tall girl, you want to sleep with an adult woman, equal to your height, or just half the height of a chubby teen and a perfect temptation. Followed by skin color: urdolls allows customers to choose the skin tone of the doll. The options given are white, black, wheat and brown. So you can choose the right color for your princess, which will attract your sexual fantasies. Finally, you can consider the color of the eye, the type of vagina and whether it is a standing foot.


Do you think sex dolls will be considered normal in the future rather than taboo?

Silicone sex doll are now basically normal. A quick search on the internet will show a large number of silicone dolls for sale. And many other people and people are buying them with trucks. It's not hard to find that many people on the Internet send their beautiful sex dolls online to share with netizens. The number of people who accept sex dolls is gradually increasing. We believe that in the near future, sex dolls will be one of the must-have items in everyone's home. When you integrate dolls, your sexual relationship will improve. You gain sexual gratification. You and your partner will be able to offer you a new way for your partner. You will help her forget all the myths she uses. In addition, in fact, most women do not reach the penetrating climax of the penis. This is a reason for investing in dolls.


How can I invest in a sex doll?

As the world's best TPE sex doll manufacturers continue to upgrade their doll technology, real sex dolls are now available. They can talk to you and ask questions so they can serve you better. If used properly, your sex toy will help you reduce stress and feel at home.
To buy expensive sex dolls, you can invest in items by saving money each week until you have the ability to buy them. Depending on the type of sex doll you want, sex dolls like urdolls are generally between $1,000 and $5,000. If you can't wait to have a sex doll of your own. We recommend the 100cm small dolls in our store, the cheapest of them is only about $700. Hope can help you.


Why do men choose sex dolls instead of real women?

Men choose sex doll instead of real women for a reason. When men get married. In that era, sex dolls can comfort their lonely soul. Sex dolls can be used as exercises. If you are someone who has difficulty respecting the feelings and needs of others, sex dolls are better than women. If you are the kind of person who doesn't want to learn or use social skills, sex dolls are better than women. If sexual stimulation is your only goal, then sex dolls are better than women. If you don't like differences, sex dolls are better than women. If you have a hard time dealing with a woman's relationship, sex dolls are better than women. Sexual dolls are designed to enhance the sexual experience of men or women, but as the industry develops, new and exciting sex dolls are introduced. With the trend of silicone dolls, there is a lot of hype on the market. They not only enhance the feeling of using silicone dolls now, you don't need human partners to fully satisfy your mission, but you can enjoy the real flesh.


Where can I find sex dolls?

When you see someone else has a sexy real sex doll. You may also be planning to buy one of your own. But finding a good silicone sex doll is a daunting task. It's not at the corner of the street or along the street. You need to go to many adult stores, but still can't find what you want. To help eliminate this barrier, these products are now only available online, and now people are starting to look for the best online sites. Anyway, through the Internet, you really don't have to be stressed about it. Web-based shopping is the best choice for buying sex toys. You also have the opportunity to see a variety of sex dolls. There are many sex doll shops offering sex dolls through the web. Urdolls is one of such online sites that offer the highest quality sex dolls. From here you can buy any type of silicone sex doll and work with you as your fun companion.