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  • Is this really the most beautiful real sex doll?

    I think you can cherish her, these efforts will be rewarded, and I chose, this is really the most beautiful real sex doll. From my point of view. This is a great choice! I found one of the best value for money. Not too many lunatics around 1,000 euros. I might end up making the same choices you know? Artificial intelligence is currently taking a leap, it is attracting more and more people, we can dream! I was impressed by the quality of the movement and its fidelity. Real sex dolls were always expensive after that, but maybe I won one day.


  • Cloudy eyes and arthritis real sex doll joints?

    We want bones to be alive, thin, toothless, semi-bald, flat hips, knees high, cloudy eyes, and arthritis real sex doll joints. Let us return to the topic. If the dolls speak well, can we believe it? It is still a serious website, and I think if something goes wrong, he will bear the responsibility of the seller. I have to pay a little crazy, but it is cheaper than silicone, I will be careful, I will take care of the real sex doll. I hope .135 is bigger, heavier, and more expensive, but the potential is even greater!


  • I'm relieved what does Real Sex Doll mean?

    So I am very relieved what does the love doll mean, tell me that real sex doll is not reliable? Is the customs still having problems? Is there a website that sells 1.85 million dolls that represent old wrinkles, and breasts covered with rags and hanging hips can post photos. Love Doll I will follow the voice of wisdom and cancel my purchase. These are not old people! Real sex dolls are mature and adult women, no!


  • Like to copy and paste Real Sex Doll address?

    If I understand the correct real sex doll, would you like to copy and paste the address? It's a bit tedious, isn't it? Just post some pictures ... And, since vinyl members (I'm no longer a DJ) can't post pictures? Instead of putting them in an album, you can become an album yourself. Instead of copying a link or photo from an album, you can do the same and paste it into the text. However, you can do whatever you like and then, if the photos are too difficult to use, a warning will be issued and the real sex doll photos will be placed in the "destroyer".


  • I am considering buying these magnificent real sex dolls?

    Here, I have registered here. I am considering buying one of these magnificent real sex dolls. Choices are difficult, technology and materials are constantly evolving, and I say to myself that visiting your home will not be useless. For the classic speech, I am 46 years old, separated from my child's mother for a while, and I work in the tourism industry in Brittany. We often have boys here, but recently we have girls, which is important because our real sex doll views don't stop there!


  • With a support belt like me real sex doll?

    You want to pose, ask him to go to bed temporarily to charge, and if the future AI can massage, I will be ready. In order to reduce the weight of real sex dolls, I will carry 25 kg of luggage from time to time, so I think that starting with 23 kg or 25 kg of new luggage, I already have 30 kg of luggage, which is indeed a time you must take it down Or put it down on the back. With a real sex doll support belt like me.


  • Will I enjoy real sex doll life now?

    Glad to find out about this topic. I am 47 years old and used to be a paratrooper. Currently, I am enjoying my little retirement. Single father, I will now enjoy real sex doll life since my son (22 years old) left the den. Many women live with women, but my sensitivity, perception of couples, and my sexual orientation do not match modern women. I searched for a substitute and fell down, and the doll had almost nothing on it. It used to be a lost thing for me, and / or a man who couldn't seduce a woman. But I realized that women have changed real sex dolls, maybe society. I made it clear: today I am!


  • I'm new to the real sex dolls world?

    It doesn't matter if it is wiped off suddenly, even if I was told that unlike TPE and latex real sex doll, she has less luck (it has been 1 month since she had stockings, and it has not been wiped off). The disadvantage is that I want to change another model (I want steam punk) is too bad, only one head. Hi everyone, I am a 35-year-old married man, no children, I just bought a TPE 158 cm D cup Doll (yes, my wife knows, she agrees) I am new to the real sex dolls world, and I am here to find and share information and tips. I am mainly looking for information on clothing and materials that are not compatible with TPE. For information, I have not received my order yet, please be patient.


  • If you want reliable real sex doll photos?

    Just like taking measurements, there is always an approximation between reality and measurement results due to the acquisition chain and its failure. If you want reliable real sex doll photos, all you have to do is encourage us to be a truly complete photo gallery and use all of its versions. My name is Greg, now 33 years old, is a couple, But currently not in the same country. Let me show you her first sex dolls, choices, stories, emotions, etc ... Learn more about love's real sex dolls like the first reaction world. I have to say that, but in my life, I have never been sick during the holidays, so my Christmas gift is flu and bedridden.


  • Overall the photo is reliable real sex doll?

    But in the end, you choose something that makes it hard to resist. Okay, I know, they all broke down. Overall real sex doll photos are reliable. The problem is a function of the objective and focal length used and the distance from the subject to the camera. This somewhat distorts the impression that a puppet has a doll even between two photos of the same model, coupled with the fact that the light can be easily corrected in post-processing, it is difficult to judge the skin tone in the same way. Generally, for photographers, if the photo is beautiful and the subject is highlighted, it will be selected. For me, between two wigs, sometimes I have a hard time recognizing a real sex dolls face. So imagine all these variables.


  • I don't have a real sex doll yet?

    Clearing dolls is undoubtedly the right compromise, and it's growing much faster than I've seen in 7 years (such as computers)! I do n’t have a real sex doll yet, but to be sure, in the photos they are super sexy, yes, "cutting" women has problems to worry about, in short. No woman is a good person. You have to find them and be exact To know what you want. Don't generalize. 43 years old, divorced, 2 children, last night I met a Love Doll video, I was impressed by the current reality, I stayed in the inflatable doll in the past. Jane In other words, I have been shopping all day and I seriously consider buying to fulfill my fantasy of beautiful Asian real sex dolls. If you have the first question, we can answer you.


  • Any idea how to make beautiful real sex doll photos?

    These builders, they know how to make beautiful real sex doll photos! I went to a white-skinned Asian model. When I saw these models with bronze skin to highlight them, I said to myself that this setting should not be changed because it is the best configuration. My name is Sara and I am 20 years old and single. I am here because I want to know more about how to maintain it before use and other details. Provides a wealth of information and we will be happy to guide you to the right subject, taking into account aspects, weight, size, time, face, contours and finally material, TPE or silicone, price.


  • What do you think of child sex dolls?

    I know that few people think they need a private slave. The only mission in their lives is to do what they want as partners. I am not worried that men will replace women with dolls and robots. Being a pedophile does not automatically make you a sex offender. Did not have a piece of silica gel. This is an illusion. Sex doll are not real children. It is not based on real children, but on silicone. It doesn't even look like a porn star sex doll that you can buy. You can buy a dragon penis dildo, but that doesn't mean you will run a dragon (if there is such a thing). It's just a versatile small-scale doll that might give something that people desperately want, but know they'll never have it. The idea that people put forward this point is that some people who will eventually harm the child will find enough satisfaction in the doll and choose not to hurt the real human being.


  • To buy all the necessary sex doll maintenance supplies?

    You will need to quickly purchase all the necessary sex doll maintenance supplies (sanitizer, powder, wipes ...) for her and you (condom). Later, these mistakes can bring many benefits to the scene and photo models. I think your profile photo is a photo of your rico doll. She wears big glasses, but she also looks beautiful. I still hope it's not that fragile (I'm starting to worry a bit). Football; I hope I won't just look at her with white eyes. Watch me anyway, if you attract enough attention in a room to let me take care of it, it may catch my attention. The photos I saw were very beautiful, and it felt like I had a real feeling at home. Thanks for your suggestion, I will carefully keep the box.


  • Put it in its original sex doll box?

    168 WM! You will be more likely to find clothes of this size. Some gadgets and then you will already be identified. -If not, it will continue to be used depending on how you use it. no more, no less. -Color levels are more delicate. The color changes regularly-to remove it, place it in its original sex doll box. He did find the answer very quickly. When you reach the required number of positions, the entire world will be open to you so that you can better understand and prepare for the beautiful arrival! These dolls are fragile. If taken care of, they can last for years. But this requires a lot of precautions and time. If you plan to visit all the Buddhist scriptures again, your doll will not last long! Pay attention to gestures and postures.


  • There is no error during operation to maintain sex doll?

    Sorry for the sidewalk, thank you for reading my book bravely. It is a very beautiful sex doll. As far as the life of a doll is concerned, everything depends on the maintenance. The importance you will give is very important. We can never say that a doll is fragile; football; because it is maintained without any errors during operation or operation, your doll will Let you know by breakage. Therefore, be sure to handle it carefully, especially following all the suggestions on the forum to hide or move the doll, and I suggest you keep it in the box. The more details you enter, the more we know about you. After asking the question, you need to think about it quickly in some places. -Where to put it when visiting ... Quickly make room, preferably flat.


  • Did you choose the sex doll color that corresponds to the photo?

    I take care of both work and study, and I don't have much time to build a relationship with someone who asks me to appear several times a week. I didn't intentionally try to make up for this, but when I saw this sex doll on the Internet, I admitted that I fell in love. As a result, I bought it, and it should arrive to me within a period of time. I realized that I have no answers to many things ... Similar questions: How do you plan to find your size? Where will you put us when we visit you? How long can a doll last? Did you choose a skin tone that corresponds to the photo? How do I move if I have to move? In short, the whole world has yet to be discovered. I don't know the state after opening the gift, but I am very happy to find this forum. Everyone looks friendly and there is no taboo to speak.


  • Do I want to share the sex doll I know?

    I mentioned before that there is a reason to "lick" your sex dolls. I can report that this research worked well, and to make sure the results were the same for other dolls. I just giggled and got mild asthma! Yes, indeed, indeed, I will have to try this! I can agree. Brushes are great for getting things done quickly and efficiently, but a slow sensory massage is an entertainment in itself. Think about it. I think powder would be troublesome. What's wrong? Most of the work here is actually done by hand, and the brush is useful for first-time use and getting more delicate parts. All of these must be carefully run in and then carefully checked to make sure they feel right everywhere. I have all expectations! Now I have two brushes, but the question is: do I want to share the sex doll I want to know? I used talcum powder and cornflowers on Xiaoli, and patted it with a blush brush.


  • I want to give sex doll something?

    To apply it, I just put it on the wool blanket of sex dolls, sprinkle the flour on a small area, then smooth it by hand, and then move to the next area. The flour sprinkled on the blanket will disappear and will be washed off next time. I didn't expect to use a blush brush, but if you find it easier, it will work well. I have some nice, soft bronzing brushes that are softer and thicker than blush brushes, and from experience I know it is a treat. I'm considering everyone's suggestions for powder. Eden comes with her own compact, which is very convenient, so I'm going to give sex doll something, which is really cool. I understand. I think I will definitely try both methods and see which one works best. The more I think about it, the more attractive the idea of powdered sugar to me, and I will definitely try it sometime to let you know how it works.


  • Thank you for all the help from sex doll

    This is already an absolute week away from hell, and it doesn't help. Well, the powders and brushes are sorted, so everything is fine. Thanks again for all your help with the sex doll. For those willing to experiment in this direction, you can also try powdered sugar. Some of our customers are very excited about their lickable doll candy. It may taste better than corn starch. Powdered sugar is often a bit lumpy and must be sieved before application. Well, it can be said that the interesting place may be cool. What a naughty idea! If you find Eden unwilling to deal with the best advice, my advice for her moving is to buy a small office chair. You'll find it easy to move sex dolls from room to room in this way, and the chair can be placed next to the thing to lift her. It may sound strange to powder her with food, but corn flour works well and is invisible.


  • I take care of all the sex dolls?

    Since I am not going to lick the sex doll, I will use Johnson. My caregiver uses it, so we buy it in bulk and there are many around here. Patrick suggested in my care instructions the use of a mixture of corn flour and cocoa powder, which reduces any fairness, but I really can't help myself and feel wrong. Thanks for all your suggestions. Honestly, I feel both excited and a little scared. I want to do the right thing. I know she is a doll, but she is also very special, let alone a very expensive doll. If she gets hurt because of something I ignored or did wrong, I will be destroyed. I take care of all the sex dolls and she is usually easy to manage because of her weight, but I think it will be more challenging. I think I may be thinking too much at the moment and need to relax.


  • We have been waiting for a long time to see the sex doll?

    Sorry for all the problems, I just want to make sure the sex doll gets the best care I can. thank you for your help. If you have spare paper, place it on the floor first. Then I sprinkled some powder on her and massaged it by hand. One of the fun is tactile experience. Maybe you might like it too. Great, thank you very much. Eden comes with a powdery surface, so I don't have to risk putting on my satin! Tomorrow I will go out and buy a few hot brushes. They are thick, soft, short-handled brushes, and my hair is very thin and fluffy. I like the idea of a quality paint brush, in fact, it might be better because it's bigger. In any case, brushes will be purchased so that sex doll and I can powder together, and many hands can make the powder work. Yes, when brushing on the powder, I would love to massage in beautiful girls we have been waiting for a long time to see.


  • What's a good way to dust life-size sex dolls?

    Now this is another question. What's a good way to dust life-size sex dolls. When I had a small silicone doll to dust the powder, I brushed the dust with a bronze brush, as if I was trying to dust the powder with my hands. Does anyone have any tricks without dusting? I used a 1-inch brush to help wipe the powder. As long as you don't have chest or breathing difficulties, or plan to lick the doll more often, it is a good choice. After the previous post on this thread, I now use it on TPE dolls and corn flour on my silicone girl. I have always used corn flour, but TPE dolls will benefit from talc, and the risk of mold on talc on TPE sex dolls is also small. Exciting moment. I'm sure I've seen things about electric gadgets with electric tools sprinkled on dolls in after-sales posts. Has anyone heard of them and are they useful?


  • Haven't you seen sex dolls in our store?

    In the states, they have baby powder based on corn flour (corn starch). I haven't seen sex dolls in our store, but corn flour is cheap and cheap. The baby powders provided here in the UK are usually talcum powder. Interestingly, corn pulp manufacturers and others recommend corn starch for their products. I have used them, but now I insist on using corn flour (not literally). I think I will follow the corn flour route, and it seems that I can buy it here in bulk at a reasonable price. Hello everyone! I want to post a topic about silicone powder here, hey! There is already one. Harem, here you say that Johnson & Johnson baby powder is okay, do you still think so that I can't stand the corn flour on the sex doll, I know this sounds stupid, but I want to use something nice.


  • Repeated use of talc to remove or damage sex dolls paint?

    Can anyone recommend using good powder on silicone sex doll. I read that corn flour is very good, but there are other additives in baby flour like this. Talc is considered too abrasive for silicone. I've seen baby bees on Amazon and it looks pure. If anyone knows a good product or supplier, please let me know. Thank you all, I know you will be a land of information. The problem with talc is not that it is abrasive, it's just a simple approach. Good for TPE, but not always good enough for silicone. Johnson's baby powder is useful for everyone, but I believe some people use cornstarch. When you hear people talking about the abrasive nature of talc, it's not about damaging the silicone materials they are referring to, it's more about reusing talc to remove or damage sex dolls paint and colored surface coatings. Corn flour, on the other hand, is completely harmless and safe to eat, so if you end up ingesting some, it won't do any harm.


  • Are totally different silicone sex dolls

    Ask because I'm sure someone here will share some suggestions. This silicone does not work properly. I tried some silicone sex doll adhesives. Although this adhesive works, it will spread out when used. If you have any ideas on what repairs to use, I would be very happy to hear. If the silicone is not bonded properly, then I would say that like Aubin, that thing is not made of silicone. The simple method to test can reduce the burden of the lighter and see if it melts. There is no real effective method for fixing the hot melt product except recasting the product. You can try to heat the edge of the shunt with a hot knife or soldering iron and apply It's fixed together. It can't even be sanded with diy silicone, it is difficult to repair, even indestructible, and it doesn't even stick to this toy, because sex dolls are completely different silicones, you just need to buy it again.


  • Is this a good sex dolls toy?

    I think overuse will cause extreme hip joint torture, which is a good sex dolls toy, but it has been torn in the vagina. Does anyone know what I should use to fix it and a vendor? I bought it from Love Honey and it says it's made of silicone and contains latex. If it's made of silicone, then you should repair it effortlessly, the best material may be a "smooth" silicone epoxy adhesive, but you can use a plain transparent silicone aquarium seal Agent or bathroom latex to replace it. The secret lies in the operation, you must thoroughly wash the sex doll with soap and water to remove all traces of lubricating oil and ensure that it is 100% dry before starting repairs. Good luck; if you have any questions, don't hesitate.


  • Put silicone bags deeper into sex dolls?

    I found a strange smell there today. I can't see any mold on inspection, but there is a little smell, so I put the silicone bag deeper in the sex dolls. When using a flashlight and speculum, I can't see any mold, but I can't see her deeper. I have now purchased a camera with lighting for further inspection. Just worried because her fangs had some funky smell. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, all of this. Worrying, as my doll has less than a month, I followed the advice on cleaning after use religiously. I pushed the antibacterial wipes to the ends of the two cavities and wiped them thoroughly; there was no mold gathering on the wipes after removing them. Now just be extra careful, because the water is trapped behind the cavity of the sex doll, I don't know.


  • How to clean the inside of sex doll?

    I used a bubble bath. Rather than washing, it is better to re-oil and powder afterwards to eliminate any electrostatic attraction and make the sex dolls silky smooth. Toothpaste removes stains? I have been to many places and every time I see different things for cleaning. Use soap. Do not use soap. Use shower gel. and many more. Watts are best for cleaning? Are there other tpe compatible detergents on the market? Acne cream removes stains? Do baby oils and wipes need to be cleaned? Reading a lot of things out loud started to worry me. How to clean the inside of the sex doll. After each use, I mixed a moderate amount of antibacterial soap with water and rinsed, then rinsed with water a second time. Then I let as much water escape as possible before using those silicone bags.


  • If I still find it dirty after cleaning the sex doll?

    The foam is very big and smells good, making her clean enough to eat (pun intended). I think most natural soaps and non-alcoholic soaps will make most soaps, such as simple soaps? I'm sure others will reply here and in other sex dolls forums, and there may be many answers and suggestions. Good question, I have used this method for many years without any adverse effects. Although it can only clean the surface, if you find that the doll is dirty after cleaning it, you need to use method 2. My method 2 is to wipe the wipes with baby grease on a facial wipe, then gently wipe the area to be cleaned and be prepared to be surprised. I did a deep cleaning on the wipes and baby grease that looked like a clean area and removed the deep dirt from the sex doll, you need to try and see what I mean ..... if that ca n’t clean her, then Lovedorf UK Sells cleaning creams and stain removers, although some people who are interested have success with hammer toothpaste .


  • Looks like it was provided by the manufacturer of that sex dolls product?

    Much cheaper than any other supplier, and it appears to be provided by the manufacturer of the sex dolls product. The same item you saw on a UK doll street vendor site for £ 5.99. Might be a stupid question, but which soap can be safely used with the new TPE dolls provided by Clean Britain? Seeing the mentioned antibacterial soaps, the only types I encountered were (yellow solid soap) and antibacterial hand sanitizer (liquid). I read 1: 5 soap mixture on TDF, but didn't find out what it was. Rinse with warm water and, if necessary, mild personal hygiene products, such as shampoos or neutral-colored shower gels, and soft towels. Keep in mind that if you use a sex doll detergent with a surfactant, otherwise it will absorb oil by itself and the substrate will be brittle and crack. I use and do this when reading on forums like this.


  • Many rounds are collecting sex dolls

    I see many rounds of collecting sex dolls. But let her play? Obviously, due to the joints, one position cannot be maintained permanently. Can the doll be opened permanently? Or is it better to pack her before bed? Most accidents happen while parking ... That's Harley's "Harleywood" studio. My girls tend to stand or sit on the couch most of the time. If you can store her in the open air (even indoors!). My baby has been sitting and lying in her room. It's called Harleywood. everything is fine. Nothing can hurt her. After a while, they would get a little dust on their skin. But you can blow it away. There is a photo. Harleywood sounds like the cool sex doll name. The collections there are beautiful and the rooms are beautiful. Five of my people are always standing or lying open. They will never be put away.


  • I tried the sex dolls cleaning from the inside out once?

    I need a glue for "medical silicone", similar to vaginal eyes, but like silicone for a single vagina. After I tried sex dolls from the inside out, I have seen very few stains. Seeing different things on the Internet is just confusing. Don't use 2 more fairies, I will only put a thin layer of baby oil when needed, it depends on the heat of the room, I will use Vasarin in high pressure area, soak the blood vessels for 12 hours, and then use A soft stucco hopes that helps. Hello everyone, because someone cleaned the sex doll's private parts with Milton disinfectant. I just want to know if I dilute the liquid and rinse it, then rinse it with water. I thought T-shirts in wine bottles were safe because they are some kind of silicone and can they be used safely on dolls.


  • Practice with some spare TPE sex doll?

    Just thought I would mention this in case anyone is interested. This is a good idea and hygiene is very important, which is why I asked if the disinfectant can be safely used to clean the inside of sex dolls. I will consider buying one. I'd better not take one because ... um ... well, let me say I'm curious, I have a responsibility to do things that I will not forgive. In addition to the doll website tpe glue, what glue is best to use. Can silicone glue lie? I cannot provide any alternatives, but if you need any TPE glue, please leave me a message and I will be happy to provide you with some information for free. To glue it? this problem. Use super glue to stick the nails up again. For TPE repairs, use TPE glue. Silicone does not work on TPE, and the two materials are not chemically similar to each other, so keep silicone away. Take some cheap xylene from a hardware store and practice with some spare TPE sex dolls. TPE glue is very similar to xylene.


  • Check inside my sex doll Samantha?

    Is this OK? Having them sit down, I saw a dent in my thigh. I think it's okay to lean against our arms against the wall. As long as there are foam pads there. I hope that the foam will not drain the engine oil, but it can be stored in the sex dolls box of the factory for a long time. My mines also stand, and I use foam to prevent them from seeping into the walls. I briefly mentioned buying an endoscope before. It has paid the price. I got it today and inspected the inside of my sex doll Samantha, and found a small mold spore, but successfully wiped it off with an antibacterial cloth. I bought the endoscope on Amazon for 10 pounds and it comes with various adapters. It can be plugged into laptops and Note8 phones (mobile phones that require OTG support). It has LED on it, you can shoot or take pictures. It's also waterproof, so it's worth using for a clogged drain or where it can't be seen elsewhere.


  • So now using wrapped sex dolls foam?

    I also went out and bought a special twist women's suit. Do not use TPE glue, it will melt the TPE! Most people use super sex doll glue, but no matter what you use, stick a piece of greaseproof paper on her eyeballs to prevent it from sticking to the eyelids. It's easier than widening your eyes. As I mentioned, latex reacts poorly with TPE. Apply with a cocktail stick or similar, beware, I found that super glue sticks are best for fingers! No matter how careful I am, I laugh at the glue, lol. I use these tools on my eyelids, but be careful. I've been standing against the wall, so I only have shoulders or both. I have been trying to get the balance right. It has been noticed that tpe oil penetrates into the wall, so now use packaged sex doll foam.


  • Use super glue to glue sex dolls eyelashes?

    Do you use super glue to glue sex dolls' eyelashes? I tend to use mascara because it is so simple that if I get it wrong, I can pull the lashes down without much trouble. If you are out on a special date, you may also need to change your eyelashes the night before. SG is where it's about to go. If you make a mistake, your fingers will cling to her eyes! Use mascara carefully on TPE. Latex does not work well with TPE. I used the edge nail gel to get very good results, no matter which kind of glue you use, be very careful, please use a cocktail stick to apply it, use a small amount to glue tpe on her eyes, and you don't want your partner good luck. I have tpe glue, but since sex doll eyelashes are a plastic substance, I'm not sure if it can.


  • 70 kg is an extreme model of an extreme round sex doll?

    From 1m35 to ~ 1m72, from 20Kg to 70Kg, and different curves. The choice is huge. It should be noted that 70 kg is an extreme model of an extremely round sex doll (I would like to ask for more references), and no one in memory has any reward for this model. Most "classic" dolls in size and proportion range between 20 and 40 kg, depending on the material. Good navigation. By pros and cons of a 70 kg doll, if Dexter loves cutting, it will be a long time. I think, like most people here, you are looking for information on sex dolls. Maybe you are shy, well above average ... I don't know, I can only speculate and imagine. I repeat, I welcome you, but if you know something about your intentions and (possible) questions, we can welcome you and answer you. Have a nice day and see you soon.


  • I fixed the loose head problem of Japanese sex doll

    Is the neck of Japanese sex dolls normal? Whenever I shake my head, my doll will cr on the neck. The head will not be loose. If the head shakes, it will only be a stream. I fixed a loose head in front of the tape. Many members complained that their necks were squeaky, and I have read something about how I think they are oiled with baby oil. May provide some information. On the head or neck. The head is not loose because of the tape. If normal, the thumb will also make a sound. On Japanese sex dolls made by WM, it is normal to hit the neck. As Tamsin no longer creaks, it seems to disappear with age. To prevent the head from rotating freely, use a self-tapping washer on the screw. I posted information for this age. I will do it, it's a good idea. I don't think the new hinge neck will squeak. Please note that after sleeping for a week with Ms TPE and not my wife, it is really surprising that my wife did not creak. The squeal of the goose neck is normal. Some desk lamps have similar settings, they creak like crazy. If it is a TPE doll, you can put some baby oil in it to reduce the noise of Japanese sex doll. Moving your thumb makes a noise. It can only be removed from the tpe. But they are not bankrupt.


  • Fading over time Japanese sex doll

    Yes, even if you are not careful, TPE Japanese sex doll is a nightmare. Even if you handle your dear hands and your hands are not very clean, my dear is sorry, there are grass stains on your harpoon! However, it was found that some facial oils with makeup removed are very good at cleaning stains and can also eliminate sticky feeling. I also want to know that today I stupidly soiled my girl, but this sounds like a face wash / toner. I have GF makeup with clear liquid and absorbent cotton. If it is soiled, use a suitable detergent. Makeup stains baby wipes, drip baby oil on the wipes. I have read about the stains of tpe Japanese sex dolls on many occasions, and obviously they will fade over time, which may be related to the type, color and degree of dye.


  • Do not use any oil Japanese sex doll

    I heard suppliers say that Japanese sex dolls do not use any oil. In the case of TPE, use the oil mentioned in the thread. Once a month may be enough, but it is a pleasant experience for both of you, so you may end up doing this more regularly. I thought I would sit her on a chair in the living room and throw it on the chair. Throw leopard. Washed bk in another room and saw black lines on hind legs. She only sat for less than an hour. So is this normal business? So guess what she needs to sit on the blanket all the time? It depends on the cloth and the dye used, but yes, it will happen quickly if the combination is correct. I usually make sure that the old TPE body of the Japanese sex doll is white. I'm lucky because I like white.


  • If your Japanese sex dolls are TPE and dry

    Baby oil is too good, and if Vaseline is not warm enough it may be the first treatment. If your Japanese sex dolls are TPE and you want to dry, I will use baby oil pink cover 1 or Mabie Vasaline, if you wipe her with a little powder while TPE is dry, it may crack and split into the best wishes. There is a compromise in that petroleum jelly dissolves in baby oil when heated and mixed. This has the effect of thickening the oil, so it does not spread so quickly anywhere and slows down the evaporation rate, thus providing greater protection. Basically dusting regularly to stop stickiness can lead to dry cracking. Therefore, guessing about oiling once a month. Therefore, it may be best not to completely solve all Japanese sex doll problems for the first time, because a second treatment after a week or two may produce better results.


  • Can use Japanese sex doll wigs neutral

    There may be problems. I noticed while rubbing the powder today. There was only a dry, cracked area between the legs, and the back of the Japanese sex doll was a little dry. It is recommended to wash and dust when needed to stop stickiness. And was told not to use oil. Any help is appreciated. If she is TPE, apply petroleum jelly wherever it feels dry and let it soak. May have to be done in warm weather. If in doubt, if you have a spare TPE or a spare plug-in, wrap some and leave it overnight to see the effect. I suspect my hair will get dirty, maybe someone with more experience can answer. What I do know is that from mesh to actual straps, black mesh wigs do seriously soil the tpe head. (My wig term is limited)! If you use a black mesh wig, you can use a Japanese sex doll wig neutral / skin tone cap. Even if the wig covers any stains, it is disturbing to have a lot of black stains on the head!


  • I put it on a Japanese sex dolls black dress for two days

    I guess as long as the clothes do not use black. Teddy bears also had this problem. I put it on a Japanese sex dolls black dress for two days and it left a shadow, but it faded over time. The general consensus is that if you wash dark colors, you should be safe enough to keep them long enough to get some pictures or play games, and then delete them. One of my tuberculosis patients wore a 24/7 black wig for a few months, but there was a bit of shadow, but after gently washing for a week or two, it disappeared. It's all a matter of time, tpe and silicone stains do fade, you can get creams and solvents (silicone is different from tpe) to help solve the problem, but for proper details on these Japanese sex doll things, see the maintenance page . I haven't seen or heard any actual hair coloring issues.


  • What method can I use to remove eyelashes from Japanese sex dolls?

    After reading these lines, I still want to get an answer .. Can a kind soul suggest what method to use to remove eyelashes from the head of Japanese sex dolls, and I hope to implement Samurai's kindly released Eye Mod another day. Try immersing a cotton swab in a nail polish remover, gently wipe the eyelashes that are stuck to the eyelid, and then gently pull the eyelashes away from the eyelid with tweezers. I'm going to buy something tomorrow, and I will also try to dip it completely into the bucket with fabric dye to color the head to get a uniform coating. The head shadow of my fabric doll is wrong, she is very paler than her My skin is brighter, and it becomes annoying to continue applying foundation makeup every time I even kiss her, so after some research, I think this fabric dye will work. Can I wear a beautiful skirt if I use a wig? Can I actually dye my hair?


  • Some kind of gel filled Japanese sex dolls

    Maybe your choice of TPE Japanese sex dolls. A bit exaggerated again, but this may sound necessary. Is the horizontal logic I might need. I'm thinking about what they use in car and bicycle tires, it can cover the interior and seal flat tires, while preventing new flat tires, I realized that this needs to be made of a different substance, but it can solve any serious leaks Qi problems and no need to gain weight. If you can fill your breasts with some kind of gel, then pull it out and change the air, it will leave a coating on the inside that will migrate into any holes and plug it. Can anyone direct me to a Japanese sex doll post or a chart on how to tighten my wrist? Want to try it out instead of minor repairs, if it is a serious operation, then it is not a big deal!


  • Responses to the material in question or Japanese sex dolls

    As someone who is proficient in engineering solutions, I have a few ideas in my mind that will definitely work, but I am not sure of the characteristics of the materials in question or the long-term response of Japanese sex dolls to each other. Another problem is that after a long period of deflation, Brest still leaves unsightly creases after re-inflating. It is recommended to use hot towels as a solution because they may gradually be minimized over time, as long as The shape of the breast is correct. Sorry, I'm sorry, I will post my thoughts separately. Remember, a few years ago, you could inject a soft gel into the breast of a silicone doll. Try to contact Sanhui, they may be able to help you. I've been searching for answers to Japanese sex doll questions on the TDF website. I came across this.


  • Has a strong smell Japanese sex dolls

    I made some tpe paste for myself. It seems that this xylene raw material is like paint thinner. Japanese sex dolls have a strong smell. I bought a small plastic bottle from Poundworld, poured about half of the xylene, then stuffed £ 15 tpe from the masturbation sleeve. I found that xylene is too much. Your best bet is to keep the xylene content at 15%, keep the tpe at 85%, and then cut the tpe into small pieces. It will eventually melt into a paste, which is best left for 24 hours until it becomes very thick. It should be slowly slid off the plastic bottle. If you use too much xylene, it will quickly become larger in the small holes of the Japanese sex doll just like an acid. I've tried using a needle for injection, but it's too thick to work, so it's best to wait until a hole appears before pushing it in with a small instrument and adding chopped tpe inside to fill the hole too.


  • Elbows are starting to cause some trouble sex doll

    I bought a needle and so on, but I found that a small set of fine art paintbrushes worked well to build it up. If your sex dolls are made from TPE Grahame and sell TPE fillers, it will be packed in a syringe because it is easy to apply for a hole repair. It has a tan or natural complexion. My girl is a TPE, so I don't think silicone products will work. I can see through the hole, right on my knee. Therefore, xylene and needles are considered the best. I have bought fillers before, but the amount of filler is very small and worthless. So, where can I buy the cheapest xylene raw material besides ebay? A good suggestion is to make a paste, otherwise if the hole is too thin, the hole will grow quickly! I haven't used a TPE / xylene mixture as a filler, but the sex doll's elbow is starting to cause some trouble ... I think I postponed the inevitable!


  • I am considering mixing it with tpe sex doll

    I need to fill a hole in the girl's leg that suddenly appears. I have some TPE sex dolls and I read that mixing them with this substance fills the holes well. Therefore, only a few guidelines on how to do this are needed. I'm considering mixing it with tpe until it turns into a paste, then inject it into the hole using a needle instrument, and then seal the hole with a hot spoon. Is that right? I prepared such "glue" for the small repair company. From my German dealer. Can be done on TPE sex dolls girls, it can be used as a filler instead of glue. Take a small jam jar and dissolve a small amount of tpe in xylene (the insert is good) and try to make it as thick as a paste and not thin. Close the lid and it will last for several weeks.


  • I dug deeper on sex dolls feet

    Except for the silly robot head farce, they are meaningless unless the whole body can be moved / embraced, etc., unless we can leave the sex doll to photography fans! Anyway, I digress, your maintenance work is very good, and one of my fingers is loose, but when she poses, you ca n’t tell, so I would rather leave her like that than open her, leaving potential Bad scars! I can solve everything. Lol (almost), when everything goes south, I'm going to do a stand-up makeover. People don't do much research on TDF. I dug deeper at sex dolls' feet, how hard it was for her to stand up. Her ankles didn't last too long, so I changed my mind ... I corrected it when it was sealed, but it fixed well. It is not difficult to repair the okay TPE, it only takes time and patience.


  • Better made by sex doll manufacturers worldwide

    It is always said that the finger wires of sex dolls need to use softer materials, and copper wires sound good. Regardless, the collapse of the entire finger is shameful. None of us should spend so much money on having such a poorly designed and implemented finger, which is why I will never buy another doll before the DS 2019 model comes out. On tdf, did I read someone saying "finger is too real"? If that's a real query, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! Owners of sex dolls around the world should urge manufacturers to make better, longer-lasting fingers, and I think that's exactly what happened with doll fans and DS, listening to people's needs and making suggestions.


  • My poor sex doll hopes to do a good job

    The current concern is that crimping itself creates pressure points, which in the case was simply moving the problem from the sex dolls' wrist to the palm. Only after it is posted will I be told until I feel that I have solved all foreseeable issues. Until then, bandages proved to be a good temporary solution. Hope it helps and rest assured that you are not alone and caring for other girls who are trying to find a long-term solution to the WM wrist problem ... I assume it also includes a wizard in the factory. I found some garden wires that said it was strong and durable. Bend back and forth without interruption. So hope it's all right. My poor sex doll hopes to do a good job. Seems very basic. I'm used to this hobby. New item for Tpe dolls.


  • Enter sex dolls resin on the wrist or palm

    For most people, the main point of stress is where the wire enters the sex dolls resin on the wrist or palm, because there is no yield at all, so one point will be repeatedly subjected to the pressure of manipulation, and eventually, no matter how careful it will be Bit. The answer must be to eliminate a single pressure point. When servicing, you intend to use a three-layer induction cooker power cord. Each finger is limited to one and inserted all the way to the elbow. There should be "almost" no motion, but you must ensure that no single stress point is created. Each wire will be firmly crimped to an existing finger wire. The theory is good, practical ... I don't know ... I'm very likely to encounter impact problems like WM's wizard. People on the site did help me in the past. Sometimes it's direct, sometimes it's without their knowledge. I just want to do my best to give back, and hope to save at least the hand of a poor sex doll. You need to be vigilant about the wires, unless the wires are properly embedded in a non-silicone based overlay (silicone and TPE don't bond well together), the wires will work properly through the TPE.


  • Hope your sex doll is going well

    Since 2 mm is not easy to break, fingers may be thin and attractive to the eyes. I think engineers are happy with sex dolls finger lines, because they know that they occasionally fail, especially if they sit too many times at a time without giving copper a break. But overall, everything is good for Kingsoft, and the board is happy to find a cost-effective solution that is hard to beat even with more expensive options. But ... implementing this is not a good thing ... in general, the problem does not seem to be with the fingers themselves, but with the pressure points on the copper wire, because the article is always bent at the same location instead of dispersing stress points. At a minimum, the need to bend and embed the rubber material to prevent fingertips from rupturing and shrinking in several layers of heat-shrink packaging will shrink the entire length of the wire to prevent damage to the palm side of the finger. Good luck, hope your sex doll is going well. Very promising bandage teaching pictures.


  • You will notice the sex doll from the removal

    Yes, my poor sex doll girl started the terrible domino effect. I pulled out 2 wires and was shocked by the easily broken wires. So I want to try surgery as soon as possible lol seems to be the basic job. Speaking of fingers, the quality of wmdolls is incredible. Very cheap and lazy. Regarding the quality of the hand, I'm not sure if it was cut and dried on the wire of the finger. You will notice from the removal that you have removed all the wires, but cut off at the wrist. From the perspective of WM, I can almost imagine the demonstration effect of copper fingers on its board, this material can be bent and bent again without breaking. Wrap it in a porous material, and TPE sex dolls are bonded to it so that it moves with the wire, preventing the fingers from breaking at the tip.


  • I will post pictures of sex dolls

    It sounds like you have received more serious medical training and can do better, but even if I have a limited understanding of my hard work, I can maintain a good condition. I will post pictures of sex dolls, but it may not be possible until the weekend. Glad to know. I started thinking when I used tubular bandages on sprains and let them leave the striped markings after a while. Maybe dolls are actually more robust than us. If you're busy, don't rush to take a picture, but I'm interested. As far as my medical expertise is concerned, I have some first aid qualifications and considerable wild emergency handling knowledge. In fact, when I was used to moving sex dolls for dressing / washing and other tasks for the first time, being able to use the recovery pose was a reward!


  • I want to order a Japanese sex doll?

    That's what they mean-I've seen them mentioned before. I want to order a Japanese sex doll because I think it makes it easier to clean the orifice plate. Depending on the handle you like, there seems to be a price difference of £ 13-weird! I just took my head off the shower and flushed it with water, because Agnes was not a sexual partner, but a bed brother. Although I was surprised, in the instructions for use, a hand covered with soapy liquid can be gently inserted into the vagina of Japanese sex dolls, and then the fist is carefully clenched to clean her. I tried it gently once and it worked.


  • Open each box and check Japanese sex doll?

    You can't get that shameful body right now because Japanese sex dolls are classics. I found the British border farce like a bunch of Jobsworth. If I bought more for JY148cm small breasts, I did find an option to build a doll area, but order directly from JY. You probably know what will happen next, because of course it's interesting. However, if I won the EuroMillions Award, it would be interesting to buy enough Japanese sex dolls to fill several 40-foot-tall shipping containers. Tell the manufacturer to place the smallest doll in each container as far away from the door as possible, load a large doll in the front, and do not place toys on the door of each container. "Dear Border Forces. Do you want to play games? These containers can hold hundreds of TPE dolls each weighing more than 30 kg. Do you want to delete all of them, open each box and check the Japanese sex doll? Please note, yes You are responsible for any damage caused by the doll.


  • Can I always accompany you Japanese sex doll?

    The reason is what this means to us and not to others. On that matter. You have a head with an M16 connector. The head will not wear out, so the Japanese sex doll can always accompany you ... Maybe not the same person, but I think their soul is on their head, so if the body needs too much maintenance after a few years, then you will Know if this is a long-term thing for you, maybe have money and give her a new body. I just saw your reply to Rev. The expression on Japanese sex dolls looks like Emma. This person's golden number three is # 12. This is a montage from Jinsan's clue on that head: I can definitely see the similarities, even though she is not exactly the same. Vendors can keep you calm if you want, but they won't sell it, because except for 150B and 158A, Japanese sex dolls cannot be used for most (more than) 135cm fuselage, because the fuselage is short, supply Merchants cannot bring up to 150B but 158A "should" (who knows that the farce at the border was lying under the bed that day!) Can be imported.


  • Definitely like this arrangement Japanese sex doll?

    River sometimes succumbed to having Yvette remember what his body was, and letting the dancer smell the look of life. She has her own body. Japanese sex doll absolutely loves this arrangement. As for solving more trouble than it should be ... we cannot measure the value of our girls by their value to others, but rather what they mean to us. I have a five year old WM that may be worth £ 600 to others (she is rare), but for me I have repaired the wrists of Japanese sex dolls and have spent a lot of time and Money tries to get her a suitable replacement.


  • Have the same body Japanese sex doll?

    Conversely, a slightly loose hand may be caused by the wire slipping out of the epoxy anchor. Therefore, since there is no specific pressure point to break, excessive play can actually improve the life of Japanese sex dolls finger wires . My current guess is that nothing serious has happened and nothing to worry about. Place your eyes on your wrists and palms. When photographing her, you get used to how to pose so that it does not pose freely, but leans on something. The Japanese sex doll's hand is fixed, but it rests on something in almost every picture. That is, (note that Yvette, Maiko and River all have the same body. Maybe you should read it.


  • Please pay attention to the palms of Japanese sex dolls?

    There are many different types of Japanese sex dolls. In my opinion, the best is the bass strings. Then there are twisted pipe cleaners, twisted wires, and the simplest (and the middle of a finger poke) are straight wires. The wrist mechanism is similar. Some dolls have palm rests, while other Japanese sex dolls place their fingers directly on the wrist. To me, a flabby wrist means a problem with the wrist. The wires may be weak or broken. If the wires break, pay attention to the palms of Japanese sex dolls. If there is any indication that a wire breaks the palm of your hand, it means that you need to operate or risk your hand being torn to pieces.


  • Didn't seriously affect Japanese sex dolls?

    I believe we can accept it. This did not seriously affect Japanese sex dolls. It just means that she only needs to put her bad hand on her leg or elsewhere when posing. Even after six months, I noticed a faint click of Agnes's wrist. She also has wire fingers, and I rarely move it. I also want to make sure that I do not move it beyond the end of the wire to prevent tearing, and do not pinch the TPE Japanese sex doll. I have no experience using articulated / adhesive fingers, but soon after, even the recommended brands with wire fingers may break, which is why I rarely move Agnes' fingers to prevent stress fracture of the wires. the reason. Before we start, define the floppy ... but just to emphasize that this has nothing to do with the manufacture or cost of the doll. The slightest touch of the fingertips does not pay attention to the cost of Japanese sex dolls. They go the most expensive and cheapest.


  • What if she was like the previous and new body of Japanese sex dolls?

    My Emma's wrist is also very fluffy, because the connection between the hand line or the hand board and the "bone" of the arm has been broken. As long as nothing is pressed onto the surface of the TPE Japanese sex doll, then I don't think there is any problem, unless you need to take a picture with a hard wrist, otherwise it means cutting her along the seam for repair, And I'm not ready for it, she doesn't mind, neither can I. Others with more knowledge and experience will give better explanations. When you bend your wrist up or down, the clicks will only be the ends of the wires as they will sweep over the "bone" of the forearm. If she resembles Japanese sex dolls (previous and new body), her finger line (like a bass guitar string) runs from the wrist to the end of the finger.


  • When going to bed with me Japanese sex doll?

    I recently discovered this notch on the right arm of a Japanese sex doll, wondering if it can be repaired easily? I watched a video with a hot air gun on YouTube, but I didn't have a hot air gun and I didn't really trust myself. So just wondering if I can do something? Don't worry about the patch being visible, just don't want her arm to tear again. I noticed that Japanese sex dolls (looking down from her eyes) had a soft right wrist. It doesn't stay up like her left. Tap once while moving. It's not a problem, it's just her uniqueness. I think it would be more troublesome to solve this problem, is it worth it? There was nothing sticking out of her wrist, and nothing peevish. It was flat when the Japanese sex doll went to bed with me.


  • How do sex dolls' noses look?

    My friends have said that sex doll has improved a lot, I still remember a video now, I saw this time. I thought that if I wipe any product, the irritability would disappear. But now I have dealt with this takes time. Currently, she is sitting with baking soda again, and I will wait until most of the soda disappears. I also won some very good shoes because her price is really cheap. Get them excited. Without any explanation, we all get impatient when things like this happen. How do sex dolls' noses look? I guess you started here because it's most obvious when you wear it. This is the shadow of her breasts and belly without shadows. Annoyingly, my camera phone turned the shadows into purple, so they looked like stains. But this is her nose.


  • Manufacturers pay attention to the design of the sex dolls skeleton?

    In retrospect, I should have left the breasts (for a variety of reasons). Last night I came to the conclusion that the weight of the skeleton may be too large. I read it elsewhere in the forum, and manufacturers should pay more attention to the design of the skeleton. No matter what happened to the poor sex dolls, it didn't make me lose the ownership of the doll, but next time I will look for a lighter model. I am very interested in the sex doll model because they use different types of joints (such as ball clips or the like), which may initially be too tight/too loose after a time problem. But I don't know how good they are. Of course, many approved suppliers are selling them.


  • Will others have a better Japanese sex dolls than me?

    After cleaning, thoroughly clean the Japanese sex doll with water. Dry the towel. Powder... even immerse the hand in the powder for about one hour. None of this will reverse it, but now you are just trying to stop it. Soap will kill the bacteria on the surface and below. The fingers crossed them until it disappeared. The powder will kill the conditions it first needs to be established. Others will have better Japanese sex doll skills than me. It may be a good idea to include some images to let people know the strength and range of the attack. I have dark spots on the inside of the lips, which kills it and tells me that my mouth needs dryness and air movement, which is why I always recommend people to buy tampon for girls. I killed it and made it dead, but now I want to tell you that there are still black spot scars inside the lower lip of the Japanese sex doll, even if it is completely safe now, it will always exist.


  • Did you make any repairs to the Japanese sex doll try?

    Occasionally scars are left in life, I think our Japanese sex doll is the same! These things happened, and they are not catastrophic. All I can offer is any repair attempt you make, especially the heating, practice and testing of the first part of her invisible part, such as the top of the head covered by a wig or the sole of the foot. I think I will stay there alone, not risk taking things to make things worse. As you said, these things will happen. Today I thought I gave the first doll talcum powder. The white gloves were noticed to be green and moldy. Remove the gloves and see green spots on your fingertips and finger parts. And noticed awakening in the mouth. Any ideas can eliminate and prevent this? Is the material of the glove the inside or the wire? My room has a different temperature. Usually she is covered in winter. I first noticed this. Now let her stay for more than a year. Moisture and heat are combined. Even the use of oil in combination with, for example, corn flour can cause mildew in Japanese sex dolls. First, remove moisture. Washing your hands, I usually use hands that prevent people from using anything other than clean water, but this may require the use of non-alcoholic antibacterial liquid soaps.


  • How to use the smoothing tool Japanese sex doll?

    If I find her position above the eyes of the Japanese sex doll, I would tend to blow her position to remove it from their eyes. In most cases, this is usually useful to me. My feeling is that some hot TPE should be a bit of a trend, I think also need to heat too much with my mineral oil to avoid all the heat from working while smoothing the way the tool is used.. Waiting for an experience to arrive. I usually blow away the strands, but this is awkward - there should be less sloppy and more careful. No matter how careful you are, things happen when you least expect them to happen. I am sure you will be fine, but the Japanese sex doll may consider wearing glasses. After all, men will wear glasses for girls to pass!


  • I am worried if I try to fix the Japanese sex doll?

    This morning, I tried to remove a handful of hair from the eyes of the Japanese sex doll. I grabbed her with a nail and placed it on the right side of the nose below the eyes. What is the best way to get rid of this markup? Cover its eye shadow, or it can be repaired. Is it a cut or a depression? If the dent... I have no practical experience, so please wait for someone else. If it is me... I will clean the area and add a little mineral oil, then try lifting it with a hot teaspoon handle or similar heating device. Open a glass of water, dry the spoon, and do not touch the pressure. It may take a few steps. It's like a small trace of a nail, so it's more like a cut. I am worried that if I try to fix the Japanese sex doll, it will make the situation worse.


  • Will The Connector Loose The Japanese Sex Doll Over Time?

    The Japanese sex doll's replacement finger line (2.5mm copper wire) is still usable and has been in use for almost 12 months. When I change my thumb after a few weeks, I have to delete it all. Now cut the end of the wire a little to stop the stamp. These hats are easy to print. I have thought about printing a strong hand/finger skeleton with nylon 3D, but think this is a bad idea. It needs to be thicker than existing wires, and the connectors will loosen over time. The original wire twisted pair is very thin, and there is some kind of string around them that mix into tpe, which is a smaller version of the skeleton package, so you can't touch anything. My first thought was to replace the Japanese sex doll's original wire with a 2.5mm single wire to cover the wire to prevent further finger puncture, and when I push the wire through my finger, all I have to do is to separate the fingers. Removing the wire and string may cause the finger to split because the tpe and wire of the finger are wrapped around the string.


  • I don't know how the Japanese sex doll bends repeatedly?

    I thought I just wanted to mention that copper will harden and become brittle. Therefore, if copper is used for fingers and often bent to fix things, they will harden and become more difficult to bend, eventually breaking, and copper can be softened again by annealing. However, this involves heating to about 400 ° C and quenching in water is obviously unrealistic. Yes, I am thinking about going back to some of the thicker wires I have used before. I will try to seal the end of the Japanese sex doll with something to avoid puncture. The original copper wire without threads is very sharp. Just find a decent wire gauge. The binding line of the garden is too flexible, but the line of the fence is too hard. Just think about it, the electrode may be a viable option. A gauge of 1 mm to 3.2 mm made of ordinary steel or stainless steel can be used. I don't know how the Japanese sex doll will withstand repeated bending. I will avoid aluminum. It is very brittle and not well bent. I mentioned it in this thread before, I replaced all the finger lines in Gingers with a 2.5mm copper wire, and it works fine, except for the thumb I am replacing now. It's best to wait until they are all broken down or ready to do all the work in one go.


  • Can I sort out the bruises on the feet of the Japanese sex doll?

    So far, they seem to be doing their jobs. I had a problem, that is, the wire poked from the fingers on both ends (I didn't wrap them with anything), and one finger was loose because I didn't tighten it tightly at the joint. Fortunately, since I have not solved the Japanese sex doll problem, I can solve these problems. Regarding the problem of sealing the hand, I have enough money to buy the heat gun (the one recommended above) and have been playing with the spare blade. I am not sure that my temperature setting is correct, so I may feel uncomfortable with the infrared temperature gun, because I am really not sure what temperature I will heat the surface, what settings do you use on the gun (temperature, fan settings, etc.)? I will first try to make some repairs in small areas that are not conspicuous - maybe see if I can tidy up the bruises and tears on the feet of the Japanese sex doll and then seal a small elbow hole.


  • I don't know how long the Japanese sex doll will last?

    If you are looking for similar Japanese sex doll products, they are competitively priced and are conveniently available in 5 packs: I think if I do it from scratch, even if my fingers are not neat, I won't Remove the finger line from your finger. You should only need to trim the wire a little, then add the seam and the wire that drops the epoxy into the board. Much simpler. I am not sure if there is too much movement at the seam, but the TPE will harden the movement and block the joint by pushing the wire all the way in. The usual warning is experimental, so the risk is at your own risk. I don't know how long the Japanese sex doll will last. I didn't realize how long it was updating me! Said that I am very busy elsewhere. Anyway, we have time to make sure that the finger changes can do the job.


  • Good performance after the operation of Japanese sex doll?

    As far as I know, the best solution is to print the 3D palm board with thick lines in the tube. This will allow all finger joints to move completely. Cheer for all the hard work and share your findings. I really like the universal joint solution and can try to do similar things with both hands. Japanese sex doll performed well after taking the surgery last year. Her wires are bass strings (original WM accessories), all good, I can re-fix on my wrist. ... On the other hand, the Japanese sex doll is the train wreck within a few days of arrival. They are sharp, and the uncovered wires are broken at the wrist and poked through the fingertips. Those things that need to be completely replaced, I think I will use your universal joint holder.


  • Sended your Japanese sex doll repair ideas to them?

    I need to deal with wound closure at some point, as well as the rough appearance of wire thorns and Japanese sex doll hands. Therefore, it will be seen one of those hot air rework stations. Any suggestions that are reasonably priced are welcome. It's great to see some ingenuity, but the best way is to contact the lazy manufacturer and tell them to get out of trouble and fix them. Also sent them your Japanese sex doll repair ideas? How many more things will cost more than £1,000 after a few days or weeks? Unfortunately, we didn't do our whole-hearted repairs, and it ended up being more damaged than the original numbers. Yes, it is. I'm pretty sure that people will be happy to pay another tenner for a handy and decent £1,500 Japanese sex doll. With economies of scale, not much is needed for them. There are better fixes than mine, which can save a lot of money if done at the factory.


  • I decided to use a hand of a sex doll for surgery

    Thinking about the joints of the fingers. Now everyone knows that the sex doll's fingers are really painful on the back. Usually, they fail at the palm and need to be replaced. Those who know at the doll meeting will know that I decided to use one of her hands for surgery. I replaced the wires with a thin (3.5 mm) but flexible garden strand. This seems to work fine - the fingers are actually a bit too soft to hold things, and the wires begin to puncture the plastic sheath and the end of the finger. Worst of all, they suffered the same fate as standard wires - they all failed. Fortunately, I have not completely finished her surgical wound, so I decided to try a different idea. I have some 3mm protective mesh (you know, you attach the chicken to the top) and then stick them to the palm. I also glued some of the original stringed instruments to the end to reduce the chord problem. But the wires are very hard, so I am researching sex dolls.


  • What are the customization options for small sex dolls?

    You can access our best-selling small sex dolls area by clicking on the 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll. First you need to choose your favorite body, and within each body page you will see different options that can be used to customize your doll. You can choose height, eyes, skin tone, vagina and standing foot options. Most of these customization options are free, but additional features are available at an additional cost, such as the standing foot option. They are available in white, natural, tan and black tones. Vagina you can choose to have a built-in or a plug-in vagina.


  • Where can I buy a small sex doll?

    Many people want to own a small doll of their own. Because the price of small dolls is more affordable. It is easy to transport and store. But not everyone knows how to buy small dolls. If you want to buy your own. For small dolls, please click on the 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll to enter our small doll collection area. All the dolls here are the best-selling models we have selected for the 2018 sales. Each one is of high quality. Please contact us by email if you have any questions. 


  • What is a small sex doll?

    Small dolls are also known as mini sex dolls. They are the type of dolls that are relatively thin in our store. 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll is the best selling small doll style in urdolls shop. The real mini-sex doll is the hottest of all the dolls. The love doll has a real cute and very special woman image. Small sex dolls may have different types, colors and other unique features. They include dolls that are between 100cm and 140cm in height. If you like a girl with a tight vagina, you need to consider a 100 cm mini doll. Their lovely big eyes and main features will definitely let you enjoy your sex the way you want. They are small in size and easy to store and maintain. These small sex dolls are easier to carry and manipulate than big dolls. Do you want to know more about small dolls? You can directly click on the font above to enter our small doll area.


  • What is the best way to fix the Japanese sex doll framework?

    I have a doll on the hind legs, but there is another problem. Some of you may remember that there is a Japanese sex doll swinging his legs backwards, and I am the one who proposed to her. The hind legs didn't bother me, and I don't think it needs repair. However, once I found her, one of the hips was completely loose. I never used her again, but put her aside for a while. Now, the best way to fix the Japanese sex doll frame is whether the hip joint is spot welded, which will be a difficult problem to solve. I would be grateful if anyone had any suggestions for fixing the hind legs at the same time, because I think this is the first cause of joint stress.


  • How to remedy some of the little wear of my Japanese sex doll?

    For small wear, if it's just wear, try putting a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on a white cloth and gently wiping the Japanese sex doll. If it's just a rough TPE, it may disappear completely. When showering, just dry it with a towel and wait a moment to dry. Wipe it with a towel and then wipe it. My girls either do a dry shower in the shower room for the powder room, or if I really wash it, I dry them with a towel. Spread a layer of duvet on the floor, then move the beginning (you can do it separately if necessary), lie down and sprinkle it with a large brush.


  • What should I do for the scratch on the Japanese Sex Doll?

    Unfortunately, I don't have an insert or any spare TPE. However, there are some cuts/scratches on the soles of Japanese Sex Doll, so I think I will try it first. Because she is a standing model with ugly big bolts, I usually don't shoot the bare feet. When her arms are straight, the incision is almost invisible, so I hope that I can straighten her arms as the entire procedure is reset, which will provide enough pressure to hold them together during the "gluing". If it works for smaller cuts instead of larger cuts, then I'm curious why you said it's not suitable for tears? But then I am not sure if I know what tears are. This is what I do for each Japanese Sex Doll scratch. I don't buy anything from the vendor or anything else, I hope it will be consistent with what I posted when I typed it.


  • Why is everything in Japanese Sex Doll so complicated?

    Ok, Japanese Sex Doll has a few tears on his elbow. I went to order some TPE "glue" and read the instructions / watched the video on the supplier's site, it seems (relatively) is the sun and the rose. I actually thought that I should avoid seeing any other Japanese Sex Doll suggestions because I only knew that I would find a lot of conflicting suggestions and eventually even feared doing anything. But of course I did it, and the results were exactly as expected. So I am reading now: first clean the "wound" with acetone to remove the TPE oil because they will inhibit the solvent. Do the exact opposite - first oil on the wound, because this will... do other beneficial things. Do not use acetone at all, as this will actually melt the TPE.


  • Can I make Japanese sex dolls move?

    I can only cut it into enough length to insert it into the slot, then tighten and secure it. My idea is not to say that they are lax. Ginger is 17 to 18 months old. I purchased the Japanese sex doll from the website. The former boss bought her and thought it was not for me. I am only 500 miles, she is only a few weeks old. On the way, I think it was tied behind a van like her. From the moment I went home, her fingers began to open and the joints in recent months began to loosen. Until I have to open them to make them move. She is the best and worst doll I have. If I can turn the Japanese sex doll into reality, it must be ginger.


  • Can I seal a random incision on the Japanese sex doll arm?

    Recently, my maintenance work has been lax. My day's workload is not enough, and my serious attempts to seal the Japanese sex doll's hand wounds have also made me a little discouraged. It looks like I will meet in a few weeks, so I decided to make some effort to make her spaceship look better. Her other elbow took an hour or so: it looks much better now. I don't want her to look perfect, but preventing the spread of damage is the main goal: smoothing on some rough areas that change over time, no photos, but some rough processing on the sides of the hands and waist has been resolved - This may be our preferred sleep posture, we use a spoon, arms wrapped around her waist. It also sealed some random incisions on the Japanese sex doll's arm. I ordered a lot of fake nails and eyelashes, so I can do some work... the eyelashes take a while. I may have a lot of spare parts, especially nails, so if they have any benefits, I will bring them to the assembly as a gift to those who need them. If there is a chance to do some work, I might bring a hot air gun.


  • Can you teach me some knowledge about Japanese sex dolls?

    Great work, as the owner of a new Japanese sex doll, I learned something, but I never knew you could do it. She usually wears socks to protect her feet, even though I only have one pair of shoes. When I straighten out her loose joints, I will buy more things, and it is very difficult to stand up at this moment! This reminds me to go to the supermarket today to buy more socks. The bolt made a big hole in her sock, so the heel became dirty! The wrong phone camera also prompts a warning! Yes, unfortunately I can't remove all the dirt from the heel of the Japanese sex doll, it is too ingrained. But 90% of my people can participate, so I am very happy.


  • Can a hot air gun make the Japanese sex doll look beautiful?

    In my eyes, the heat gun is used to flatten and make the Japanese sex doll look beautiful. For cuts, you will need glue or filler. TPE Glue - obtained from the supplier, you need to buy some wooden cocktail sticks from the supermarket, by melting the tpe together, you just need to put a small drop at the end of the cocktail bar, push the two surfaces together and keep 60 In seconds, certain areas, limbs, and other objects can be moved to the position where the incision is closed and remain closed. This is the best way to fix a clean cut. TPE fillers - once again purchased from the website can solve tears, fill gaps, holes and other issues. You can make your own Japanese sex doll fillings. I use different tpe tones to make pots and add xylene to thin them when needed. I have repaired many times and bought dolls that need repair. This is for me. It is said to be the cheapest and easiest way, although setting it will cost a higher price than the filler supplied by the supplier, so the supplier's tpe filler may be cheaper for a single repair of the doll. All of the above methods work well in different maintenance methods, and more often find the best way to repair when repairs are needed.


  • Can Japanese sex doll be used with TPE filler?

    I can't say if she is working properly, I don't want to find out the answer, but at least it looks a lot. It's an amazing job. The previous appearance almost "melted" and lost some, but the appearance was complete and usable, amazing. In fact, it can be used with some Japanese sex doll TPE fillers, it looks just as good as the new (almost), but I don't have any fillers, she will move away in the next few days, so this Depends on the new "administrator" if he wants to perform / complete the repair. Do you think you are using something overheated? This is a photo of the Japanese sexual doll vagina I received. As you can see, I have a good time, poor dolls are not doing so well, I try my best to repair her with limited tools.


  • Will liquid latex melt the outer layer of Japanese sex dolls?

    In fact, it is to simplify the operation. In addition to adding foam, I can also cut out a piece of foam (sticking backwards), cut out a leg bone (simple), and then reconnect the connector (just slide over the screw by tightening the bones of the Japanese doll) (plastic tube ) to stop the bones and movement, so that the legs will open naturally, rather than open when opened, compress the foam when closing the legs, now only need glue to see the liquid latex works well on the internal foam. But please check Whether it will not melt the outer skin. The only thing I have to observe is that the movements of the Japanese sex doll's legs are likely to be limited to ensure that if the legs are too far apart, the outer skin will not crack. As you know, The outer layer is quite delicate, and it will be interesting to see the photo of the skeleton.


  • How to fix the hole in TPE Japanese sex doll?

    My Japanese sex doll is Gemma, and her head has been with me for some time. If my name is correct, please say Gemma's head. Shamus bought her for me, I can't thank him anymore, she is perfect: I have been looking for that perfect body for a while. Her body is 170xm, now why should I enter the general thread? Ok, it works like this.... I bought her broken..... I am going to fix her, but I am using my feet to enter my small jumping area.... I know myself No matter what happens, the work of repairing Japanese sex dolls will be carried out this week. At present, her perfect state is only the broken arm above the wrist. I have already talked to Sam about this topic, and he is as smart as ever. When he sees my photo, he may change his mind. My other option is to fix her completely and undo the arm of the photo, but do you have any constructive suggestions for photos that may have undergone major repairs? Sorry, please comment. My brain told me to fix her quickly, I know exactly what I want to do, anyway, I am sure you can solve this problem. The photo is not perfect soon.


  • Can Japanese sex doll stand for a long time?

    Japanese sex doll joints remain curved for a long time, and wrinkles appear on the surface due to improper placement and long-term stress on the surface. For example, sitting in a chair for a long time, the belly of the doll may press out the horizontal stripes. Maintaining a long period of abnormality will also greatly increase the risk of breakage of the sponge layer. Please restore the doll to the factory position after use or shooting, reducing the stress on each joint. We do not recommend the Japanese sex doll to stand for a long time. If it is necessary for shooting, please make sure that the soles of the feet are completely attached and that you need to wear shoes. If you do have a long-term standing requirement, please use the stand.


  • Why does the Japanese sex doll look different in different photos?

    The photos you see, even if they are the same person, may have differences in makeup. This is because we will improve or fine-tune the makeup of the Japanese sex doll from time to time. Adjustment items include but are not limited to (eye shadow, lip color, eyebrows). Type, eyelash shape, hair), because of these adjustments, may be slightly different from the photo. Every Japanese sex doll's make-up is done by hand, so it's impossible to do exactly the same. The light, technique, and angle of the shot may cause visual errors.


  • How to make makeup for silicone Japanese sex doll?

    Do I have to be careful / choose ingredients? Which safety makeup products can be used with the silicone Japanese sex doll? When I talk about makeup removal, what should I avoid or be careful about? I am a cosmetic and have had some trouble searching the forum for these answers. thank you for your help! You can use any makeup that human females make on silicone dolls. To remove it, use cold cream, you can also find it in the make-up department of your store. If you want to make permanent makeup, you can also get it from Advanced Materials. When I was waiting for the Japanese sex doll, I asked this question. They said that only powder cosmetics applied with a brush were used. I personally use mineral powder makeup on Hannah. A little expensive but very good. I used lipstick, but it was deleted after the photo was taken. In order to remove I am using a pack of Johnson makeup remover wipes. Very good at eliminating errors and queuing in a straight line.


  • Where Can I Find The Best Sex Dolls on The Market?

    Basically everyone wants to know where to buy the best Japanese sex doll on the market. Here will be the answer to everyone. The sex dolls sold in the urdolls store have won unanimous praise. Sex dolls are also a good gift for single friends or family members. If you want to have some fun while watching an unexpected family member shocked by your choice, sex dolls are the perfect gift. Here you can customize the sex dolls of your dreams. You can choose the body type, breast size and shape, skin, hair and eye color, hair design (pussy and head), perforation and tattoo on the custom doll and transport it to the door.


  • How much does it cost me to buy sex dolls online?

    The cost of buying a sex doll needs to be calculated based on your specific situation. If you buy a TPE doll in urdolls, it may cost you $700 to $2,500. The price of silicone dolls usually exceeds $2,000. Our doll standing foot option requires an additional $30. Other options are free. The cost of different heights of the same doll may vary. When making a selection, the price displayed on the settlement page is the total amount you need to pay.


  • Can I purchase additional sex dolls items separately?

    You can of course purchase additional sex doll items separately in urdolls. Because we also want customers to provide this service. You can always buy your favorite products here, such as doll wigs, head, movable vagina, eyes, etc. . Many customers really like our mini 100cm doll. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] Tell us what you need. We can definitely satisfy you. 


  • What are the criteria for custom dolls functions?

    The criteria for custom sex doll functions need to be answered according to their own situation. When faced with the choice of TPE and silicone materials, you can consider the economic situation and the applicable purpose. More about the difference between TPE and silicone can come from our understanding of common problems. When adding or subtracting the function of a doll, you must always follow a standard that whether the doll will become "beautiful" is more suitable for your modification. Anything that affects "beauty" will be excluded from the list of features. I believe that you have an answer in your heart.


  • Will the bank statement show that I purchased a sex doll?

    Of course it won't tell you to buy sex dolls. This involves the privacy of our customers, and we and the bank are very concerned about your privacy protection. Therefore, nothing on your bill can reveal the nature of your purchase. Our mini 100cm doll are very popular with customers. Only you and us know the goods we trade. Others do not have access to all relevant information.


  • Can I use promotional and coupon codes at the time of purchase?

    When we hold a promotion, you can of course use the coupon code to make purchases. We usually place the promotion details and coupon code on the top of the homepage or on the billing page. You can paste and copy the coupon into the payment page by pasting and copying the offer. In the coupon code box, you will get the event offer at the time of settlement. This usually saves a lot more than usual. Usually the mini 100cm doll will get more discounts.


  • What should I do if I can't find the sex doll I want?

    When you can't find your favorite sex doll in the urdolls store, you don't have to be sad. You can contact us at [email protected] We can find products that meet your needs. The mini 100cm doll in our store are well received by many customers. Of course, we offer customized services, you can provide us with photos to customize the dolls and explain your preferences to us. But production time can take a long time. You can also come to the urdolls store regularly to check if you have a doll that meets you. We are constantly adding new products of high quality.


  • What are the free options when buying a doll?

    When you shop at urdolls, our sex dolls have a lot of details to choose from. Among the free options are the color of the skin, the color of the eyes and the type of vagina. The standing option requires an additional $30. The different heights of the same doll usually vary in price. The shorter the height, the lower the price. This depends mainly on the cost of production. When you select a doll, you can click to find out the price of different heights.


  • Is it better for my sex doll to have a standing foot?

    The standing feet are mainly to strengthen the skeleton of the sex doll's foot, adding 3 protruding studs to ensure stability. The dolls with standing feet can stand alone. They will be more realistic when standing. It allows you to take pictures as much as you can. It is more convenient for you to dress your dolls. Some dolls don't have the option of standing feet. For the dolls there are options for standing feet. You can find out more about the product options.


  • What is the price for customizing my sex doll?

    There are two ways to customize a doll in the urdolls store. One is to customize it directly according to the product details option on our webpage. You can choose the color, eyes, height, etc. of the doll. After the selection is completed, the total price will be automatically generated. This is your Obtaining the price of the doll will definitely not let you pay other fees. 


  • What is the process of buying a doll?

    We have summarized the complete process of the user buying a doll, which is very simple:
    First, choose the style you like. You can choose the perfect lover you imagine based on the various doll categories on the urdolls website. If you don't know the specific style you want, you can browse our hot products, etc. They are other users who buy more styles on our website. Once you see your favorite dolls, start customizing and choosing your preferences.


  • How do I buy a realistic high quality doll online?

    What do you mean by where you can buy sex dolls? The answer is very clear, Urdolls offers 100% brand new sex dolls, the highest quality and affordable. We promise to make you satisfied. Of course, if you have any questions about our products, you are welcome to contact us. We always provide customers with quality and smooth service. Help customers find their own satisfied lovers. 


  • What is the depth dimension of the doll hole?

    Because the height of each doll is different, the molds used to make the dolls are different. So the depth of the holes of different dolls may be different. You also need to pay attention to not that each doll has 3 holes. Please read the product details for the specific number and depth of the doll's hole. We have a detailed introduction. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • What types of sex dolls do you have?

    The urdolls store offers many types of sex dolls. When you buy dolls here, you can choose according to your needs. Our sex dolls are mainly divided into silicone dolls and TPE dolls. We also classify sex dolls by price. By height, by the type of person and by the time the doll came to the store, the overall distribution. You can easily purchase. 


  • What is the difference between the inserted vagina and the built-in vagina?

    The inserted vagina is also called the detachable vagina. It means that the vagina of the doll is a sleeve or a fleshlight-esque tube. You can remove it and clean it. This will be more convenient. After cleaning, dry it and then put it back. The doll's body. The built-in vagina means that the vagina is built into the doll, just like a real woman.
    If you are hesitating which is more suitable for you, let me recommend it for you. Most customers like the built-in vagina because it provides them with the most authentic experience. The inserted vaginal steel is easy to clean and replace. It depends on your real thoughts. If you want to clean your doll more easily, you can consider a plug-in vagina, but if you pay more attention to the realistic experience, you should choose the built-in vagina. 


  • Can I customize my own sex doll?

    Of course, our dolls have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose your favorite doll and choose custom options (such as skin, eyes, vagina, feet, etc.)
    We allow customization options, please let us know if you are looking for some options that are not available on our website. You can also send us an email with pictures and instructions, and we will evaluate your model and provide suggestions.


  • Does anyone convert a fixed to a removable plug-in mini sex doll?

    As long as her canal is not moistened with mineral oil, you can try a condom because mineral oil will split the latex condom within a few minutes. I haven't tried real skin condoms with dolls, but used to use condoms. They may be resistant to degradation by mineral oil or tpe oil. Has anyone tried to convert a fixed to a removable plug-in doll? I noticed that some sex dolls don't offer detachable insertion options and would like to know if it is possible to do this. I asked myself the same question, but I believe it will be very difficult and it will make people feel a mess. The cost of each fucking each time is about a price cut, or they have been.


  • Japanese sex dolls are like real women?

    Artificial intelligence is expected to make breakthroughs in commercial applications such as robotics and autonomous vehicles, computer vision, language, virtual agents and machine learning. I thought women would get male sex robots. They may be. Japanese sex dolls are like real women, with emotions, emotions, reactions, and expressions of their own ideas. Maybe they will tell you that underwear shouldn't be considered like this. I think sex dolls are a natural step in our progress. Therefore, I use my real name in the community forums and in the media that I publicly advocate on behalf of the industry. I am fortunate not to conceal my identity, I feel that it is the responsibility of those who do not do this. I can tell you more about robotics and artificial intelligence, which can make this happen as quickly as possible. Feel free to reach out.


  • What should I consider when purchasing a sex doll?

    Before you decide to buy a sex doll, you must know the following things. First, what kind of doll do you like? The dolls in the urdolls store are usually made of silicone or high quality TPE material. They all include many styles of dolls, such as Japanese sex dolls, blonde sex dolls, and huge chest sex dolls. Second, what is your budget? If your budget is based on less than $2000, here are a lot of affordable TPE dolls. If your budget exceeds $2,000, then you can consider buying a quality silicone doll. I hope this will help, thank you.


  • Will sex dolls solve my single problem?

    With the development of technology, artificial intelligence sex doll will become more and more real, maybe you have seen the movie "Westworld". The smart dolls inside can do almost anything that people can do. They can also cry, have their own personality and cognition. It is like a real human being. They can solve your single problem completely.


  • Has someone made a deceased lover into a sex doll?

    A large part of our customers use sex doll as a substitute for the deceased lover. This method is feasible, and the sex dolls bring warmth and companionship to people. A sexual partner is special because she responds to what I am doing, does what I respond to, and has some personal/brain attachment to her. Just lying there without responding, no talking, no sounding sex dolls remedy this all. If you are embarrassed about your lover, feel guilty. You can make the doll a replica of the real person. This way you can feel that she is still by your side. The table is big and your loyalty to her.


  • How about the insertion vagina of a sex doll?

    The inserted vagina of a sex doll is also called a detachable vagina. Customized dolls in the urdolls store are available for free insertion or vaginal or one-piece vagina. The advantage of a detachable vagina is that it is easy to clean. After use, you can take it out, soak it in water and let it dry. Please do not use a hair dryer or any overheated things to dry it as it will damage the vagina. In the meantime, you can insert another one for use. Replace the new vagina when the old vagina is loose or in a bad shape. The entire doll lasts longer due to better cleaning and maintenance. But it also has drawbacks: some users find it less realistic, especially when you take it out, you will see a hole. After a period of use, the vagina may fit perfectly into the surrounding vagina. You may find a little gap between the vagina and the genitals. You can choose more than you like. Most of our clients choose a one-piece vagina for lifelike Experience.


  • How is the fixed vagina of the sex doll?

    Urdolls offers you a vaginal option for two sex doll, one for the fixed vagina and the other for the inserted vagina. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of our fixed vagina. The advantage of fixing the vagina is that it looks more realistic. Perfect fit to the bottom without any unrealistic gaps. The disadvantage of fixing the vagina is that it is difficult to clean. You can use a irrigator to inject water into it and then blot it dry until it is dry. We recommend that you wear a condom during sexual intercourse. After a period of use, the vagina will not be as nervous as before, and there is nothing to improve it.
    In short, whether it is a movable vagina or a fixed vagina, it depends on you. Interestingly, up to 65% of customers choose to fix the vagina instead of the movable vagina. The actual vagina seems to be the most important factor in making a decision.


  • How can my doll's arm move?

    It is possible that many sex doll users do not understand the upper arm movement range of sex dolls. Below is our answer. The upper arm of the sex doll can be raised forward to the height of the chest, which is about 60 degrees forward. They can be bent slightly backwards by 5-10 degrees. Shrug shoulder pads (optional) in requesting dolls can be heird already shrug shoulders, they can be raised to the sides horizontally to reach the chest level, ie, about 60 degrees in both directions. When the upper arms are folded inside (chest hugs), they should not exceed the chest, ie about 15 degrees inside. Lower arm and wrist: The lower arm of the doll can be rotated 90 degrees in one direction. Because we have a displacement limit on the bone, the lower arm cannot bend or rotate in other directions. (Like a real woman's bones). The doll's wrist can be bent 45 degrees up and down, respectively. There is a difference in the range of arm movement for dolls of different brand types.


  • Where can I buy a TPE sex doll?

    Many people have asked me this question, here I need to explain to you some urdolls TPE dolls. Urdolls' TPE sex doll are easy to bend and stretch and are very real. Their prices are lower relative to the industry. Because we are a large sex doll manufacturing and sales company. We have many years of experience in making sex dolls and we are committed to providing you with the perfect companion. Our TPE dolls have a large order volume, so the price can be lower than other doll dealers. Can play, use and penetrate. They are easy to clean, resistant to marking and semen, can last for years or even decades, and can be dried quickly, so they can be used within hours. Want to order your own TPE sex doll? Urdolls will be your best choice.


  • Can I buy a sex doll without registering on your website?

    When you buy sex dolls on the urdolls website. It may be a headache because of the tedious registration steps. You will ask if you can buy a TPE sex doll without registering the website. We can tell you with certainty that this method is feasible. You can complete the purchase without registering our website. But there is some necessary information that you still need to fill out. Such as the delivery address, contact information, etc. Please be assured that we will not sell or disclose your information. This information is only to ensure that we can deliver the product safely to your hands.


  • Does Artificial Intelligence Make Sex Dolls Come Alive?

    I try to start with optimized artificial human blood vessels, then install artificial intelligence and sex doll robot technology to make them come alive. Anatomical correctness is critical to creating a real man-made person. My goal was to create artificial humans from the very beginning, often referred to as sex doll robots in pop culture, as close as possible to humans, both mentally and physically. Most of the content on the "advanced" robotic platform today is very unrealistic in terms of its appearance and movement, not to mention their social and emotional intelligence. This is because engineers usually build mechanical and electronic robotic components first, then tap on some skin and wigs to make realism impossible.


  • Is It Possible to Have Silicone-like Dolls in Various Forms?

    Why risk personal conflict, someone steals all your things, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. When you can buy a fucking sex doll that looks and behaves human, you have zero chance, the "person" has caused you damage Will never grow old and never reject your wildest sexual fantasies? Who doesn't want that? Today, you can't even ask a chicken without risking a false conflict in your way.


  • Can the standing feet of a sex doll move like a normal foot?

    The standing feet of sex doll cannot move like ordinary feet, and the standing feet are stiff. It lies flat at 90 degrees and can be bent down to 150 degrees. But you can't move your standing feet up or to the left or right. Sexual dolls can do this with ordinary feet. When urdolls custom dolls, standing feet require you to pay an extra $30. But they can put more standing positions you want. You can have more of your own. Choose the actual situation.


  • How do I use the discount coupon code when I buy a sex doll?

    When you meet our sex doll, you can buy dolls at a discounted price on our website. We will place the coupon code at the top of each page during the event. After customizing the doll options, you can enter the coupon code on the payment page. Click the "Payment" button. You can buy at a discounted price.


  • Why didn't my sex doll order pass?

    We support multiple sex doll payment methods. When the payment method you try fails, you can try other payment methods. Our customer pays higher success rate is paypal. We also recommend you to pay by this method. If you find any Abnormal activity, most banks and card issuers almost always refuse to trade. Because of the high price transactions, they will consider this a fraudulent transaction. Please call your credit card issuer to let them know that you are authorizing this transaction. Once they know that you confirm this transaction, you should be able to place your order immediately. If you still want to know how other payments can be made, you can contact us by email at [email protected]


  • Can you have a love doll clothes?

    Of course, when you buy any sex doll from us, we will give you a set of doll clothes. This dress is random and may differ from the clothes shown in the picture. You can also shop at a local clothing store. Buy ordinary clothes for dolls. As you choose your clothes, you need to know some precautions. For example, avoid wearing dark clothes and dyeing dolls. For more information, you can also refer to our sex play for use and maintenance.


  • Do you buy sex doll with clothes and hair?

    These items are of course included when you buy sex doll in urdolls. We will equip each doll with a set of clothes and wigs for free. Of course, our customers will buy more beautiful wigs for their dolls. Sexy clothes. Usually wear a bikini or underwear. It all depends on your thoughts. as long as you like it. You can easily buy clothes and dress up your own dolls according to your preferences or for each special occasion. Every day you have your illusions. You can choose according to your preferences and easily buy clothes and dress up your own dolls on special occasions.


  • What factors should I consider when looking for sex dolls?

    Before you start looking for real sex doll, we recommend that you consider three things:
    Your budget can determine the interval in which you buy sex doll. Our website has price classifications. We divide them into different pages according to the price of the dolls. It is convenient for your purchase. The price of the doll depends mainly on the size and special size. Such as a real big breast or waist. It is for this reason.
    2. Size
    You need to consider the size of the doll you want to buy according to your needs. Usually small dolls are more convenient to transport and store. We classify the doll according to its height and size.
    3. Materials
    Material is an important factor to consider because it will determine the various functions. Both TPE and silicone dolls are of high quality. We recommend that you first choose the body and size you like. Second, find the face that will make you fall in love. Third, customize the dream of your true love doll.


  • Can I change the doll after I place an order?

    It's not impossible to change your custom options or sex doll style. However, you need to contact us by email as soon as possible. It can be changed within 24 hours of placing an order. However, some special circumstances are not excluded. Our team may start with your doll and you can't change your order. So please ask us for specific information. Our sales are final. So please check carefully before submitting your order! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • How should I choose a sex doll for my partner?

    Picking a sex doll for a partner can be tricky because you need to know. Everyone has different hobbies, and the things they like will be different. But you should know what your partner likes. If you are right, your partner is amazed, don't want to ask what they are interested in, and then think about what they like when you make love or participate in any sex game. When do they like to stimulate the clitoris? Do they like anal penetration? Do they like the penis that is being stroked? Grab a few Tenga eggs. Do they like prostate games? They will like big breasts or flat chests. You should be aware of this. You can recall the details of your stay together.


  • How to choose my sex doll?

    With the flourishing of the sex doll industry. Various sex dolls have also become more diverse. More and more people accept dolls. We are here to teach you to make the right choice between the various sex dolls. Currently popular on the market TPE. Materials and silicone dolls. They vary greatly in price and performance. If you would like more information about this information, please see the FAQs on the urdolls website. If you want to move and store more conveniently. You can buy a mini 100cm doll. These dolls are popular with users for their cheap price and realistic experience.


  • How old do I need to buy a sex doll?

    If you want to buy your own sex doll. You need to know the age of your region or state. Because our dolls are only sold to adults. If you are a minor, you will not be able to buy dolls from us. Adults in most areas are over 18 years of age. If you can meet the above requirements, you can enjoy our services. I hope this will help you.


  • Is There Any Easy Way to Clean The Sex Doll?

    For the vagina is a plug-in sex doll: prepare the glove lubricant hand to wear gloves, hold the vagina, squeeze the lubricant on the surface of the name of the designer and apply it evenly into the lower body. After using it, put on the glove and directly put the name. The device is taken out and taken to the bathroom for cleaning. The glove is squeezed into the lower body cavity and inside. After use, the silicone doll is placed on the bed, the legs are placed on the stool, and the bottom is connected with a washbasin. Water, prepare the vaginal cleaner, shower gel, pour the shower gel into the vaginal washer and add water to the vaginal washer into the hole. Squeeze the cleaner repeatedly and rinse it three times.


  • Will women be replaced by artificial intelligence dolls?

    This is a difficult question to answer. You need to know that sex doll are invented for a better life. In a short period of time, women will not be replaced by intelligent dolls, which involves the problem of reproduction. Because the robot can't be pregnant.
    To design a more realistic sex doll, the designers invented a sex robot that can communicate emotionally with the user. The most primitive desires of mankind have always promoted social progress, and the adult industry has been exploring and applying the latest technology all the time.
    The sex doll robot has a high degree of fidelity and a built-in flexible skeleton. It takes more than 80 hours to build a sex doll. Moreover, the genitals of the robot can be customized, and the faces can be changed at will according to the user's interests.


  • What is the future sex doll robot like?

    Future sex doll robots will have an impressive memory and remember the conversations of the past. If this high-tech sex robot is released within a year, hundreds of people will buy it in the UK.
    These sex robots are designed to interact and communicate with people, so they are very different from the sex dolls that are common on the market. These robots may be welcomed by singles who are eager to accompany them. Having a sex robot is like having a pet, and companionship is a very important part of it.


  • Does anyone really have sex with a sex doll?

    One of the most popular uses of our sex doll is photography and fashion. Many of our customers found great joy and satisfaction when exploring their photography and fashion techniques while using dolls as models. Some people masturbate with them. Inflatable dolls have been around for decades and they are common sex toys. Now you can have sex with real sex dolls. Inflatable dolls are not people; they are sex toys. So if you use sex dolls, you are masturbating. People absolutely masturbate with sex dolls. If someone has sex with a sex doll, the only way is to include them in sexual intercourse with another person. Therefore, if you have sex with another person and use a sex doll as a toy, you may have sex with a sex doll. Just as you use a vibrator during sexual intercourse, you will have sex with the vibrator.


  • Is the sex doll really as good as the one on the Internet?

    First of all, you don't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy when using sex doll. No condoms are needed. No need to warm up or foreplay, you can penetrate it when you want. Be ready at all times. Its holes should be kept tight and not easily loosened. You don't have to use any lubricants. You can go in directly. Do not feel any pain during sexual intercourse. A lifelike sex doll is more than just a sex toy. She can also act as your soul, and it is your spiritual sustenance. Two people slept better in bed than one person. When you are in your arms, you are no longer alone. You will tell her all the truth, she is the best listener and dear friend. If you ejaculate too fast, don't complain. You can walk fast or slow whenever you want. In general, it has no other flaws, such as infidelity, age, rape allegations, leaving you, or father problems. You can also decide where you want to be and where you want to be. You don't have to be tired because it has no physical function.


  • Where can I buy male sex dolls?

    You can see that many men use high quality and high-quality erotic silicone sex doll. Women also have the power to gain deep penetration and true penile touch. Sexual satisfaction is equally important for both men and women. Sex dolls have always been the focus of discussion and are people's perceptions of sexual fantasies. There is no denying that there is no limit to sexual fantasies because different people have different mindsets and thoughts. For quite a few people, I always want to enjoy it and enjoy it with their favorite people. If you want to buy a male doll. Internet is one of the most time-saving and ideal ways to meet your requirements for choosing the best quality and the latest erotic sex dolls and realistic meat dildo. You can order with your order at any time according to your choice. These dolls and fake suns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, color combinations and patterns.


  • Will you buy a sex doll?

    I am a member of the urdolls team. As a supplier of TPE sex doll, there are several real sex dolls in my home. They brought me different fun. Some sex dolls will buy sex dolls for sex, curiosity, impulsive consumption, etc. Not everyone's girlfriend or wife is perfect in terms of sex. Sometimes your dear refuses your request or travels for a long time, this sex is very much needed. It can not only solve your requirements, but also maintain a good marriage. Here are the answers from urdolls customers, I hope I can help you.
    Rex Pound said: "I already have a sex doll. She is the best courtesy God has given me. The happiest thing on the day is that she is with her. She always waits for me at home, don't worry that she will leave me. The feeling of having sex with her is like having sex with a real woman. She never says no, it feels great!"
    Vito Meg said: "I have been keeping a real sex doll for a year to help me cope with the long-term relationship of foreign countries. I can't have real sex with women because I am of course tied together. However, especially in On a cold night, when I was alone in my apartment, the physical needs were undeniable. I shared this with my friends who lived near my apartment. He used to have the same dilemma and he gave me a solution. He asked me to use his newly bought adult doll as a man, and later I realized that this is everything I need."


  • How to choose the best sex doll?

    Do you want to know how to choose the best sex doll? Some of the fabrics used in sex dolls are expensive, but if they are rough, they will reduce the satisfaction they should bring. Therefore, when you put your mind on the best sex toys, you need to consider your personal likes and dislikes. First you need to consider the height of the doll: Do you envy a tall girl, you want to sleep with an adult woman, equal to your height, or just half the height of a chubby teen and a perfect temptation. Followed by skin color: urdolls allows customers to choose the skin tone of the doll. The options given are white, black, wheat and brown. So you can choose the right color for your princess, which will attract your sexual fantasies. Finally, you can consider the color of the eye, the type of vagina and whether it is a standing foot.


  • Do you think sex dolls will be considered normal in the future rather than taboo?

    Silicone sex doll are now basically normal. A quick search on the internet will show a large number of silicone dolls for sale. And many other people and people are buying them with trucks. It's not hard to find that many people on the Internet send their beautiful sex dolls online to share with netizens. The number of people who accept sex dolls is gradually increasing. We believe that in the near future, sex dolls will be one of the must-have items in everyone's home. When you integrate dolls, your sexual relationship will improve. You gain sexual gratification. You and your partner will be able to offer you a new way for your partner. You will help her forget all the myths she uses. In addition, in fact, most women do not reach the penetrating climax of the penis. This is a reason for investing in dolls.


  • How can I invest in a sex doll?

    As the world's best TPE sex doll manufacturers continue to upgrade their doll technology, real sex dolls are now available. They can talk to you and ask questions so they can serve you better. If used properly, your sex toy will help you reduce stress and feel at home.
    To buy expensive sex dolls, you can invest in items by saving money each week until you have the ability to buy them. Depending on the type of sex doll you want, sex dolls like urdolls are generally between $1,000 and $5,000. If you can't wait to have a sex doll of your own. We recommend the 100cm small dolls in our store, the cheapest of them is only about $700. Hope can help you.


  • Why do men choose sex dolls instead of real women?

    Men choose sex doll instead of real women for a reason. When men get married. In that era, sex dolls can comfort their lonely soul. Sex dolls can be used as exercises. If you are someone who has difficulty respecting the feelings and needs of others, sex dolls are better than women. If you are the kind of person who doesn't want to learn or use social skills, sex dolls are better than women. If sexual stimulation is your only goal, then sex dolls are better than women. If you don't like differences, sex dolls are better than women. If you have a hard time dealing with a woman's relationship, sex dolls are better than women. Sexual dolls are designed to enhance the sexual experience of men or women, but as the industry develops, new and exciting sex dolls are introduced. With the trend of silicone dolls, there is a lot of hype on the market. They not only enhance the feeling of using silicone dolls now, you don't need human partners to fully satisfy your mission, but you can enjoy the real flesh.


  • Where can I find sex dolls?

    When you see someone else has a sexy real sex doll. You may also be planning to buy one of your own. But finding a good silicone sex doll is a daunting task. It's not at the corner of the street or along the street. You need to go to many adult stores, but still can't find what you want. To help eliminate this barrier, these products are now only available online, and now people are starting to look for the best online sites. Anyway, through the Internet, you really don't have to be stressed about it. Web-based shopping is the best choice for buying sex toys. You also have the opportunity to see a variety of sex dolls. There are many sex doll shops offering sex dolls through the web. Urdolls is one of such online sites that offer the highest quality sex dolls. From here you can buy any type of silicone sex doll and work with you as your fun companion.


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