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About My Doll

  • So there will be two real sex doll worlds?

    Obviously this is impossible because we are in DJ mode! Well, vinyl, sorry! So there will be two real sex doll worlds, vinyl and latex? Uh, silicone, I mean! Hello everyone, for several years, I have been asking myself many questions about real dolls. I finally think I found the right discussion. I recently bought a real sex doll. This seems to be a place to communicate. It seems that this is a golden place for a lot of theme information.


  • Occasionally seduces a real sex doll companion?

    Sorry, but let's say it's not too early (I just discovered the real sex doll) to explain my desire object in the Oedipus complex and how it leads to a suspicious paternalistic life. Give me in time! Therefore, the purpose is certainly positive, we will say that I will aim at a doll to have a kind of sex for the environment, and occasionally seduce a real sex doll partner to obtain more satisfactory sexual satisfaction than anything else sense.


  • Will give them a feeling of greater privacy Real Sex Doll?

    I speak seductive, fantasy, and well, because to this day, I do not represent the real sex doll except for the object. I do n’t know that I can switch to some kind of anthropomorphic doll like some people here, maybe it comes with the daily experience of the doll, I have no doubt that it will give them a feeling of greater privacy, But at the moment I am not. When I fantasized about them, I recently discovered them on the Internet, so it started with my desires, and when I saw them, I discovered the objects of desire. Because my face and video show real sex doll for 165f.


  • What caused you to be interested in dolls?

    Answering this real sex doll question seems very complicated. I have a lot of psychoanalytic elements on hand, but I can't expose them to the couch without falling into exposureism. I would rather abstain. I am not asking about psychoanalysis, but your expectations, what makes you interested in dolls and how to discover them. Knowing clearly why, how and how to do it can help members provide real sex doll advice.


  • Deprive you of immediately visible parts of Real Sex Doll?

    While waiting for a decision to be made, I really want to take away the part of Real Sex Doll that you see immediately, an impressive story of denials and experiences / experiences, and I especially congratulate your community on the general kindness there, So suddenly I showed this post to me, hoping to go through the following areas that I can access so that I can see the links / photos shared by other members. In short, I want to learn more.


  • Keep my opinion of my fast sensual relationship Real Sex Doll?

    Tonight I see if the real sex doll is beautiful and not bad! I have another model waiting, it's too late. If I'm lucky, I will receive it, otherwise I will be reimbursed as soon as I report the delay, the seller did not try to discuss, the custom seems to be blocked. I am a curious weird and fell in love with the real sex doll, but I still do n’t know if I plan to buy it. The idea haunts me, but I am waiting to see my life retain my view of the fast emotional relationship.


  • Can we contact the real sex doll in private?

    When we discovered the treasure, the former soldier, now 50 years old, was also a single father (which is not new in the military) and retired. If you wish, we will parachute and we can contact the real sex doll in private. The army has always been a big family. Considering what we have to do. But sorry, I let you learn what I knew and discovered before. Post your opinion, your research and return here. Ask your question. The people here are cool and open. I let you discover. Take your time and pay attention to what you say, 47-year-old retired soldier and so on. I personally already know your purchasing power! I'm not far from my second divorce four years later, so I will stop the cost and put myself into the cute little real sex dolls once and for all.


  • Having family help is also important real sex doll?

    In addition to these traitors, we like the good Cassow, considering the real sex doll Wikipedia, this concept is acceptable. I can even say that Japan is before us. Because in Japan, some women are married alone (not dressed up), while some men are not related to having a family laugh. One third of the population appears here! The government there is angry. But European / Japanese matchmaking agencies dismiss this. Who wants a real Japanese woman? Because it is also important to have family help, there must be someone who can solve this problem in any case. She has already provided you with a service fee of 200 euros per month in Thailand. She laughs at you (wage is 150 euros on average). My ex-husband is 200 The euro's real sex doll was satisfied ... but she worked hard!


  • Have cute sex dolls and beautiful photo models?

    Here are cute sex dolls and beautiful photo models. I admit that my strengths and weaknesses are important because sex is more important than companionship. But there are ordinary people in the family, I don't think it's necessary to put it in the living room. I never thought of repair materials, but for clothing / accessories, I'm usually an admirer of underwear / shoes or clothes. I have more women than I am with me. As for the budget, this seems a bit tight, excluding repair parts and extra clothing. I have only registered in this area for a few days, but I don't have the best place to advise you, others will be much smarter than me!


  • After some research to get a sex doll?

    Why not recommend this site? I introduced myself to Olivier, 30 years old. I came across this site after doing some research to get a sex doll, and I'm glad that even if it's just in "Zone 0", I have a lot of information, which is so cool In your registration verification, you can go to the forum to educate the next part better, we must know the strengths and weaknesses of these beautiful dolls, before proceeding, do not disappoint or avoid hurting this little girl! It is important to know what this doll is going to do What to do: Here you will see that they are not only used for sex (sometimes not even used for sex)!


  • Haven't found your sex doll girlfriend yet?

    Afterwards, curiosity usually develops or makes others uncomfortable. And a friend question that subsequently appeared: "Have you not found a sex doll girlfriend? I am 33 years old and single for 2 years. I live in a small village in the country. I recently became interested in love dolls. More information about this universe and comment before buying in the future. I become the owner of a doll to get all the useful information and share my experience later. Which brand and / or which model? Hope you are here Find happiness! Don't hesitate to search, you will not be disappointed! The search tool is very useful, I can find many similar tips! I don't like it very much, only found this forum after placing an order. I haven't experienced everything yet.


  • I have a sex doll agreement with my partner?

    Since June 21, 2017, I have reached an agreement with my partner to share my living room with Irina Dole, a 33-year-old Slavic 155 cm sex doll, a dance teacher and choreographer Together. My partner rarely visits him, not because of this situation, but because of her existence, and more because of her charming charm. Reach the second doll and arrange it after the move is complete. me too. Everyone who walked through my house saw my doll sitting in the room and felt a strange feeling. After entering the room, don't see it immediately, because it is still, and then after a while realize that a human form has been watching you for almost a minute, which surprised them all.


  • Where are the realistic sex dolls on your website produced?

    The sex dolls of the urdolls store are all produced in doll factory. We are a professional doll manufacturer and seller. We have several years of design and production experience. We have our own manufacturing plant here. So we can achieve strict quality of dolls. Control. All dolls are made of the finest materials.


  • Does my sex doll contain chemicals harmful to the human body?

    The urdolls sex dolls are mainly divided into two types. One is a silicone doll and the other is a TPE doll. TPE and silicone dolls do not contain any harmful, toxic or itchy substances or chemicals. They are very safe and environmentally friendly, TPE The Silicone doll is sterilized and made using ingredients similar to sex toys. However, if you have been allergic to silicone in the past, we do not recommend the use of sex dolls.


  • Where can I find clothes that suit my doll?

    You can wear any ordinary lady's or men's clothes on the sex dolls. You can also buy them according to the measurements of the bust, waist and hips provided on our doll's details page. You can go online or local clothing. Shop to buy. They can all be worn on dolls.But you have to be aware that some tight clothes may cause damage to the doll.


  • Does my TPE doll have an unpleasant smell?

    The dolls of urdolls will not have any odor. The materials used in our TPE dolls are high-quality TPE soft rubber. The TPE materials are non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly. They have passed the environmental protection safety certification of international organizations. TPE is closest to human skin tissue and has enough Flexible features, you can use with confidence.


  • What is the internal structure of your doll?

    The interior of all sex dolls in the urdolls store contains a metal skeleton, and the doll can do all the actions that a real person can do (the doll's legs can be placed 180 degrees flat). We use a new generation of stainless steel high-precision biaxial gears with a unique design similar to the human joint skeleton, which can be made like a real person. The shape and skeleton are durable and can withstand 1000 swing tests, which are not easy to wear and loose. We have advanced research technology and perfect process. In the sex doll industry, we are sought after and trusted by many doll lovers. Urdolls has greatly improved the user experience.


  • How long will my sex doll last?

    In fact, everyone uses and cares about the frequency of sex dolls, so sex dolls will continue for different times. In general, sex dolls will last for 2 to 10 years. Frequently used and moved sex dolls will wear out more easily, reducing the age of sex dolls. Of course, doll owners can also do a lot of things to protect and maintain their sex dolls, which can extend the use of sex dolls. If damage does occur, it is easy to repair the doll. We also have a lot of useful blog posts and tips that can make your doll look brand new.


  • I have some suggestions for storing TPE sex doll

    Older dolls take longer, but I don't know of any way to speed up the process. I had silicone sex dolls stains and they eventually disappeared. Dear guy, I wonder if you would be happy to suggest washing my housekeeper. It was embarrassing that he was so bullshit. This poor man hasn't done it before and obviously doesn't know. Just to clarify that we do have a flushable tool, but this morning he let me half in and half into the bathtub, only to find that he couldn't get the tool. Oh, how did we laugh. Again, I want to know if one of the girls will indulge us. I have started to make a list of suggestions. Sorry if this problem has been solved in other areas (I can't find anything by searching), but I have some suggestions / feedback for storing TPE sex doll.


  • I am preparing to make a sex dolls storage box

    Any rubber washer with a thickness of m / m can be used. A washing machine for cars or any other purpose is fine. Just tighten the head until it rests against the washer, the washer will compress and prevent the sex doll's head from swinging, while allowing easy rotation. Manufacturers should provide washing machines as a simple and inexpensive solution. Well, stupid I thought it would be safe to do laundry several times. But it seems to leave some (very small) dark marks. Is there any good way to remove them from the silicon doll? In searching, I did find that someone pointed out that they would disappear on their own .. I don't know if that is true. They will say that your toy is a fairly new doll, so there will be no problem with fading in the next few weeks. My first doll should be sent to me as soon as possible, and I am preparing to make a sex dolls storage box because This way I can lay down more easily to store this doll.


  • Not sure what sex doll type tap is?

    Compression rubber keeps the head still, but the head can still rotate normally. I found that the best washing machine is a thick, grooved washing machine. I'm not sure what sex doll type faucet is, but it is packed in a small bag with a variety of faucets. Most tap washers work and can be mounted on the screw, but thicker ones are best. If it helps, I will post a photo. The first photo shows the choice of faucet washers. The thin top is fine, but you need a stack. The type on the lower left is OK, but the center hole needs to be enlarged. The best type I found was the lower right corner, which has slightly rounded edges and grooves around it. The next sex dolls photo shows the washer on the neck threaded rod. The third photo is a close-up shot, and the grooves on the gasket are visible.


  • Keep your arms in the best position sex doll

    Thanks for all the suggestions, it was really helpful. I will introduce some suitable hardware later. One sex dolls idea I thought of was to use exactly what most guitar fans are familiar with and know exactly what I mean. The guitar is known for its tremolo arm, which is a threaded metal rod that can be screwed into a threaded machined steel block. Over time, the arm usually loosens and can swing freely, but a frequently used solution is to place a small high-pressure spring at the bottom of the threaded hole in the steel block. When the arm is screwed into the module and comes into contact with the spring, the compression creates an upward tension in the thread, which makes the left and right movement more rigid, so that the sex doll arm maintains the optimal position. I just pushed the faucet washer onto the screw to compress it when tightening the head.


  • Are other sex dolls of this type being manufactured?

    After long research, I found SY 163 cm (70 kg weight) (I plan to buy it soon). I didn't find bigger hips and bigger hips. Maybe there are other sex dolls of this type being made. I realized that my 40 kg model is not easy to handle, and then to reach an inert mass of 70 kg, I don't think there are too many devil or lifts ... essentially you please! It's just the experiment that the brand wants to stand out, so MrDollBBW, ... try the experiment! We are all curious to see someone dare to use this model and share his shipping, interviews, and wearing such dolls. I have three dolls TPE and a silicone doll, yes, you will mistakenly think that the quality between tpe and silicone is the same , The two sound very different, and I have both materials, and I found that the better silicone sex doll is because it is stronger, lighter, sensitive to wear and stains, and weighs 47 kg for my toys. The weight is more focused on the actual level, so it is difficult to move.


  • I performed sex dolls random research on Google

    It was a spectacle, terrible, terrible, abominable ... Mercy, I was still shaking! There was only a bunch of intangible things in the living room, real silicone sex dolls. All this in less than ten minutes. How traumatic! I can still see myself, with eyes, fascinated by this photo. I came out of the stove and did not recover until half an hour later. Yes, I can say that you should avoid using cats when you have a love doll. Hello everyone, I am a young tetrahedron, single, and like round women (BBW type) and recent dolls. Love dolls are not interested in me because of their thin body and high price. But recently, I conducted random research on Google and found sex doll and a new material: TPE, which is much cheaper and almost the same quality as silicone (Am I wrong?).


  • Calmly start putting his head on the bones of sex dolls?

    Silly. But this is a mechanic. My cat cuts the sex doll into thin slices under two halves. Stupid negligence, momentary negligence. The massacre unfolded almost in front of my eyes, silently mounted on my chair, the pipe in my mouth and the memories of Nabira in my hand (volume 15), and the drama that could be unfolded without me could respond (I was scared shocked) ). Lord, what a savage ... Titus (that's his name) immediately jumped to his throat, and it was time for me to punch her at the beheading. Then, after pulling out his paws, he cut off the menu menu within a few minutes, then calmly began to put his head on the bones of sex dolls, and then carried it into the tree, like a trophy.


  • Have I had a good time at sex dolls?

    Good today, I really want to make up my mind. What worries me is that I have a cat. I lived with my family for a few months and spent some time in the apartment. I had a great time with sex dolls, and I think if I build a nice trunk on the wheels, then I should pass by. (For cats for which I haven't found a solution, I don't know if it will attract them, and if they are really harmful to the doll.) Anyway, I really want to take action there, but if you have any of these minor issues In return, I am the recipient! Dogs and cats don't seem to be fooled like us (cold, inhuman, no food ... no interest) on the forums you will find many cohabitation photos. This is how I destroyed the first sex doll.


  • Planning a roommate to measure more sex doll realism?

    Not because I also planned a roommate to measure more sex doll realism, such as WM168 (approximately your WM161, with a little more hips and legs) ... what do you mean I still fall in the same trap WM168 in the trap obviously has more realistic measurement results! On the TPE model, currently I like YL155 (or 155 custom), but especially WM162 B or C cup (88-66-91), I like the size is not too thin, when I sleep next to it, put my hand I want something more on my belly. I haven't seen too many other brands, there are definitely other models I don't know about. There is always a problem with shoulder width, but it is still rare on TPE sex dolls. Silicones are complicated compared to budgets, so you have to wait (a lot) for longer. This is also conceivable.


  • Can you visit the rest of the sex dolls forum?

    The role play on the doll is very good. When you have access to the rest of the sex dolls forum, I suggest you visit the topic of peaceful Celtic dolls, which is a lot of very good cosplay. I also like YL155, which is very realistic. The 155 custom is also very beautiful, the hips are beautiful, but more slender, I think this has more restrictions on dressing (or clothing? I know more). For the first doll, I was attracted to a doll and the measurements slightly exceeded the standard. (Big boobs, wasp waist and small hips) Although it may not be easy to get dressed, we will get better over time. If I take a new roommate home one day, I will also choose a sex doll with a more realistic size. What is it actually?


  • I randomly run this sex doll problem

    There are already a lot of things to read, and the rest of the sex dolls issues are here. ... when to convince you ... "advisors" are not payers, they say "yes, even if I have never practiced, I really like the idea of role-playing. This is also a doll that reminds me One of my favorite actresses, because I have been here for a long time. Bruno gave me a lot of good information about dolls, including 155 and 155 custom agencies have attracted my interest, I want to know you guys Do I have them together at home and can tell me if one or the other has a more realistic aspect than reality? Other? I think the ordinary 155 shoelaces give me this impression of realism because it is close to Most of my predecessors, then, I want to be able to dress without too many restrictions, and now it seems to me that the custom is also very suitable, which is why I randomly run this sex doll problem! Then, if I decide (maybe not see ), I will post some role-plays to thank you for your hospitality, and more importantly, it is really warm here!


  • I like the realism of sex dolls' outfits

    Illustrator and cartoonist, I like the realism and creative ideas of sex dolls costumes. I'm not used to long-term relationships (never more than a few weeks), so I work often, and now I don't find a couple's life. However, in recent years, I have been interested in doll companies. If I come here, it's because I don't have experience in the field, and now I have given myself the means to discover this passion, I just want to aim. I certainly have a lot of questions, but I will look for resolved issues in the forum before I bother you. Especially because some styles are very common, style delays and delivery methods are different, how do you know that we use the same color for the body as the head, etc ... Especially, I hope you can finally convince me to take a sex doll adventure !! In my opinion, it's clean and reasonable ... Actually, it's best to find this forum after (purchase).


  • Find something similar or buy a sex doll

    Speaking of realism, I think it's good to be realistic. "Doll" is a sex doll, not a (real) woman. There are differences, advantages and disadvantages. Because I plan to buy a doll, but I am registering before buying anything I want to check. Have a good day. You are notified before "take a step" because there is "anything" here! Sex is often a hot topic among various scammers, and it's easy to say that customization (or "kiss"!) Doesn't dare complain too much. So be careful ... more than anything else. Good research and good reading. I am thirty years old this year, I came here to find something similar or buy a sex doll, and how to make the experience more enjoyable by listening to the suggestions of more experienced people ... You come to your first This search is in the right place, which will give you more questions. good evening! 25 years old and single.


  • These dolls really surprise me

    Hello everyone, after encountering some disappointment in love, I hope to adopt a sex doll, I will learn this topic to make my own choice and get some top models. This method is still a little tricky for me psychologically, because knowing that being surrounded can make things easier ... these dolls really amaze me! Before starting an adventure, it is normal to ask yourself many questions. In Region 2, there is a mental corner to talk about all of this. After 10 posts, you will have access. Yes, the reality of dolls, even after a while, sex dolls are always amazing! Indeed, realism is sometimes surprising. In the early days, when I arrived in the room, there were sometimes unexpected "bursts", and I saw this silhouette in bed!


  • I see very few Japanese sex dolls with black fine fibers

    Friends. Trying makeup today is a nightmare. You are using baby wipes for a little lotion. But I see very few Japanese sex dolls with black fine fibers. How do you delete these? Please also post important tips for removing cosmetics. Think the skin is now stained. Always using the right makeup for the area. Lip gloss can make your lips permanently discolored. Nipples and so on are satisfied with this. It happened to me, I used acetone nail polish remover and cotton swabs to remove makeup stains, but this doll is a silicone doll, not a tpe. Might be worth trying. If it's TPE, try some baby oil to remove makeup for Japanese sex doll. For silicone, use acetone or isopropyl alcohol (IPA); for cloth, use Daz. As for coloring your nipples, you can just use blush powder.


  • I think there will be another one behind the joint of Japanese sex doll

    I tried to tighten the bolt, but nothing happened, so I thought there would be another one at the back of the Japanese sex doll joint. I found a black hole and needed an Allen wrench. I didn't expect this to happen, but fortunately, I had the right type and tightened it, which solved the problem. In order to seal her up, I came up with a hot knife, and re-fusion of the skin together can achieve the purpose, but it is not the case, it just spread out, so there is no choice to use super glue. It works well and now she has scars, but it will last, I made sure not to use too much because super glue can be very hard. I hope this will be fine in the long run, but if not, I'm really a bit worried. I think I will write this in case someone else has a similar problem with their Japanese sex dolls.


  • Cut with a razor blade on top of the Japanese sex doll's shoulder

    If you cut and tighten the nut and bolt at the seam on the shoulder of the Japanese sex dolls, you will find that it is broken or the nut is loose. In the latter case, it is easy to tighten it. He will do the repairs, although you must send the doll in. Thanks for your suggestion, I am pretty sure this is a loose bolt and needs to be tightened. Letting her go is one thing, but sealing her is another, so I'll call the vendor you mentioned. Well, I finally managed to solve her and it was too costly for the supplier to complete the job, so I decided to do it myself. I used a sharp blade to cut the top of the Japanese sex doll's shoulder and opened the skin until I saw the underside. There are some meshes covering the bolts that must be cut off to reveal them.


  • Can put two Japanese sex dolls in the box

    It's big enough to put two Japanese sex dolls in the box, but I'm considering putting some memory foam on the bottom so that the doll can lie outside the box when not in use. The only problem is that I now have 3 dolls, and it may only be a matter of time until I add another doll ... they will soon need their own room. I have a 158 WM doll I bought two years ago, but her arm is now very loose and needs to be repaired. It felt like it would loosen from the shoulder. When I move my arm outward, it only slides back, it shakes when it swings forward, but it stays in place when it moves up. I really want to know if the Japanese sex doll supplier in the UK can really solve her because I don't have confidence in my repair.


  • You can lift the entire Japanese sex doll

    Japanese sex dolls with "goosenecks" are not recommended. When in doubt, use adjustable cam straps to anchor the smaller doll's eyebolts to the suspension rails so that both doll feet are on the floor. Since I followed this good idea, I upgraded the slides in the closet to screwed closet slides. They are very cheap and won't drift. They are very sturdy. This seems like a very practical way to store dolls, but to me it looks a bit like a serial killer. I also worry about damaging the doll. I have an Ottoman bed with lockers underneath. The mattress is on a slatted base with air struts, so you can lift the entire Japanese sex doll and reach the storage area below.


  • Glad to help you with Japanese sex doll

    Never mind, we are happy to help you with Japanese sex doll, we will soon launch a variety of exciting makeup products online, so hope we can attract you back. We have also been providing repair kits for repairs and beauty repairs. For nail polish, eyelashes, etc., for silicone, TPE and PU, we can customize various additional products to meet various requirements. I hung three dolls from a closet slide. The height of these Japanese sex dolls was 165, 157 and 155 respectively. The height is set so that the tallest doll feet just touch the bottom of the closet, thus reducing the pressure on the neck. The other two dolls hung without any foot support. Is it better to put something under the smaller doll's feet to relieve the pressure on the neck? Or can you hang Japanese sex dolls as freely as you see them in the factory? Depends on the design of the doll and skeleton.


  • This is a very cheap Japanese sex dolls product

    Any crazy glue / super glue based on cyanoacrylate will do. This is a very cheap Japanese sex dolls product that can be bought in any one euro store, about 50 carats (tube) to 1 euro per 50 grams. Alternatively, you can take the luxury route to buy Loctite 406, which is better than crazy glue, but at a much higher price. The key to proper adhesion is to use as little glue as possible. I stuck a drop of glue to a piece of paper and dipped the tip of the toothpick into the drop. Please note: This does not apply to silicone Japanese sex dolls. Thanks everyone for your answers, Paul decided to be sorry, I decided to buy super glue and some false eyelashes locally. However, I will bookmark your page to find any other needs I cannot find locally.


  • I can try when I need to repair Japanese sex doll

    The gel form is easier to control. Should only be used on Japanese sex dolls nails or eyelashes. Do not use to bind TPE to TPE, because it does not work well. It will peel off if stretched. As you have discovered, cyanoacrylates are not permanent, but have a long enough lifespan to be useful to the manufacturer and yourself. As far as I know, any false eyelashes will do. Resize before trying the application. I noticed that some manufacturers stick eyelashes on shorter sections (e.g. 8mm). I have never done it, but I can try it next time I need to repair a Japanese sex doll. I think that when TPE is stretched, the shorter part may be less inclined to separate. Reconnect your plastic fingers / nails or eyelashes and you won't need any patented products.


  • Using super glue on TPE Japanese sex doll

    A store in the United States charges countless shipping charges and I have to pay import duties. When I was using it, I also wanted to attach eyelashes to another Japanese sex dolls, but she did not bring any eyelashes, and it was also TPE. My main question is as follows: Where can I buy TPE safe nail and eyelash glue, preferably in the EU? Does it matter what kind of eyelashes you get? I can also buy some false eyelashes locally. If I use TPE safety eyelashes and nail gel to stick it to the TPE, will it damage the TPE? Sorry if someone asked these questions and answered them elsewhere, I tried a quick search but didn't find what I was looking for. Use super glue on TPE Japanese sex doll. "Cyanoacrylate" is an expert in typing and spelling!


  • I went for Japanese sex dolls made for TPE

    The correct method is to dry the spray gun for about two days, otherwise it will fall off. Available in multiple colors and in liquid form, it is possible to mix small amounts of dyes or mix them together to create a custom Japanese sex doll personal taste shade. Tooth I am using a tire marker. It can last a long time, but the dose will eventually decrease. Hello everyone, I hope someone may know something about European sellers. So my latest doll's eyelashes seem to be a little shedding, and I want to re-fix it properly. The thing now is that she is made of TPE. I don't want to hurt her, so I went to Japanese sex for TPE dolls, but I can only find a few stores.


  • Eventually I will fix the sex doll wrist

    Standing dolls can damage their feet even for a short time. Eventually I will fix the sex doll wrist. Just trying to make sure that it will stay in this state for a long time when repaired, so such a thread is priceless. I also happened to encounter this situation. I pulled out the wire and replaced it with a thicker cable tie. It is no longer hurrying, but it is not fragile. It's a bit like a permanent arched but resilient location. It was a small obstacle and she learned to live with it. Speaking once I just posted information about fixed fingers, but then found answers about other sex dolls' body parts. My post is about fingers, but the heels are also troublesome. The one I never managed to solve, now she is wearing socks.


  • See before and after sex doll photos

    Just to let you know using hot repair sex dolls cuts. This is the only way, I will do standing foot exercises for people who are not standing ... I changed my mind. But when it was sealed, I made the cut worse. I pulled my skin down to see if I could reach my knees. Maybe remove your legs and change to a new foot. Therefore, when I put the skin and feet back in place, it is unlikely that I will place them properly. And there is pressure at the seams. So any heat I put will only make it crazy! But I fixed it and it doesn't disappear. See photos of sex doll before and after. All are fixed with a soldering iron and hot air. The white viscose is a filling paste made of xylene.


  • If you want solvent repair sex dolls

    This is what I mean by adding a layer of plastic to the place where the palm and the sex doll wire are connected. A thin layer of it may work. I know space is tight. So it may not help. Really cheap pills can be found on Ebay or Aliexpress. If you look at a picture with a coil sleeve, it's similar to a black finger. But in this photo I did not use steel wires. not good. They are still poking. To seal it after the replacement was done, I used a 30-watt soldering iron and a thin copper sheet, just like a hot knife. Make sure that there is no stress when cutting, otherwise the stress will be greater. Honestly, I haven't used high-priced TPE "glue"! In a lot of practice, the heating effect is the same. However, if you want to do sex repair sex dolls, please use xylene (Recochem Xylene), which I have tested and can make pastes, etc.


  • I really hope the sex doll can be repaired for a long time

    I checked all the contributor posts and thought it was a simple example, and forgot that the conversation has been moved to another sex dolls forum, so others (ie myself) may have no context and therefore may not understand the reference. As you can imagine, considering using Yvettes wrist, this is a conversation very close to my heart, so although it didn't really work, I still got a lot of interest because when I repaired the wires, I really hope They can be repaired for a long time. I wrapped my fingers / hands with a copper telephone wire and covered it with a shrink tube. They have not gone bankrupt and have absorbed their stubs well. The grip is not good, but the posture is good. Polymorph particles can be heated in boiling water or hot air and shaped as required. I made a whole hand with sex doll, but it is still in the experimental stage.


  • If you want to match the joints of sex dolls

    I use 4 strands of telephone line. One line can be removed. Twist them. Then, I took the steel wire and stripped it, and wrapped the steel wire. You can even add "pseudo-joints" if you want to match the joints of sex dolls, but this is optional. Cover it with a shrink tube. I did this with dolls, which have poor grip, but they are very strong and haven't cracked after months of torture. I gave you the answer for polymorphic particles. Wrap the wires with wires. It will provide some sex doll support where the wires come in contact with the tablet. The pellets are very hard when they are hardened and need not be too thick to protect those threads. But in this case, the link does not return to the referenced item (polycrystalline particles?).


  • May help improve sex doll durability

    Here's how to mark the wires: take about 5 bare wires and twist them together evenly with me. Squeeze one end of the pliers, then put the other end into the sex doll drill chuck until it is taught, and then slowly rotate until it is tightly wrapped (while keeping the teaching state.) Be careful not to overtighten the cover. The heat-shrinkable tube is then sleeved over it until it shrinks. Clamp the end to make it uneven, and then test with a finger line. You can add as many harnesses as needed to total 3.2 mm. The length of the wire should be at least about 6 inches. . Sorry, not sure about the length in CM. You know we are stuck with SAE cos here in the United States, and it takes some company funds to measure him. This twisting can also be done through the insulation on each wire. May help improve sex doll durability.


  • Need to test lead before inserting sex dolls

    Some sex dolls have tiny miniature gooseneck-like wires ... Although they are durable, the quality of goosenecks is usually pure. These are usually used for dolls that do not have a palm rest .. and always enter the carpal tunnel. For an example, see Photo # 1. If I can get some of them, but the quality is good, I bet I will be happy! As far as construction goes, I want it to look more like Photo # 2. I found something on ebay and Amazon. stainless steel. But it's hard to tell the diameter ... the core of your finger doesn't exceed aounr 3.0-3.3mm. I have questions about the sex doll supplier of that cable on Ebay, but haven't answered me yet, asking for the diameter of the cable. Maybe one day we can find a viable fix without spending too much! It must be something we can use. Great permanent position for bending fingers etc. Grasp objects, etc. with your hands. Phone line I never thought of the phone I heard somewhere. If it could work. I guess we need a test lead before we insert the sex doll. The trick with wires is to twist them. Not insulated ... or insulated.


  • I'm not sure about the minimum order of sex dolls

    Instead of using tired and broken wires instead of sex doll springs. A certain length of spring material can be used instead of the entire wire, or a small section of spring can be used to cause some deflection at the transition between the plate and the wire. You can buy a certain length of spring material, and either a compression spring or a tension spring will work (although a compression spring may mean that your hands are constantly opening and dropping things! You have a good idea, I will look into this because A hardware store can use many types of springs. One of the most important things I found when studying wire / finger materials: you know the first two are, but I stumbled upon the third one. The bending radius refers to a certain The amount that a thing can bend before it stops bending (ie a spring). Another example is a gooseneck. Or how round it can be. I found some of them, but I'm not sure what the minimum MOQ of sex dolls is.


  • Hope to turn sex dolls' position into some kind of sex swing

    I will continue to look for metric hardware suitable for sex doll seats. What do other doll owners use as a hardware source? I want to get this doll's body up in a few days. If you want to turn the sex dolls' position into some kind of sex swing, just add a second spring and / or make it taller by adding extra pipes (at least this model is modular). This bracket solves the weight problem of people with temporary disabilities like me while having sex. I found the second use of the stand within five minutes of installing the stand. I saw a brand new product line of doll stands! But there are actually structural design issues. Later, I was amazed that the sex doll no longer required laborious manipulation, just in ... all the twists, turns and bends made the top nut fall off. you can say so. The doll fell down. No damage to hardware or dolls. PS and right-handed mothers do cause breast deflection due to breastfeeding, and the odd thing about this doll's balance is the distortion of the lens angle.


  • Can't connect sex dolls to the stand?

    First picture of the problem-unable to connect sex dolls to the stand. First of all, this doll stand may come from urdolls, and I received it when I purchased second-hand silicone 145 cm doll sweet. Pay attention to unnecessary sharp hooks, which have limited space and cannot fit into the hooks (maybe safer). I found it challenging to find parts that were not suitable for installation. Secondly, why is the diameter of the hook bolt extremely small? He cannot exceed 5mm. Third, why do we need to cover nuts. Is it safer? I'm not familiar with shopping skills. There may be a reason, but if this setup is homemade, I think I can do better, and of course it will be different. In addition, the quality of the steel on the neck of the sex doll looks rough. But do I know?


  • I provided an adapter for the group's latest sex dolls?

    It may be worth mentioning that I provided the m16 adapter for the group's latest sex dolls, which has a threaded center support that can attract m8 eyes. This change seems to be that at the same time that they started to provide top-mounted accessories, the top-mounted accessories were also poor at most, and there was no too much topic. If someone can explain to me, if you continue to push the top cover, the internal thread will be fine. The metal connector with metal ball will not wear out in time when the sex doll thread side is facing down, please do so. It took a few days, made dozens of calls, four to five store visits and $ 27 (= £ 15), but I had the solution.


  • When I got my first sex doll?

    I think people are just looking for bolts because that's what they are used to seeing being used. When I got the first sex doll, I used a hook to hang her directly on the rails (so the hook has m16 thread at the bottom), but then I was a blacksmith. Even m16 bolts or threaded rods can be bent into hooks. The right kit (forging or oxygen torch), or welding together to make something if you can't find what you need. I don't know how strong the stretched polymorph or metal epoxy is, but maybe one of these materials can be used to make sex dolls threaded parts and build around existing smaller fittings.


  • Many large sex dolls stores don't even have any metric

    In this way, it will not generate lateral pressure on the sex doll's neck. If there is no welder, use some wire instead of the chain and wrap it in line with the bolt. Looking for M16 compatible hardware is exactly the challenge I am facing now. I will look online. But why use your eyes? Not more powerful / larger hooks, or other types of hardware attached? And various metals / quality? In large DIY stores here in Canada, the maximum size of metric hardware is M12. Even if Canada switched to metric decades ago, many large sex doll stores did not even have any metric.


  • The first thing I did was apologize to sex dolls?

    I know how terrible it is to ignore. However, I assure you that when I give sex dolls a full body wash, it is out of good intentions! I didn't know she had tears in her throat. When she is TPE, I apply Vaseline and / or baby oil in all areas. I think she may have been in tears for so long ... It may be a good idea to apologize. The first thing I did was to apologize to sex dolls, and when I saw what happened, I was shocked ... I vowed never to let this happen to another doll I took care of. My first sex doll must have learned a lot about dolls. The hole behind the throat is a common feature.


  • How can I fix the TPE sex doll in her head?

    Original idea: This is not good. I turned her upside down and only a small drop came out. I think there is more boarding somewhere in sex dolls. The stains on her skin were easy to wipe off, but from the neck I could see that the pipes were all rusted. I can only assume that the entire internal skeleton is exactly the same. So my question is ... what should I do? Now, her arms and legs can still move, and I don't think the internal corrosion at this time is actually helpless. But I think I still want to ask you guys. How can I fix the TPE sex doll in her head? I can barely reach my finger there ... (No puns) Currently, I have just plugged her neck hole with blue nails to prevent more similar situations.


  • Get Wendy out of the sex doll's closet?

    I finally took Wendy out of the sex doll's closet. Recently, it may be about 5-6 months after I see her ... I last let her out, and I gave her a thorough cleaning, from inside to outside, Turn her into a previous store. A few days ago, when I took her out, I noticed that she had brown stripes on her neck ... I was sitting on the bed of the sex doll, and moved to the beginning to check, maybe half of the rusty brown came out. Water ... it turns out there was actually a little tear behind her throat. So when I cleaned the sex dolls' mouth 6 months ago, the water had penetrated her neck and directly into the bones.


  • Bought from another sex dolls supplier?

    I think at least it should be done now. Attempting repairs will at least broaden my experience. If it turned out to be a complete disaster, then at least I tried. By chance, I came across a different website that suggested that Doris was also a WM girl, but when I checked the WM Doll website, there was no corresponding sex doll. Is it possible for someone to pull wool through a supplier's eyes and slip over a defective product? It was a minefield. Anyway, I have too many balls: repair Doris, or continue / stick with TPE, or a new plush doll, or go back and buy the girl I originally wanted, but from another sex dolls supplier bought? Again, I recently discovered that this is possible. Another trouble is that the family decided to go to Easter (you will notice the closed mind, the form of religious festivals), so the sex doll girls had to hide temporarily. Everything stopped.


  • What if the sex doll is exposed to the wrong temperature for a long time?

    Canvas bags in those photos. The inner lining looks shiny ... Is the sex doll already stored in the bag in a silicone waterproof packaging! Unfortunately, I know a black doll even from a well-known manufacturer. She is a friend and I tried hot fix. But everything got worse. It says that TPE sex dolls are not only polymers but also rubber. Therefore, TPE is likely to deteriorate in some cases. In addition, it is not difficult to see why if the TPE doll is under pressure for a long time, it is easy to produce tears around the joints. This is because if the sex doll is exposed for a long time (especially when stored at the wrong temperature), the TPE may not recover from the compression load.


  • Do you have problems with glue applying sex doll?

    At that time, a cause experiment was being considered to prevent this from happening to anyone else. That's all I can think of ... but you still have the problem of the glue getting worse between the positions of the sex doll. There is no easy long-term solution ... only deep reheating can effectively reposition the polymer bonds. Sticking wood chips to the wood chips does not remove them. I thought you were taking pictures, just looking for options until you came back. My idea is that if it is a shoulder, then it can be fixed. If the entire surface of the TPE shows signs of deterioration of the TPE sex dolls, then this is a more fundamental problem for the TPE.


  • What if the entire body of sex dolls shows signs of deterioration?

    Expert in creating xylene solutions and thermosets, so maybe he can advise on how to create a xylene solution. One thing I would say is that xylene is lethal. Be careful when using outdoors or in a garage and wear a mask. If the entire body of sex dolls shows signs of this deterioration, i.e., tiny cracks appear elsewhere, I fear this may end. Believe me, I really regret to say that no matter the tradition of sex dolls, it is not worth going out in this way. I really hope that's not the case. If this is a terminal, please do not use this doll's TPE to fix any other dolls, as this seems to be a flawed mixture. Of course, I need not say more, but if this is the end of the body, it does not mean that it is over. I am really sorry. Just hope I was wrong, and hope that sex dolls can get a new life out of it (if it is just shoulders, then she can).


  • Is this a problem limited to a certain area of ??TPE sex dolls?

    Fill the layer with a thick paste-like tpe sex doll xylene mixture, allow it to settle for a few days after the last layer is deposited, and apply baby oil before using a heat gun. This is something I often do. Is the problem limited to one end? Using TPE glue will not work for any substantial work. It couldn't hold at all ... a bit like trying to repair a broken limb with an elastic backstop. Assuming this is a problem limited to a certain area of TPE sex dolls, the only hope is to make a paste using TPE melted in xylene. Apply and use a hot air gun that will drop to 50 degrees (many hot air guns have a high temperature, you'd better use a flamethrower on one of them!). Do not operate above 100 degrees, and be aware that the TPE sex doll will retain heat, so even the digital readings from your heat gun will not equal the heat on the TPE surface.


  • Hot air gun might repair these sex doll cracks?

    Maybe using a hot air gun may repair these sex doll cracks. This seems to be a way to repair such cracks. As I saw on other doll forums, a member successfully used it. Although the crack is not too bad , But seems to solve the problem of tpe sex dolls. The glue I heard may come across and be lost, because if it's done wrong, the situation seems to get worse, which is why I see someone talking about heat gun repairs. Looks like frostbite like TPE. which is. Moisture can freeze and break polymer bonds. I think the experiment is in progress. I know what I will do, but I'm not sure if the sex doll works or how good it looks.


  • Is this a sex doll with irreparable flaws?

    It's outside the house's insulation, it's winter. As can be seen from the attached image, the sex doll suffered some damage: she was not under any physical pressure or exposed to water. The WM girl next to her had only a few "cuts". Things about Doris's "body" have changed. She became vulnerable. My fingers crossed her risk, causing a new "throat." Therefore, I seek your advice. I think the problem here is that poor Doris is from a non-mainstream manufacturer and her TPE sex doll is of poor quality. Time and / or cold winters have begun to degrade. I watched a video about using TPE glue and filler. The question is whether I should conduct such experiments. It might be a good idea for me to try these materials for my own education. But if this is a sex doll with irreparable flaws, and "going to the knifesmith's yard", then I want to know this now. My goal must be realistic. In addition, there is no need to buy clothes for terminally ill girls.


  • Not all sex dolls are the same skeleton?

    A little exciting. The problem with TPE sex dolls is usually that the nuts and bolts are welded together and therefore not easily undone. This is likely to be broken, especially if it is already tight. It's worth talking to your vendor, but it can get boring. In my opinion, this seems to be a potential design flaw because the weight of the upper body may be too large for the posterior joint and she should probably have an airbag instead of a strong breast. Unfortunately, not all sex dolls are the same skeleton. Which supplier did you purchase from her? Some of them have the skills to try remedial surgery, or if they are considered design problems, they are the best person to talk to the factory.


  • Mass Production sex dolls may cost less?

    This will make the sex doll more expensive to manufacture, but in the long run, if many doll manufacturers adopt this method, the mass production cost may decrease over time. Ion contact with the shaped body allows one to order only the parts and assemble them at home. The metric tons of waste wires have also been purchased on the website and can also be used in conjunction with this. If you don't mind the surgery and assembly of some newbie/finger parts, then our hand repair work in the UK is very good. I handed my things to a supplier who was very good at repairing my sex dolls. The price is also very reasonable, but unfortunately, the repair of the ankle has not lasted for a long time, I am too attached, but I need a new doll body, but regardless of the quality, I will not pay for TPE again, because The quality is too bad.


  • What are the advantages of small sex dolls?

    Everyone's hobbies are different. Some people like racing, some people like football, just like your favorite wine, sex dolls also have small sizes. Just like you like it. Urdols' sex dolls range from 100 cm to 140 cm in small dolls. Love dolls weighing around 20 kg. You can find them at 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll. In fact, height and weight are still the only differences between mini dolls and stuffed dolls. The size of the vagina can be changed by opening and closing the legs. amazing. correct? There are a variety of Mini Sex doll sizes that have different features to ensure that everyone's needs are met. size. The small size of the mini doll is the main reason you should buy. The small size makes the sex doll very effective, and considering that height and weight are the only differences from full-size dolls, the mini doll is very real. Don't you think so? Their small size allows you to effortlessly use your doll for some stimulating posture without getting tired. Small line dolls are more suitable for novices or people who love collections.


  • Is it legal to buy a small sex doll?

    Buying a small sex doll is a wish of many customers. It is legal for you to buy a doll. You need to understand the local government policy. Because the laws of sex dolls vary from region to region. You can also buy at 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll Legally buy small dolls. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]


  • Should I apply corn flour to the Japanese sex doll?

    I want to know if my talcum powder (or corn flour) is too harsh. Should I apply it to Japanese sex dolls and may be abused? What are the consequences? Everything is gone, I don't want Pich to get fat. It should look like this during the use of flour/talc. When they drink damn things, they may refuel, but as far as I know, it is impossible to fill the powder, because the flour is the excess oil on the surface and the drawer (the flour molecules are larger than the gap between the TPE molecules. The talcum powder is finer, but Still too big to be consumed by the Japanese sex doll. They lost what they didn't need. The only problem is that if the corn flour is on a damp surface and because the corn flour is organic, it can cause mold.


  • What effect does the solvent have on the Japanese sex doll?

    I just cleaned the Japanese sex doll "wound" with a cotton swab and then put it a little bit around. This will soon be done. Then use a wooden toothpick (which seems hard to find these days), immerse it in the TPE glue, make sure to remove the large drops, then apply a thin coating, then use it to wipe the inside of the wound, then just let her The arm position is held in place separately. With her arms fully extended, the wound is closed, which is where I stretch my arms. Gently open it with your fingers, insert the toothpick, then let go and let it relax. I don't want to use a plastic toothpick because I don't know what effect the solvent will have on the Japanese sex doll, but it may be good. 


  • Maybe your Japanese sex doll needs more Vaseline?

    Ok, I bite the bullet and use it on her elbow. In fact, it is going well. Using only a small amount so far (several days) seems to make the wound closed well. It is not completely invisible, but it is just some small scars that are not bad for me. The real worry is why it will be scattered here first. Maybe Japanese sex doll needs more oil / Vaseline? I am very happy to hear that this is a successful operation. Have you used oil, alcohol, or acetone? Also, I want to know that you will get advice on prevention, but I don't want to think that my girl is hurt. I think this will happen sooner or later, so I can take some measures to protect the safety of the Japanese sex doll.


  • How to deal with larger tears on Japanese Sex Doll

    Simply open the wound and apply a small amount of glue to the tip of the toothpick, then immediately loosen the TPE, let it relax and drop it again. If the material is subjected to any pressure (such as when bending an elbow), the material will not stick together but will melt and create a large tear. You need to use glue on the parts you want to be together, so if it's the Japanese Sex Doll elbow, you need to straighten it so that you don't see cracks. Any anti-adhesive items you read are used by people who are not using them properly, such as trying to use glue to repair large wounds in the department or use it to repair Japanese Sex Doll's tiny tears/scratches. You can use glue to repair large cracks or cracks on the TPE, but you need to do it in stages, starting from the bottom and then repairing it over several hours or days, but for small cracks it is fast and good. Used, I found the area to be stronger after using glue.


  • Is this the time to take a shower for Japanese Sex Doll?

    I thought it was time to take a shower. Thought I would post Japanese Sex Doll to show my work. I took her to the bathroom (protected with white socks on my hands and feet, taped around my neck), sat on the bath plate, wetted her with a shower, then soaped her with a gentle shower gel, I used sensitive, Then rinse off the soap. Then I patted her with a towel and then put her on the bed to dry. A good idea for a shower board. I am thinking about doing something similar to a doll... I think in the last photo, she may have been watching Tisworth and knowing the dying flies. When I had Japanese Sex Doll, I thought of this idea.


  • Can this make the Japanese sex doll the best?

    I have cut a few Japanese sex dolls, mainly working on the arms and ankles. The nuts are loose and it is easy to tighten some bolts, maybe welded. The wrench on the nut does not rotate. You can't tell which side. Ok, I don't think, I just cut them and hope to achieve the best results, I am in the middle of sealing the two arms, I got it wrong last night. If anything makes sense. This morning, I was thinking that you might have something. What I need to see is under the milky/orange webbing of the posterior joint in the middle. She is not bad, I found that the Japanese sex doll occasionally likes to roll forward.


  • How to solve the problem of Japanese sex doll's hand confusion?

    The Japanese sex doll's hand is a bit confusing due to the usual wear and tear. I gave a very clean grease to one hand and worked on two areas - a strange seal on the top of the hand (the first finger meets the palm) and then the side of the hand smooth. In the same process as before, the foamed drill bit can only be used twice to get good results. Although it's not perfect, it looks much better - ignore the dirty fingertips, and then I will study the Japanese sex doll. They are clumsy, have no wires, and I need to sort out a lot of stamps. The main job I have to do is. Reinsert the improved left hand finger line and seal the hole. Clean other elbows. Pack your right hand, if you can bother, please replace the wire (may later) tighten the knee joint (this may happen earlier, not later, because I can't stand her, I feel frustrated) - tighten the thigh joint. This can be tricky, but I think at least one knee will help stand. Many other secondary cosmetics, such as feet and various frictions.


  • How to close the wound on the Japanese sex doll?

    Once I messed up the finger line, I quickly closed the wound on the Japanese sex doll. Therefore, I want to do some exercises in places that cannot be messed up. At present, her feet are in a state - although her foot bolts are tight, the standing posture has damaged the TPE of the sole, and there are many cracks, marks and tears. I decided to see if I can sort it out. There are a lot of videos and "how to do" in various forums, so I won't go into details. In short, I oil the area to be processed and then heat it to 100 to 120 degrees Celsius (ie the TPE becomes bright but does not smoke). Then wipe the surface of the Japanese sex doll with a clean microfiber cloth and gently mold it into a certain shape.


  • Can I use a variable heat gun to repair a Japanese sex doll?

    Variable heat gun down to 50 degrees. Keep in mind that TPE will retain heat, so it is recommended to use a temperature sensor to ensure it does not exceed (approximately) 100 degrees. You don't want the Japanese sex doll to have a pink puddle before. iron. Again with a variable temperature control - xylene solution in the correct color of TPE (purchase sample TPE from the supplier (heat gun and / or soldering iron). - TPE glue (only a slight job), it looks like a torture reagent Boxes from medieval dungeons but these options. There are a variety of ways to deal with splitting, cutting or cuts. There are a number of ways to use them. It lists the items needed to repair Japanese sex dolls. I only want to add 10p. 


  • Can I use oil on the Japanese sex doll?

    All in all, I don't think you have any problems, but you can be sure that you can use the oil. When fully saturated, you can sprinkle a lot of corn flour to restore optimal condition. Start now, so wait until later. It is also fun to be interested in reading others, but I mean, I am worried that I am not a partner, and the Japanese sex doll will be fine. From birth, a portion of the TPE skin may appear as a film. It may react to sweat and become flaky. Usually don't worry, because oil and powder will disappear in time. The image is marked with the part you need to check. Dark marks are tiny cracks or shadows. All I think is the shadow of the chaff, but check the Japanese sex doll again to make sure there are no signs of splitting.


  • Does my Japanese sex doll look impressive?

    I will let you decide..." Personally, I think the color is a bit too bright and a bit too red. Now, where is he putting the baby wipes..." "I think he wants to go downstairs too - this can be tragic In my defense, this is my first attempt. I need to try to mix baby oil eyeshadow powder correctly. I agree with this color. Can we spend more time?” I agree, they are a bit too bright. . I am doing half of the Japanese sex doll maintenance work, and I am going to paint the nipples. I used to do it. I used to have some matte lip gloss, but it was applied to her clothes in a few days.


  • Have you actually tried Japanese sex dolls on the website?

    If so, where did you buy it, what is the brand name? . Sorry, I mistakenly thought that you were saying that liquid latex didn't work, didn't you try it? Oh, I can try it because I can't find any information about Japanese sex doll. Or at least so far. Due to the lip movement of the joint, the leg cannot be opened (almost impossible to move). I am thinking about adjusting the joint so that the leg can open. I have cut my leg and removed the bone from my hips. Now I need something to re-stick some foam to the Japanese sex doll's leg. I have to cut it much higher than I want because I have to blindly enter the unknown. . I finished reading the thread, this monster's liquid latex is effective, does it last? I can't find what you recommend. Have you actually tried it on the website?


  • Who should use adult Japanese sex dolls products?

    Because men and women have different body structures, the gender between men and women is not always harmonious, men are faster than women, and they do not always reach orgasm. Women can use adult Japanese sex doll products to compensate and help. To achieve the climax of men's dissatisfaction, there is a strong desire to satisfy everyone's needs. Just like men and women, the satisfaction gained through the products and devices of masturbation can satisfy his needs, but it is necessary to take the initiative of the woman. Friends and buy these products. He or she will be the winner.


  • Why does the Japanese sex doll have a sponge layer?

    At present, the physical Japanese sex doll is roughly divided into two types according to the filling method. The first one is that the inner sponge layer is filled inside, the outer layer covers the silicone skin, and the second is all silica gel filling. We use the first method and are the method chosen by most physical doll manufacturers. The advantages of the first method are listed below: the weight of the doll can be greatly reduced, the weight can be reduced by 40% compared to the second method, and the total weight is controlled at about 25KG. It can enhance the feel and make the doll feel softer. No matter how soft the silica gel is, the hardness will increase in proportion to the thickness as long as the thickness increases. The tensile force of the silica gel layer can be increased to make the silica gel layer less susceptible to damage. In conclusion, the choice of sponge layer will not save costs, but will greatly increase the chances of producing Japanese sex dolls. However, for the above three points, we think this is a reasonable choice under rational judgment.


  • Why not add heating to the Japanese sex doll?

    The first thing to emphasize is that there is no technical problem with adding heating to the Japanese sex doll, but for the following considerations, we have taken a more cautious approach. If the power is safer and safer, the heating effect will not be obvious. If the outside temperature is low, it will probably last for several hours to make the doll have a little temperature. This design we think has no practical value and is too tasteless. If a high-power heating scheme is used, the time required for heating is greatly reduced, but at the same time the risk of the product is increased. Just as there is no absolute danger, there is no absolute security in the world. Considering the close contact between the doll and the person, we need to minimize the possible danger. The electric wire and the external plug of the Japanese sex doll will affect the appearance of the doll, which is unacceptable to us. For the above reasons, we decided not to develop this feature until there is no better solution.


  • Remove stains caused by Japanese sex doll black dresses?

    I saw the warning, but I don't think that leaving a piece of clothing overnight will cause discoloration of the skin. Any suggestions for getting these dark stains? I have good news because black spots will disappear on their own. No color sticks to the Japanese sex doll forever. That's why when companies put cosmetics on baby's face and nipples, they must spray a silicone seal on them to lock the color. That's why if you lick your lips or any other part of the doll so it will begin to fade. why? Because you wipe off the silicone seals, they will keep the color on the doll's silicone. I put a dark dress on my Japanese sex doll and placed it for more than a month, leaving stains on her ass. After a few months, it disappeared on its own. Please give it time. If others know anything that might help it, then welcome to share.


  • Is the sex doll good or bad for me?

    Sex dolls are good or bad for you. This is actually a very subjective question. We can share with you some of our customers' views on sex doll. Many people think that sex dolls are great. In the past few years, they have become more realistic, so that people feel very realistic, as high as women/men, and when you or your boyfriend use one, it feels like you have real sex. For this reason, I would say they are good, but you should avoid cheap blast dolls because they are easy to break and feel unreal, you need to choose realistic TPE dolls or silicone dolls.


  • Will the makeup of a sex dolls fall off?

    We use special makeup techniques to make cosmetics for sexual dolls. Shedding is not easy. They can always stay for a long time. Of course, if you put them in the right environment. If the temperature of the doll is too high or too low. It will have a different effect on its makeup. Friction during use will also cause it to disappear. Most of our customers like to make makeup for the mini 100cm doll. Because this is what they really want in their hearts.


  • Why do some sex dolls look different in different photos?

    What you need to know is that when you see the same person from the photo, you may also have different makeup. This is because the makeup of all our dolls is made by the makeup artist. This process is not mechanical. The operation. It is impossible to achieve complete consistency. In order to make the doll more beautiful, we may occasionally improve or fine-tune the doll's makeup. The mini 100cm doll will be more lovely. Adjustments include but are not limited to eye shadow, lip color, eyebrows, eyelashes and hair. So it will cause makeup to be different in different pictures. During the shooting process, lighting, shooting techniques and shooting angles can cause your visual errors. This is a normal phenomenon.


  • Can sex dolls really satisfy my impulse to surpass masturbation?

    The question of whether sex dolls can provide fun beyond masturbation varies from person to person. Different people may get different answers. But most of our mini 100cm doll tell us. They are very satisfied. These dolls Give them a special enjoyment. This kind of fun can't be achieved by masturbation. Thousands of men all over the world like the experience gained from sex dolls and regard it as the best way to satisfy impulsiveness. Do you still have doubts, you need to know that you can understand the feeling only if you have experienced it yourself.


  • Why do I see that some people can have multiple sex dolls?

    Sex dolls can play various roles in human life. They have many functions to meet people's needs. Because everyone has different emotions and hobbies in some aspects of life. Our mini 100cm doll, Many people buy more than one. Some people buy multiple sex dolls to satisfy their sexual desires. He can enjoy the feeling of making love with different sex dolls every day. In his sex doll world, he is the king. There are some people who buy more. Personalized dolls are their own family. For example, his wife, sister or sister. He can have dinner with his family. So depending on your specific needs, you can have different collections at any given time.


  • Where Is The Best Place to Buy Japanese Sex Doll?

    Are you looking for the best place to buy Japanese sex doll? Urdolls is the choice of the majority of users. What you need to know is that in the past few decades, technology has changed a lot, and almost every product on the market has been made different and more realistic. The technology of our Japanese sex dolls is becoming more advanced, offering many options to suit everyone and all budgets. In fact, many people do not use sex dolls to supplement their relationship, but as a lifelong companion.


  • Is the head of my doll interchangeable?

    Most of the heads of our sex dolls are interchangeable, but there are some special styles that don't interchange heads. Their body and head links are special constructs. If you are not sure which doll you want to buy Can you exchange with other heads? You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] We will let you know the answer. We will explain to you in detail the dolls we can exchange for heads. In our store The mini 100cm doll is one of the most popular doll series.


  • Can I move my doll to a different location to use her?

    The answer is yes, our TPE dolls and silicone dolls are very strong. Their interiors contain metal skeletons that can be placed in a variety of postures to suit your needs. You can move them to any location you can imagine. But you should pay attention to the fact that these places must be suitable for the environmental characteristics of the doll, such as temperature, avoid direct sunlight and so on. You can also customize the doll's foot options as standable feet during the purchase process to allow the doll to stand up. It only costs an additional $30.


  • Will I get a doll like the one in the photo?

    Of course! As shown, you will get the dolls in the photo exactly. However, please note that the clothes you receive may differ from the photos, as the accessories worn by the dolls in the picture are for display only. Please also don't worry, each of our dolls will provide you with a set of sexy underwear for free to ensure your satisfaction.


  • Can my doll sit, stand, and pose in various poses?

    Of course, all the dolls provided by the urdolls store can sit up, although some dolls do not support the standing function for special reasons. But this is only a small part. The doll's standing function requires you to view it from the details option when placing an order (plus 30 USD). The interior of the doll is hinged by a metal skeleton. Can make any posture that the human body can do.


  • How do your sex dolls feel real?

    Urdolls is designed to sell the most authentic sex dolls, and every detail is perfectly processed. Our dolls have elf dolls, anime dolls, real human dolls, etc. They not only make it difficult to distinguish between true and false shapes and skin. Each of them has their own background story. They are real people, giving you the most authentic experience.


  • What kind of price range is your sex doll?

    According to the material and size of the urdolls store dolls, the starting price of dolls ranges from $600 to $3,000. The TPE dolls in our store are basically all under $2,000, and may have more than 2000 special styles. The starting price for a dollar. Silicone doll is basically $2,500 or more. Some of your custom options may require additional fees. For example, the standing foot option requires an additional $30.


  • Are these dolls in your store really the size of the human body?

    Here you can get a guarantee about sex dolls. All the dolls in the urdolls store are made according to the ratio of real people. They are definitely the size of the human body. You won't be surprised by this, you will think that they are a living person. They have a highly realistic private organ with a texture of 99% or higher, similar to a real person, making you feel like these real dolls are like real people.


  • How can I hide my sex doll?

    Hidden dolls are a question worthy of your consideration. It is also a question we often ask customers. There are some devices on the market that can hide sex dolls for sale. For example, an extended storage sofa or a simple closet. Of course, you can also put her in the doll storage box you ordered. These methods can help you achieve different hidden effects. Specifically, you need to evaluate it according to your actual situation. But what you should pay attention to is. Whether your hidden way will damage the sex doll.


  • Can you tell me what a sex doll is?

    Sex dolls are the best life companions for people. They can help those lonely people out of the haze. Give them a sense of security and always be with them. Sexual dolls are also a form of masturbation of a person or group of people. Sex dolls are also known as love dolls, and sometimes they are just representative partners' ass, with realistic vagina, anus and / or penis. With the development of production technology, realistic dolls of the entire human shape are more common. The humanoid doll will be more realistic and can provide you with a more realistic experience.


  • How to prevent being cheated when buying a mini sex doll?

    1, find a strong sex doll business, it is best to manufacturers, now many manufacturers are selling, first choose a good picture, you can see the goods through WeChat online video, the general manufacturers will deliver to you according to the requirements of.
    2, don't be greedy and cheap, there is no cheap good goods in the world, the cost is getting higher and higher now, the price you give is too low, there is no profit and you promise to deliver it to you, all of which will send you defective products, otherwise Where is the profit coming,
    3, don't think about buying a full-featured mini sex doll at a very low price. you get what you pay for.


  • People buy Japanese sex dolls for what purpose

    Whether they are buying sex dolls as a lifestyle or emotionally satisfying lifestyle, or just as a hobby, enthusiasts are unfairly shaped as "weird", "metamorphic" or worse. They are often excluded, degraded, and forced to hide in the shadows. This further isolates some of the already vulnerable people in the community because some people are attracted to this practice because they suffer from social anxiety, low self-esteem or difficulty maintaining social relationships. Japanese sex dolls meet the basic needs of human beings and should be encouraged, standardized and accepted by mainstream society. I believe that having these companions have their own voices to speak for themselves and their human partners will help to make progress in this direction.


  • How do you think sex dolls will affect the future?

    This is an open sex doll problem. You just need to enlarge your mind to think. Our website has launched a smart doll that can talk, turn the head and eyes. Perhaps in the near future, sex doll robots can work like a real human. Humans only need to look at newspapers and drink coffee every day. Enjoy the beauty brought by technology. As you can imagine, the future smart dolls can do housework for you, do good things, and drive for you. It can also provide you with sexual pleasure. You have more time to do whatever you want. What a wonderful thing this is.


  • What are the disadvantages of sex dolls?

    Although my job is to provide the highest quality new-style sex doll to the vast number of customers in need. But I also use sex dolls myself. As for the shortcomings of sex dolls, I would say that the biggest one is that others laugh at you to do what they think is "naive" or "crazy." But now is a time of freedom and openness, where homosexuality can be accepted. Sex dolls should also receive the respect they deserve. As a doll collector of my own, I occasionally comment that my doll "likes" her new clothes, or feels "uneasy" to let her lie down for too long, but this is just an emphasis on my own willingness to buy new clothes. Or guilty because it may eventually damage my doll. I really don't think my dolls are emotional or alive, but I sometimes cast my emotions on them, which reflects my thoughts. Can make my body and mind happy.


  • Can sex dolls solve the problem of loneliness in the elderly?

    There is no doubt that sex doll can heal the loneliness of the elderly. Sex dolls have many advantages and bring convenience and advanced experience to many customers. They offer a great option to explore the new experiences of couples and singles who need to act as partners.
    Sex dolls can be a good proxy for single men or couples. Especially for single men, they can help with loneliness, especially widows. They help relieve depression and anxiety, and even reduce the pressure to find women, make you more independent, and less prone to "stupid moments."


  • Do sex doll wigs need care?

    Sex dolls have the same wigs as human wigs. To make it last longer, you have to learn how to care for wigs. Wigs require extra care and products to protect. You can purchase these wig care products in the online store. They offer wig shampoos and conditioners as well as wig-shaped sprays. You will also have a comb and brush for your wig.
    Once the standard is reached, it is often a matter of taste, but perhaps it is best to define the standard. The good thing about wigs is that you can let sex dolls try them, accept suggestions and organize them, and wigs and hair replacement can open up a whole new world of style and image for you.
    The color and hairstyle of the hair can be easily changed to suit the occasion. Some wigs look undetectable and natural once worn. The best hat is made of lace. Each hair is individually sewn on the hat to achieve a very natural hair and appearance. In addition, the hat is very light, making it worn for a long time.


  • What do I need to consider when I am planning to buy a sex doll?

    There are a lot of things to consider before buying a sex doll. You can get an answer in your heart and decide whether to buy it. The first thing that should come to mind is the care of the doll. Are you ready to do frequent cleaning work? (once or twice a week). Do you want to take a hot bath with your doll? In addition to the typical sexual activities, what do you expect her to do? Do you want her to look as realistic as possible? What is your budget? When you think about the above questions, you can pick your own sexual doll with your heart's answer.


  • How can I move the doll's thighs?

    If you are struggling with the tangled sex doll thigh range, then this will help you. The doll's thighs can be separated to a maximum of 130 degrees on either side, and can be increased to 100 degrees for a single leg split leg. However, we do not recommend opening the doll's thighs too wide, because the action will cause excessive tension on the doll's silicone, causing damage. You can understand the mood you want to get a more exciting experience, but you need to pay attention to the above range of activities while making your dolls more exaggerated. This is very important.


  • How can my sex doll head move?

    With the development of technology, more and more people use sex doll. A life-size sex doll is a human body model that is similar in height to a real person. The doll can move like a real person. Since the limbs can move flexibly, they can be used for fixed-pose photography. The doll is made of simulated human body silicone. Due to the nature of the silicone product itself, excessive activity or excessive movement angle may cause the silicone to rupture, so please pay attention to use. The following is a limitation of the activity of the silicone doll's head: the doll's head is connected to the body through a metal connector, and can be freely rotated to the right and left. However, since the neck is fixed by the metal skeleton, the front and rear heads and the forward and backward bending should not exceed 45 degrees, and the left and right shaking heads should not exceed 45 degrees. Always pay attention to this detail to keep your doll safe.


  • Why do men like to have sex with sex dolls?

    Are you curious and puzzled about this? Some men prefer a fucking real human sex doll instead of a real woman, and we will give you a detailed explanation here. According to demand, the industry and art of human dolls have expanded over the past decade. Sex dolls are better and more realistic. They are replacing the dead wife and becoming the acting girlfriend of men all over the world. Surprisingly, sex dolls are a great way to meet a person's mental health needs, and if you have mental and physical problems, it usually helps. For many people, this is also the satisfaction that everyone expects at the end of the day. Sex dolls don't ask you a lot for women. You don't have to worry about the sexual desire of the two people not matching. Because sex dolls are based on you, they know how to take care of men. They won't have a headache. I hope these explanations have solved your problem.


  • What are the advantages of TPE dolls?

    TPE is closest to human skin tissue and has sufficient elastic properties. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, sometimes called thermoplastic rubber. Here are some of the advantages of TPE dolls:
    1. TPE sex dolls have a realistic look - very realistic. It looks like the real person.
    2. Smooth/soft texture of the skin - TPE is used in many ergonomic items, such as handles, to prove that it is very soft and smooth. It has also been greatly used for sex dolls.
    3. The skin made of TPE material can be squeezed - the elastic feature gives it a realistic texture.
    4. Can keep warm - Keep your body warm and make it more realistic when warming up.
    5. Hypoallergenic - TPE is hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
    6. This is an odorless material - no smell or strange smell of other materials (if frozen or rubber). Compatible with waterborne and silicone oil lubricants (different from silicone dolls compatible only with water based lubricants, despite water based lubricants Still the best)
    7. TPE is value for money; it is usually much cheaper than silicone dolls, but the quality is also very good.


  • What is a TPE sex doll?

    The skin of most of our sex dolls is made of TPE soft silicone. The TPE material is non-toxic, harmless, tasteless and environmentally friendly. It is certified by international organizations, TPE is closest to human skin tissue, and has sufficient elastic properties. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, sometimes called Thermoplastic rubber. It is made of a hybrid polymer, such as plastic and rubber, composed of a material having thermoplastic (plastic) and elastic (rubber) properties.
    It is a fairly popular material in everyday products because it can be used to make items with similar rubber characteristics, but still makes it more economical with the efficiency of current injection molding techniques. This gives TPE an advantage in general production because of its flexibility, shock absorption and soft texture. Sex dolls made from this material will be very similar to the human body. TPE is a very useful material with interesting properties. This makes it a great choice for sex dolls.


  • Is Sex Doll Practice A Victim of Loneliness?

    These sex doll are made of silicon. Its touch is very soft. They don't want anyone to feel that they are robots. Artificial intelligence technology has been used to create these talkative doll men. These dolls are said to have other special uses. Because this can also be done in control generation. The reason for making these dolls is that their inventions enable older people to get support in old age. Although these dolls are described as socially deadly. It is said that people are the victims of the loneliness of these doll exercises. Men left their wives to these sex robots.


  • How Long Will AI Sex Dolls Transcend Human Wisdom?

    Some people think that sex doll that are smarter than human AI will magnify all our worst qualities - it will war with us and kill us and enslave us. This assumption creates many great science fiction stories. Others believe that it will magnify all of our best qualities and become humanity's benevolent protectors of humanity. Among people, "wisdom" is a natural part of us. It happens that “intellectuality” has instrumental value for individuals and species. But this is not the only value of intelligence. It is a quality that changes the essence of life. Everyone's quality is at least a bit different. Our spiritual lives are different from each other. Human beings are the ends themselves. Our wisdom helps us who we are and who we are.


  • Can sex dolls meet my needs?

    Do you have an libido that is not equal to your partner? Are you lonely when you live alone? I want to solve these problems. Buying a sex doll is a good and wise choice. They are able to meet my needs very well, so that this arrangement can continue. Some people have never had a girlfriend, tried online dating for many years, and did not succeed. He has reached a point in my life, he will think that having a doll is better than having no woman in his life. Some people want a partner. Can hug and sleep. Or when he plays computer games, he doesn't feel lonely. Sex dolls can solve all the problems and meet all your needs.


  • Which sex dolls provide standing feet?

    Welcome to our sex doll website. We offer a standing foot option for most sex dolls. However, there are some exceptions. Some special styles may not provide the option of standing feet due to the different molds used in the production process. We have the details on each doll's details page. You can enter specific product details. Page to find out if the doll contains standing feet. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • Why are the Internet prices of the same sex dolls very different?

    You will find that the price of the same sex doll on our website will always be lower than the price on other websites. This is because we are a company that has been operating for sex dolls for many years. We focus on the wholesale and retail of sex dolls. We Our customers are distributed all over the world. Our orders are large, because the total amount has increased a lot. Our realistic dolls lower these prices. We offer you the best prices and stay fair. You don't need to pay more for the same thing.


  • Does the hand and fingers of my sex doll also contain a metal skeleton?

    The hands of our sex doll are mobile and have an internal skeleton hinge only at the wrist. You can bend the doll's fingers. There are no hinged structures inside the fingers. The purpose is to make them look more like real humans. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email.


  • Can I use a sex doll as my family?

    Sex doll can of course play the role of family. What you need to know is that sex dolls are great for families. They are always with you. Give you all the warmth. Because they didn't give you any price. You can eat with the doll, sleep, watch TV, travel and more. You can do whatever you want. Many of our customers do this. Of course, if you are willing to share the story of you and the doll with us. We are your best listeners. We are happy for you.


  • Which doll material do you recommend?

    When you choose a sex doll, unless you particularly like this material, I would recommend choosing your favorite body and facial doll model. Forget these materials. Because I like more than everything else, isn't it? Silicone dolls are more expensive in price, and TPE dolls (thermoplastic elastomers) are considered a more affordable alternative. Today, as sex dolls become more popular, silicones are getting cheaper. Both materials are great! If you want to know more about the differences between them, you can refer to our FAQ. There are detailed instructions. We do not sell, nor recommend to other materials such as plastic, rubber or fabric for sex dolls, because these Models made of materials are less realistic and more difficult to clean and disinfect. There is no guarantee of safety and health. The experience will be very poor.


  • What is the realistic sex doll?

    With the continuous development and transcendence of technology, sex doll have become more and more popular in people's lives. Life like sex dolls has become more convincing. The most vivid sex doll is currently a full-size female shape with details and precise anatomy. Some people have movable limbs that can be placed in different postures. TPE dolls and silicone dolls are popular on the market. They are much more realistic than explosive vinyl toys because they are very close to human skin. They are usually made of high quality silicone or thermoplastic, some of the best on the market. The product looks like you can't believe it is a doll. 


  • Will my love for sex dolls outweigh the likes of my partner?

    With the continuous development and innovation of sex doll making process, they become so realistic. But what you need to know is that there is nothing to replace your relationship with your partner. Sexual dolls can also excite you and bring new things to you and your partner. You can use her in making love. They are not human touch, emotion, laughter, romance or anything else that comes with your partner. If you do find something you like, you can always add it to play with your partner, so it is not necessarily a toy or a companion, it can be both! Sexual dolls will be the link between you and your partner. With her participation, your sex life will be more interesting. Make you feel comfortable in any sex game.


  • Is sex doll safe for me?

    When you do the following precautions, then the sex doll is safe for you. First you need to be responsible for the doll. Keep the sex doll clean - clean after each use. Don't share your sex doll with others. Because of this May cause disease spread. For your personal safety and health considerations, be sure to thoroughly clean the doll after sharing the doll with others.


  • Do you have sex dolls of all races?

    Everyone is familiar with sex dolls. Our mini 100cm doll are very popular among users. The interest of sex dolls has grown in all kinds of people. So you can find dolls of almost any race and color on the internet. Urdolls mainly sells European, Japanese and Asian dolls. They can choose white, black, wheat and brown skin for you. You can customize the type of doll you like.


  • How to Safely Perform Joint Activities on Sex Dolls?

    Do not use excessive force when stimulating the joints of the sex doll to avoid joint fracture. It feels stiff during operation, and the joints often become loose.
    1. The operating doll's hand joints hold the elbow with one hand and a hand holds the palm joint up.
    2. Sexual dolls can stretch 90 degrees between the abdomen and thighs.
    3, can stretch 90 degrees between the thigh and the knee.
    4. The palm is bent. Note: For rechargeable smart dolls. Charging time is 30-50 minutes, never more than 2 hours, to avoid unnecessary accidents.
    5, skin material testing.


  • Why Are Sex Dolls So Expensive?

    Sex dolls are in the process of research and development innovation, crafts, raw materials, skeleton materials, production according to national standards and head innovation and development, dolls in addition to the skin is the skeleton has no filler, the simulation of human skin material is true, long service life, not because of expensive She is durable, just like a good piece of furniture and a car, you don't have to buy it often, but basically buy it once and basically buy it a second time. The second time you buy it may be a product with new features, or It is important to choose a different height. It is very important for a company to develop its quality in the long run. Does a company want to disappear today after tomorrow, or do you want to continue to develop in this industry for a long time? I want to be innovative in the sex doll industry for a long time, and we are determined to be a responsible and ethical company.


  • Is the best sex toy for men a sex doll?

    Sex dolls are an excellent and great way to add fun to a person's sex without risking outside the relationship, or to invite a third party to join a sexy celebration. Sex doll are a serious career, and high-end dolls, such as urdolls, cost thousands of dollars. Cheaper inflatable dolls are usually not worth investing because they don't feel real and easy to break. Some high-end inflatable dolls have a soft elastomeric vagina and breasts that make them more popular. If you're looking for a better experience but don't want to spend thousands of dollars, you can choose a real mini doll. They cost about $1,000. What sex dolls can't do is give kisses, blowjobs and manual work. Other than that, they are good, but on the other hand they can be really expensive. Using it is free.


  • Will we live to see robotic dolls?

    We have smart sex doll for sale on our website. They have the ability to talk to you (currently in English only), they can shake their heads and blink, and even turn their eyes. We are also developing more features for it.
    Once we can add emotional components to the doll, the industry will break out. In the porn and porn industry, virtual reality and artificial intelligence will have a huge market.
    Do you or someone you know strongly want to provide more or better sex on demand? Can you imagine a robot that feels "sexy"?


  • Can couples use sex dolls?

    Many people think that between their marriage life, they say they won't use sex doll, but in fact, how many articles and sex toys have you purchased since you made your debut? Many adult products found on foot can improve the sexual pleasure between couples, such as equipment and functional accessories such as vibrators, underwear, massage oils, etc.
    Regarding a 40-year-old buyer, he said: "Long-term marriage, boring marriage life, and decided to buy a doll, which will bring their lives fresh, but also help to increase their mood, not let their sex Life is boring."


  • Will sex dolls threaten their love skills?

    Sex dolls certainly don't pose a threat to your love skills, they are the ultimate choice for happiness. You can find the best sex doll by urdolls. It is top notch in a linear toy store. They don't have their own feelings, preferences or sexually transmitted infections, making everyone feel interesting. Although some men may think that sex toys are a threat to their love skills, research shows that this idea is becoming less and less daunting and more widely accepted. Not all sex dolls have a strong sexual desire and appetite for an 18-year-old child, and can play with dolls. There are also customers, usually more mature customers, who prefer their dolls to have some wrinkles, crow's feet and deeper laughter. For these men, dolls with these characteristics look more like women, and they can feel the real connection.


  • How can I find the best sex doll supplier?

    If you want to buy a TPE or silicone sex doll, you can choose urdolls. We can provide you with great dolls and comfort. Here you will have many choices to create a woman in your dreams. They are not very expensive, but they are well constructed, look and feel real, you can see the world's most realistic dolls here. Whether you are looking for TPE or silicone dolls, there are too many choices, TPE sex dolls than silicon dolls Heavy, height and body proportions are the same. Because silicone dolls have a way to lose weight.


  • If I tell my girlfriend that I want to get a real sex doll, will she be upset?

    TPE sex doll will make your girlfriend unhappy? This may require asking yourself. Personally, I would be happy if my spouse is satisfied with a sex doll rather than often considering having sex with a real person. Sexual dolls do not carry sickness, they cannot be pregnant, they cannot hire a lawyer or prosecute sexual harassment or child support, they cannot engage in emotional blackmail. I am very happy that we can talk about this topic with ease. It is very interesting to buy such a good toy together. I think you can try to talk to your girlfriend and look at the thoughts in her heart. If she also agrees to buy sex dolls. Then you can have a happy trio without worrying about betrayal.


  • Will sex dolls bring me satisfaction?

    What I can tell you is that most of our customers are very satisfied with the fun of sex doll. Life that satisfies desire may be that you can choose your own wishes. There are thousands of sex dolls on the market, but only a few will satisfy you. Regardless of the various types of sex dolls, they are divided into two categories. The sex doll is made of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer TPE. Sex dolls are designed to satisfy people's tastes of making love in the custom part. If you are looking for your own sex doll. Then you have arrived at the right place because urdolls are designed to provide you with sex dolls that are difficult to obtain from any other source.


  • What do you think of a sex doll brothel?

    Silicone sex doll brothels can help the management and development of society. Wherever legal prostitution is legalized (remember, male or male), the crime rate will fall. Legalizing it also brought law enforcement. If you are not breaking the law, you will report more abuse and all other related crimes and lead to a decline in the total number of directly and indirectly related crimes. What we need to do is to break the taboo and accept her with an open and inclusive mind. We know from other sources of interactive fantasy that this can be addictive, so the doll will eventually bring you a very enjoyable experience. Therefore, sex dolls brothels. I fully believe that dolls will improve society by reducing the rate of violent crime.


  • Do you think sex dolls are not normal?

    I don't think sex dolls are strange. They are like everything else! TPE sex doll masturbation is just another form. Sex toys are just an object that can help you masturbate. For many people who only want sex, this is a safer bet because it doesn't have a baby or stds chance. For men and women who can't find a partner, they can satisfy their sexual needs. The best part of your partner or someone else is the ability to use these toys. Of course, for couples, can you use sex dolls for role playing? Good trio game. All you need is creativity, adding a dildo, sexy words, or a vibrator to make the experience more exciting. Let sex dolls be your friends and you will be the master of the bed!


  • What real sex dolls are available for me to choose?

    Sex doll are a tool used to replace sexual encounters to achieve sexual gratification. They are now being made more and more beautiful and beautiful, more and more tempting, and the details are getting better and better. There are pure angel faces and solid dolls with devil figures. They have a fascinating look with a confused look. Real doll. To sum up, the types of physical dolls are roughly divided into: pure type, loli type, queen type, wild type, cute type, mature type and so on.
    The joints of the dolls are made of high-molecular synthetic resin material and mechanical brackets inside, which can change the various sexual postures you want, so that you can have a more comfortable experience in the process of sex. Sex dolls, how do you want to play with it, you can treat it as a sexy, charming, beautiful, considerate little lover.


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