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Have you encountered a problem when using Japanese sex doll?

You may have to peel off the TPE from the frame and twist it on your knees, then you must spot weld at all points between or between the ankle/knee or hip/knee! I can't even think about it. I know that the Japanese sex doll encountered a fashionable problem while using it, but she was blocked. Would it be easier to downgrade her to a "torso" doll? There is no comment on the hip joint. On the leg outside the box (as you said, don't bother you), think about it here, but why not treat it as a function rather than a problem. Yes, I agree that she will not be able to pass like a human, but as a member of the non-human doll collector team, it sounds like you are a great opportunity to create a Japanese sex doll here (when you meet the pagan moon) Replaced, gave her hooves, horns and tails. You have a unique Faun doll whose legs work properly. For me, this is an opportunity. I certainly won't try to reverse my legs. In some cases, this can be seen as a function, not a problem. Quote old words. If life brings you lemons, go drink lemonade!


How do you look at the lower side of the Japanese sex doll arm and chest?

Turn her over and do the other side. Remember the top of the leg, the sagging of the arm and the underside of the chest. I am reading other people's books this week, they fill white socks with talcum powder and powder. It works for you almost. I won't remove the excess powder like this, but it will drop a lot. The smell of Johnson's baby talcum powder makes you feel harsh and may be embarrassing in some cases! (lol, I don't know, I use corn flour). When I apply the powder to the Japanese sex doll's head, it usually removes the eye, thoroughly cleans it with extra virgin olive oil, and then wipes it with powder. Finally, give up the carpet. They are doomed.


Is the coloring of the Japanese sex doll mixture an eye shadow?

Really valuable information. I have questions about the coloration of TPE blends: Is it probably a non-toxic pastel or eye shadow? I have used the Japanese sex doll glue/solvent I described. I don't know if this color can only be repaired with silicone. I have a lot of tpe blocks of different colors, some are samples, some are inserts, and unfortunately some are from dolls, I mix them together to produce the closest match. I always have opinions in the afternoon. Interested in this. What did they say? Jinshan TPE glue can be used on Jinshan TPE. Repair: Keep the sections in the stretched position and saturate with mineral oil and saturate with baby oil (including mineral oil). We recommend that you apply the baby oil once every 3 days. It is recommended that you open the incision with your fingers and carefully wipe off some dirt with baby oil and paper towels. Please do not drink alcohol. Baby oil will remove and absorb dirt. On the fourth day, please repair. Japanese sex doll. A little baby oil is cut rather than cut, and the incision is opened with a finger.


How to fix the tiny tear of Japanese Sex Doll?

I have been making up a can of such things. Tiny tears are almost like scratches, and many very small shallow cracks can occur in one area, usually due to poor TPE batch or oil overload. For this glue will be a disaster - most often in high areas, such as underarms. I guess heat is the only way to solve this problem. I think the solution is more like a holistic solution that can be used for various damages of Japanese Sex Doll, even large-scale "life-threatening" damage. The work is really good. But for normal clean tears, I found that there is no trace of glue, and she looks like new, a bottle of glue can be used for life, for Japanese Sex Doll.


Should I use acetone first on Japanese Sex Doll?

Switch to alcohol to clean. Never use TPE glue as it will destroy the universe. Instead, buy a blowtorch to heat things, heat the TPE, release toxic fumes and kill you. If you don't want to die, you can do other things to "cold" the wound, which requires more equipment. Give up and return to the real woman. Yes... I am confused now. The more I read, the more uncertainty I have about anything. I don't even know my Japanese Sex Doll name. Ideally, I want to be told (although only in this case) that despite all the terrible warnings, TPE glue is actually fine as long as I am careful and use it sparingly. To ensure that there is no pressure when applying the area, and so on. I just want to know if I should use acetone first on the Japanese Sex Doll. Still oil. Or, if an experienced surgeon just wants to turn around, Hannah will use her arm to give them tea and biscuits.


Will you experience the back of the Japanese sex doll or the abdomen?

I have been thinking about this day. As a spine surgery, will you experience the back of the Japanese sex doll or the abdomen? In addition, the depth of the nut; I think a 75 mm short cut that is consistent with the depth may limit the amount of movement of the tool in place. Also, don't forget the tape wrapped around/near the joints, you may have to cut those lunatics in a narrow deep cut. My plan is to go through the back, the joint feels much higher than I expected, and when I bend forward, the joint feels very close to the back of the Japanese sex doll. I originally wanted to make two parallel cuts, but I skipped the idea because there was a need for a soft bit in the middle and it needed to be glued together in several stages, otherwise the other cuts would be pulled apart.


Can you teach me how to repair Japanese sex doll?

After spending nearly two weeks repairing/repairing various dolls, it can be said that some of them have been in service for 12 months, and the MOT is still going on and is once again defeated. Indeed, I have repaired the Japanese sex doll neck. At some point, there is still a metal necklace that causes the TPE to start splitting/degrading. This is my head, and I have to check every day whether it has gone bad. At the beginning of last week, I bit the bullet, cut the affected area and repaired her neck. Considering that it is not really hidden, it works well. It’s my turn this week, where should I start, her hand is a mess, mainly because of the lack of knowledge of the Japanese sex doll in the early days, she jumped into the hand to repair a few strange finger lines, and found that another break after a few weeks I opened the door for her last summer. For the third time, both hands replaced the wires of all four fingers, at which point they became messy but fixed. Actually not! The thumb line then separates. They have been fixed this week, and I have been holding a heat gun, glue and xylene in the kitchen for most of the week. Basically it is a full-hand reconstruction.


Am I not taking care of the Japanese sex doll correctly?

I have never seen anyone with perfect feet, so I think the Japanese sex doll is very realistic! The elbow fixation surgery looks good. Yes, high heels are the screws of the coach. I will replace the other hex bolts, but I need to trim them to fit. Never circumvent it...but as long as they extend farther than they are, they can better spread the load and avoid damaging the surrounding TPE. This will destroy her socks! I realize that such repairs may be needed at some stage, but fortunately not yet. My main concern is whether this indicates that I have not properly taken care of the Japanese sex doll, that is, cleaning, oiling, dusting or inevitable such a small flaw. The plan is to clean her to remove yesterday's cornmeal and then carry out a baby oil massage (her first step). Then when absorbing another corn flour.


How to keep the Japanese sex doll in good condition?

When I do more work on the Japanese sex doll, I will continue to use my finger line. However, I would like to record some other work I plan to do to keep the dolls in good condition. She has been with me for almost 18 months, and her condition is not bad. There are some minor problems, the joints are loose, there is a slight problem with one shoulder, and there are a lot of bumps and bruises... but considering that she is not only for me on the pedestal, I also hope this thing. Therefore, I have been working hard on some Japanese sex doll repairs and established my minor injury and cosmetic surgery department. In fact, this is just my work room, putting a few towels on the workbench. Once I cleared all the shavings and dust. In addition to the usual tools I need, I can invest in some special equipment.


Is the solvent sufficient to reseal the Japanese sex doll?

For those who have been asking questions about the location of the Japanese sex doll, it needs to be corrected organically. This theme does show why there needs to be enough space between the playground and the drain so that enough reinforcement can prevent the two cavities from becoming The sinking hole of the monster... and it is difficult to fix. I didn't try to repair the toy with the Japanese sex doll bought from the user. It is said that the guy has never done love. I have a similar problem with vaginal tears. Not barbaric, but on the way. Can someone clarify how to solve it? Is the solvent sufficient to reseal? Is there a filler? I saw the contents of the filler in earlier topics... Anyway, if I have a better place to ask these questions, please point the right direction.


What is the size of the clothes for Japanese sex dolls?

Want to know if someone can provide you with the size instructions for Japanese sex doll? I have been making some adjustments and want to use some stretch pants/legs and hot pants style. I hope they are tight, but I don't know how many sizes to buy? You want something similar above, but don't know what size? (They must be important) Other clothes of other sizes are also welcome. Regarding Japanese sex dolls, I have polished my lips from the hips, so I can open my legs, but now I need to connect my legs back. It does make a difference; the best option is to get the size and compare it to the size you are looking at. I have some 4th shorts that fits her hips but have too much waist material.


How can I make the connection closer to the Japanese sex doll body?

Honestly, no matter where you put the doll, the legs will prevent you from entering the doll comfortably, including front and back. I am thinking about any ideas for adapting Japanese sex doll. Currently, I am considering two possibilities. Separate the doll from the hips and remove the lower frame. The fact that the leg bones are removed should allow me to weigh enough to compress the legs to get close to the doll. Or remove the connector from the bone tube (you can remove it).... Cut the bone tube... Cut a section from the leg foam to bring the connection closer to the body. This is what I intend to do. The arrow points to the position I want to cut, I will fold the flap over the slit and then see the connector on the other leg.


Can I wipe the Japanese sex doll with soapy water?

The makeup of the Japanese sex doll at the factory, using silicone paint, generally does not fall off, it will only gradually fade. But do not use force to wipe, especially the baby face makeup and eyebrow eyelash parts, please pay attention to the wiping force when using and cleaning, if the force is too much, the hair will fall off and fade. Once it's faded, it's hard to fix. Dolls can be applied with general cosmetics, such as lipstick and blush, but please do not use too thick grease to apply the face, which may make it difficult to clean. Do not apply force when removing makeup. Use soapy water or makeup remover to gently wipe.


Can Japanese sex doll add smart voice function?

We believe that the future of Japanese sex doll must be more and more intelligent, so voice functions have always been listed in alternatives. However, the currently known solutions are almost all gimmicks. The production principle is similar to that of tens of dollars of sounding toys in supermarkets. It can only say a few words in a mechanical way. This is totally inconsistent with our "smart vocalization". Asked, we call this sound system "low-energy sound." We have been quietly investing money and manpower to develop more intelligent language systems and mechanical structures. We have also received some experts' support during the development process. I believe that through our efforts, Japanese sex dolls will be truly "smart".


Has anyone removed the seam line of the Japanese sex doll?

Hey friends, has anyone succeeded in removing the seam line of the Japanese sex doll body? I tried to do it but failed so I came up with some advice. Any suggestions? Thank you for your information. My genie silicone is very soft and my super styling die cutter is hard (I am actually a very good model maker). I am sure you get what you call "always leave a stitch" because the skin surface is curved, but the knife or scissors will produce a "smooth cut" which will stand out. Personally, I don't care about the seam lines on Japanese sex dolls, they are very thin and barely visible. If it's an obvious seam (such as a molded flash), I'll get a single-edged craft razor, that kind of back stiff, and carefully along the seam, "close it." Then, if you really want to hide it (or fix any small chisel), use some colored fixes to complete your work, sell it and smooth it. That is the best result you will get, and even then, it will not be completely invisible.


What does it feel like to have sex with a sex doll?

Do you want to ask about the feeling of having sex with a doll? Our customers gave us a lot of feedback after using the dolls. Most people think that the feeling of making love with the dolls is so real. Especially the mini 100cm doll in the urdolls shop are well received by many people. It is difficult for you to distinguish between a real person and a real person. The difference. Because our doll skin is made of TPE or silicone material. These two materials are very close to human skin and completely harmless to humans. TPE dolls have better skin elasticity.


Will you provide warranty service for my sex dolls?

The answer is no, we do not provide warranty service for sex dolls. This is the standard practice for sellers in the sex doll industry. Because of hygienic considerations, we will not accept returns and refunds of used sex dolls. I believe that you will not want to buy used dolls from doll sellers. If you buy a second-hand sex doll, we need to remind you to pay special attention to health issues. But we will not provide second-hand dolls to customers. The dolls in the urdolls store are all new and high quality, and the 100cm doll are loved by many customers.


Can I Remove The Body Parts of A Sex Doll to Make Cleaning Easier?

There are two versions of the vagina of our sex dolls, one is a detachable vagina and the other is a built-in vagina. This is mainly because you choose the vagina when you order the doll. If you choose a removable vagina. You can remove it after using the doll. If you choose the built-in vagina, you can't do this. Our doll heads can be removed. But you should pay attention to the cleaning process. Don't let the neck of the doll touch the water, otherwise it may shorten the life of the doll.


Does my doll need chemicals or lotions to keep it?

Our sex dolls don't require any special treatment, you don't need to use any special chemicals or lotions to keep it look. And you should take care to avoid the dolls coming into contact with chemicals or alcohol-based lotions. Especially if you need Clean your dolls often and keep them clean. You can clean your doll with neutral soap and warm water. And after you have finished cleaning, you should apply baby powder on the skin surface. Be sure to dry the water on the doll's body before storing it in a safe and dry place. Just treat your doll with your heart. Your sex doll Will be well maintained. 


Which kind of clothes is more suitable for my doll?

Based on customer feedback on sex dolls and the experience of the urdolls store, you should choose lighter, softer, and more lenient equipment for the doll. You should be careful not to wear dark clothes for her. If the clothes fade, it may affect your doll. We recommend that you avoid using skeletons such as denim or body. Tight or heavy clothes leave marks on the skin and become permanent after a while. You can wear your doll in the way you like and wear any ordinary ladies' outfit. Dress up her as you imagine. I believe they will also like the clothes you have carefully selected for her.


Description of The Cost of Purchasing A Japanese Sex Doll?

The price of buying a Japanese sex doll depends on the type of doll you have. First of all, how much is your budget? What you need to know is that silicone dolls are generally priced at more than $2,000. They are high-quality dolls that are more durable. If you don't have the money, you can choose TPE dolls that cost less than $2,000. Their skin is softer and will give you a more authentic experience. The urdolls store also sells lifelike man-made silicone sex dolls. Their realistic level is shocking. You can even see the capillaries on their skin. Their prices will also be more expensive than regular silicone dolls. Prices are generally around $4,000 to $6,000. If you have enough money. Here, you can also customize robotic dolls that can interact with you.


Why do I need to buy a more expensive sex doll instead of an explosion model?

From the price comparison, real sex dolls are indeed much more expensive than explosive types of dolls. But what you may not know is that silicone and TPE dolls can bring you a completely different experience. Our sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone material. These two materials are very close to real human skin. So the dolls made with them are also very real. The interior of the doll is hinged by a metal skeleton. You can put them in various poses according to their own ideas. They will make you feel like a real human. So the explosion doll can't be compared with the authentic doll.


Why is my sex doll so expensive?

There are many reasons why real human dolls are more expensive than ordinary inflatable dolls. The materials used to make the dolls are different. Our dolls are made of TPE or silicone materials, both of which are much more expensive than rubber. The cheaper aerated material is rubber. Secondly, the interior of our dolls is hinged by a strong metal skeleton that can maintain many postures. Inflatable dolls can't do this.


When I buy sex dolls, is it safe to pay online?

Customer privacy and secure payment processes are important to us! Customers may be concerned about leaking their information or passwords during the payment process, causing huge losses. You don't have to worry about this issue.
Urdolls uses the SSL protocol to encrypt information. You can check the lock in the URL bar. We use the most advanced network protection system, and will not cause any loss or leakage of your property. Our back-end system is protected, we use Paypal to ensure your privacy and security.


What is the difference between you and other sex doll shops?

1. We have many years of experience in making dolls, and the details of sex dolls are more perfect.
2. Our dolls look better, all pictures are real shots.
3. All dolls of urdolls are made of the finest materials and do not contain any chemical or toxic ingredients. They are absolutely safe for the human body. You can use them with confidence.
4. We provide a smooth service to make your purchase process easier and without cumbersome operations.


Will my information be sold or known to others?

You absolutely can't get our guarantee! We guarantee that your secrets are absolutely safe. We put the personal information and safety of our customers first. Our website is SSL-encrypted and fully protected on our back end with Shopify's leading PCI-compatible security technology. Online data security is as important as human life safety. We value the protection of user information. We will never post or sell your information. You can buy with confidence.


Will I receive a gift when I buy a doll at the urdolls store?

Each sex doll ordered by the user at the urdolls store has a packing list that details the packaging of each doll. Most dolls contain a 1* sex doll, 1* wig, 1* comb, 1 Set of * gloves, 1 set * sexy underwear, 1 * vaginal heating stick, 1 * vaginal cleaning tools. But there are a few styles of dolls will not include all. The specific list you can find through the detailed description of each product.


Can I make up my doll?

The answer is yes, you can use the cosmetics you find in the store, they will like it. Because they also like beautiful themselves. You can dress up as much as you can and become what you think.


What are the advantages of sex dolls?

There are many benefits to having sex dolls:
1. Sex Dolls meet all your needs and fantasies about sex. She is your life partner. You can dress her up as you like. She will like you to do this.
2. You can use the doll to try new sexual behavior. If your wife refuses to match the posture you want, then the purchase of a doll can definitely solve this, because the doll will not have any complaints, and can make what you want. Any pose.
3. They can improve your sexual endurance and treat premature ejaculation, you can use them to practice this.
4. Dolls allow you to have the most authentic sexual experience, because their skin is made of TPE or silicone, very real.


Will the doll's skin be stained with color?

Although the doll skins in the urdolls store are durable and resistant to tears and stains, they are not indestructible. So you should be careful to keep your doll away from dark fabrics and tight clothing. If you like dark clothes, you should make sure to take off the dolls every time you wear them. Don't let the dolls wear dark clothes all the time, because they are likely to leave marks on the dolls. The best costume for the dolls is Lightweight, loose and not easy to fade fabric.


When I ordered this doll, did she bring this dress?

This set of clothes may not be included in the box. All the items in the picture are for shooting purposes, but we will give you a more beautiful set of clothes. You can expect this and we won't let you down.


Is there a conflict between building a partner and a Japanese sex doll?

In fact, sex promotes innovation and drives technology forward. From the early days of civilization, we carved nude characters with rocks, wood and clay. We portrayed the sexual behavior of cave walls and stone monuments in prehistoric times. Inventions such as photography, print, video and the Internet quickly became a broad medium of sexual expression and pornography. I work on a handful of adult websites because it's where money is, and it's no coincidence that many frontier innovations were also pioneers in the adult industry. I am a positive person in sexual life and I like to stay at the forefront of my field. Applying my scientific knowledge in this area is an easy decision. Like the early Internet, I don't think there is a conflict between the establishment of artificial partners and the humanitarian artificial intelligence and robotic work I am doing. In fact, Japanese sex dolls are a mutually beneficial effort. I am not only an advocate and supporter of this technology, but also a supporter of the people who use it.


Will you buy a sex doll for your son?

Before you reach a conclusion, you first need to understand some issues. Sex doll are chosen according to personal preferences. Mother knows that her son's sexual preference can be a bit strange; if he has special needs for sex toys, he can take care of himself. How old are your children? Are young teenagers still young adults? Sex toys are made for adults. Don't buy it for your little teen son. If he is already 18 years old, I think if his sexual desire is too strong, it will be fine. Sex toys are suitable for adults. If he is an adult, he can buy one himself. If the sex doll represents a dream girl that your son can't relate to, then there is a reason to buy one for him. But talk to him first, don't let sex dolls affect his normal social life.


What is the function of future sex dolls?

I believe you have seen many stories about smart sex doll in science fiction movies. What I want to tell you is that artificial intelligence dolls are coming to us. They are not limited to appearing in movies. We have also implemented some features, such as smart voice conversations, touch sounds, blinking eyes and shaking our heads. In the future, if you go out with smart sex dolls, know that you will sleep with them next time. Now, a more intensive perception system has begun, one for critically measuring people around you, not just determining whether they are suitable for proximity and interaction in the work environment, but now they meet higher mating acceptance criteria. . More subtle snoring, slight body language. Facial expressions, eye gaze, wet eyes and blinks must be perfect.


Why are male sex dolls less than female sex dolls?

This requires talking about the need for sex doll. Because men and women have different expressions of demand. Any woman can stand on the corner and find someone who wants to mess up. The only reason a woman needs a male sex doll is because she is too scared to stand on the corner or even leave her house.
This is different for men. Men must actually do a good job to settle down. Sometimes they are unable or unwilling to do the job. These sad specimens turn to sex dolls. Men are an alternative to women. Women are irreplaceable for men. Few women are willing to take the initiative and seek men - they are not necessary. When they do, they almost always pick their own men. There is a great demand for things between the legs.
Of course, we also provide male dolls to our customers, and we are constantly developing new styles, so stay tuned.


The advantages and disadvantages of using sex dolls?

Our client Fabian shared with us his feelings about using sex doll. He said it was really intense (in terms of the concentration of feelings on my "equipment") compared to actual sexual intercourse. The reason it feels stronger is because there is no transfer or giving, or there is no need to consider the state of your partner at all. So your movements and thrust are 100% centered on you, which makes the feeling more concentrated.
But some people think that having sex with a doll is totally different from a woman's love. It seems to have both advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, a real woman is more real; a doll will never kiss you, hug you, or ask to go above (!). But for many men, they will have sex with a woman who looks very, very beautiful.
In terms of fantasies, the doll seems to offer dopamine similar to certain illegal substances. From a basic point of view, falling in love with silicone dolls is a unique experience and a very interesting experience. For many people, having sex with a doll is more like enhancing masturbation than real sex. But, hey, if you want to masturbate, you may have the best experience, so let me go. How can you understand the fun of it without trying it yourself?


Why are TPE dolls more popular?

TPE sex doll have been accepted and sought after by users. Because TPE dolls offer affordable prices for the masses, they don't cost you too much money. They have realistic skin textures and incredibly realistic facial expressions. They can perform a variety of postures. The main disadvantage of TPE dolls is regular cleaning work. If you are ready to accept, we believe that TPE is a better choice for you. In fact, our words are quite neutral because we carry both TPE dolls and silicone dolls. Come and choose your own sex doll.


Can older couples use sex dolls?

Sex doll are suitable for all kinds of people. Because she is an adult product, her age limit is 18 years old or older. Sexual function inevitably declines with age, but this does not mean that the elderly can not have sexual behavior, sexual health in old age, still exists, do not ignore the sexual needs of the elderly. Many men between the ages of 70 and 80 need to feel alive. Although older women lose their reproductive function, the fact remains that their sexual function is still active. So as long as you maintain a good attitude, build a sex doll that fits the age so that the elderly feel less lonely, and the elderly can enjoy the joy of adult products. So why not give yourself a bold attempt in the final stages of life? You will have unexpected gains.


Can you give me some advice on doll care?

When cleaning a sex doll, we recommend that you clean the TPE and silicone doll with water and a mild soap. Do not use chemicals, alcohol or any other general user detergent. After cleaning is complete. Place your doll in a dry place to avoid overheating and moisture. Some clothes may fade or stain the skin. We recommend not pressing the clothes on the doll's skin when using it. When storing your doll, it is recommended to keep your arms and legs straight to avoid skin or bone damage. If you want to make your sex doll look like you like it, you can use cosmetics and be careful when applying and removing makeup. Avoid using oily cosmetics or chemicals and only use water-based cosmetics. Do not use makeup removers that may contain alcohol. Be careful with perfumes, as some of them may have alcohol and spray the hidden parts of the doll. When you use sex dolls in the process. Do not use sharp or hot utensils near the doll. Avoid using razors, irons, etc. These suggestions can help you take care of your sex dolls.


What is the range of my doll's waist movement?

When you understand the range of the waist of the sex doll. Can help to take care of and use your doll better. The waist of the doll can be bent horizontally to the left and right, and the angle is limited to 30 degrees. The angle at which the waist bends forward and backward (the waist bends and the chest protrudes outward) is limited to 40 degrees. When the body rotates left and right (waist twisted), the angle is limited to 40 degrees. When the waist is bent and rotated at the same time, the angles in all directions are superimposed and the limit is reduced by half. For example, if the waist is bent to the left while twisting the waist at the same time, the angular limit in all directions will be reduced to a maximum of 20 degrees. What you need to be aware of is that this range only applies to most dolls on the urdolls website. Not applicable to all sex dolls, please feel free to contact us if you don't understand anything.


Can women use sex dolls?

Of course, women can buy and use their own sex doll, which is beyond doubt. The urdolls store contains a collection of male dolls, all of which are male dolls. They have strong muscles and huge cocks, and we have a lot of female customers. These dolls are made and manufactured for women. Sex dolls are a great way to meet one's mental health needs. They can give you the best companionship. It is now a gender-equal society where women have the right to buy sex dolls and enjoy the benefits of sex dolls.


How can I trust your sex doll company?

Thank you for your question about sex dolls, this is a very good question. Knowing that spending thousands of dollars on online sex dolls is a well-thought-out thing. Many people have such concerns about online shipments. We understand your concerns.
Integrity is a prerequisite for business growth. We operate legally and treat all customers equally. Please trust our products and services. We are a professional sex doll wholesaler and retailer. We have more than six years of delivery dolls to the United States, Canada, and the experience of major European countries. So far, there is no bad feedback about parcels, transportation or customs. More importantly, we will choose the most suitable transportation according to the buyer's requirements and local customs policy, please don't worry about shipping and customs clearance. Therefore, you only need to believe in us. We can send your favorite dolls to any location. If you have any questions, please contact us at service@urdolls.com.


Is it a sin to have sex with a sex doll?

It all depends on you. The deepest thoughts in your heart. So far, none of our clients have told us that sex doll will make him feel guilty. Of course everyone's situation is different. The best solution is to use her with your wishes. Now what we want you to understand is, what exactly is a doll lover? She is a synthetic lover, an unfixed lover, just because she is made of plastic, but in one, has installed many functions, such as movements, emotions and so on. Do masturbation, look at the beautiful picture in an old-fashioned way. These sex dolls no longer need women in magazines. They only make you feel the true feeling of making love. The meaning of life lies in the courage to try.


Are We Creating Human-level Smart Dolls?

Various social relationships, especially deep family and romantic relationships, are our definitions of individuals and species. Many of the motives in our lives are directly influenced by our need for love and being loved. If intelligence lacks the ability to love, how can we say that we are creating human-level artificial intelligence sex doll? Emotional intelligence is an essential part of human intelligence. Therefore, by definition, human artificial intelligence must have the ability to experience emotional relationships or not be considered human AI.


Will A Person Who Has Sex with A Small Doll Be A Pedophile?

A pedophile is a person who is attracted to a child, whether or not they work for attraction. On the other hand, most people who sexually abuse children do not actually suffer from pedophilia because they can and are unlikely to defend themselves, not because they are particularly attracted to them, so they choose child victims. . Either way, an adult who has a sexual relationship with a child-shaped sex doll does not do anything unethical in my book because it does not harm anyone. Of course, because it is not done in front of the real child. No child is hurting creative toys,


Why do more and more people like sex dolls?

This is why we have come up with the answers of people who like sex doll and the fact that some of our true sex doll owners buy sex dolls. They buy sex dolls mainly for a better sex life. In order to accompany, fight with loneliness. Meet the superstition of a particular doll. For some people, he may just be tired of being alone. He was there all his life, and he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in this way. He thinks that a fake girl is better than no girl. Other than that. Since then, any girl he can actually get along with does not look as good as the dolls that people sell. It seems that the entire dating/marriage concept has become a male death trap. No matter how you try to play, she will hold all the cards and will probably use them at some point.


How much does a small sex doll cost?

Small sex dolls are similar to other sex dolls, but their prices are very cheap. For about $700 you can have a small doll. You can get them at 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll. They have many benefits. Release from sex to a partner. Some customers also use sex dolls for photography, fashion and styling. Even couples use sex dolls to annoy their relationship. Your first doll experience will be unique, and that doll will always be there for you. Love dolls are great for playing with me; they will be loyal and always listen to you. They can also help you achieve the sex adventure you've always dreamed of. These sex dolls, like our big dolls, have a fully articulated metal skeleton that allows her to pose in almost any real woman. Oral, vaginal and anal holes are standard. Standing feet and a fixed or replaceable vagina are also available. The best part is that she fits your budget. If you have any questions, please contact us at service@urdolls.com.


If I use sex dolls, will I get desensitized?

If you own and use sex doll, this is just the case with plain old-fashioned masturbation or sex. They can exercise your sexual endurance and let you practice more sexual skills. Those who do not have the concept of male or female sex toys tend to claim that this is because they desensitize users and deprive them of their ability to have sex with their partners. In fact, this cannot be the truth. 


Will sex dolls make me lose my virginity?

Of course not. Our sex doll only simulate the feeling of making love with real people. Although the feeling is very real. But what you need to understand is that nursery rhymes are an abstract concept. You won't lose virginity until you actually have sex. You can make your life better through sex dolls.


Why do I need to have sex dolls?

Sex dolls are gradually accepted by the public. I believe that you are no stranger to sex dolls. When you have your own sex dolls, you can try any position you want and use them to live all the wild fantasy. . They can be done on the front and back. Play these climaxes anytime, anywhere, day or night. They will never let you know that they have a headache. 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll is very easy to clean and maintain. You don't need to use a condom. You can practice regularly to take your sexual endurance to a whole new level. Unlike women, these sex dolls never ask for anything, and they won't stop you from seeing other women. No need to worry about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or dirty. Sex dolls can also provide you with a lot of fun. Waiting for you to discover.


Why are there cheaper sex dolls on other platform sites?

When you see these cheap sex doll, you need to be careful. Because this is likely to be fake. What you might buy is a scam. Spend money on scrap. Sex dolls are much cheaper because of their low quality. Failure to meet manufacturing standards can lead to serious health problems. In addition, we recommend that you check the source of sex dolls before purchasing. We are focused on the production and sale of sex dolls for many years. Our customers tell us that many of them have been deceived by cheap sex dolls.


When will you add new sex doll?

We will continue to add new styles of sex doll to the store. Thank you very much for your attention to the dynamics of our website. Our new cycle is about 3 to 5 days. You can view our new dolls on our new arrival page. They will be shown here when they arrive at the store. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email.


Why don't I buy an explosion model that is cheaper than real sex dolls?

You have to know the difference between authentic sex doll and cheap explosion models. Silicone and TPE dolls are a completely different experience. They are much more expensive than blow molding or rubber models because our dolls are made of silicone or TPE. These materials feel like real skin. Our dolls are sturdy and have a fully articulated skeleton that allows you to follow yourself. The first option is to find them. These dolls are also heavier and they feel like a real human. The realism of our dolls is not comparable to other cheaper materials and doll versions. When you make a detailed comparison, you will find that the real doll has too many advantages.


Can you recommend some medium and high level doll for me?

It is worth mentioning that our sex doll are very realistic. Many people have become our loyal customers. Our high-end dolls have more realistic effects. They are silicone dolls in our store. Yes, they have more High price. But for a real doll lovers. This is just a test of whether you have enough love for the doll. Do you want to take them home? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Do sex dolls usually have mouth, vagina and buttocks?

Most sex doll in the urdolls store offer three mouth types: vagina, anal and blowjob. But it also depends on size and other features. For example, some smaller sized models may not provide oral sex or anal, while special style silicone dolls do not allow oral sex. Customers can choose a fixed or removable vaginal pattern. The second method is recommended because it is easier to clean and disinfect after sexual intercourse, but both have the same texture and material and can be considered detachable once inserted. The shadows maintain a beautiful appearance. Some sex doll heads are designed with soft silicone or TPE teeth for practical purposes, it does not hurt or bite into the barb of the barb. You can love your dolls in your fantasy. You will like to do that.


Can I share sex dolls with my partners?

She is your sex doll. Of course you can share her with anyone. I believe that you will get endless fun from it. Some dolls have cool features that can make your partner have a better enjoyment. But health you need special attention. Every time you share a doll with your partner, you should thoroughly clean the doll. You can better protect your dolls according to our cleaning methods. In this way, you can share sex dolls with your partner next time.


Can you recommend me your doll?

Of course, our dolls are mainly divided into two categories, TPE dolls and silicone dolls. If you are looking for a higher user experience, we recommend using a silicone doll. They are more wear resistant. If you want to move easily, store your doll easily. We sincerely recommend our mini 100cm doll. They are the little dolls in our store. Many customers are very satisfied with this and gave us a five-star rating.


Usually who will buy sex dolls?

What you need to know is that there are no special people who buy sex doll. Almost every industry has people who buy dolls. Because doll owners are people from any imaginable background - from powerful business people to happy married couples. And then to single men and women. As long as your imagination is strong enough and you are eager to have a real experience of making love with the human body, sex dolls can satisfy you. As dolls become more and more popular, the stigma and negative perceptions around buying and owning dolls are rapidly disappearing. You can think of a doll as a hobby.


Is there any way to not clean the sex doll?

If you want to avoid cleansing sex doll, then you need to use a disposable barrier, such as a condom, in the process of using the doll. So you can use your sex doll without worrying about the subsequent cleaning - you just throw the barrier Drop it. But in this step you need to make sure they are condoms without lubricant because the lubricant reacts easily with the sex doll material. Leading to the decomposition of the doll's skin will have irreparable consequences.


Will realistic sex dolls eventually replace humans?

Whether sex doll will replace human problems. We have always denied the attitude. Because we do not have the ability to create people. We are only committed to making sex dolls closer to humans. It is close to the aesthetics of people. Our purpose is not to make sex The doll "replaces" the real person. This seems counterintuitive. When customers buy sex dolls, they need to pay attention. The purpose of dolls is just to make people happy. Let you enjoy the fun of life. 


Will my wife let me have sex doll?

Many customers ask us questions about whether the wife agrees to buy sex dolls. Because sex dolls are often difficult to avoid their wives. Unless you are not living together, once you are discovered, you are likely to cause doubts from your partner. In fact, the answer to this question can only be obtained from your wife. What we can tell you is that many happy couples incorporate sex dolls into their sex life and like this experience. When you have sex, you want to find a multiplayer game. Stimulating, but don't want to be betrayed by partners. Sex dolls are your best choice. They can effectively circumvent this. Therefore, it is always worth trying to ask this topic to see if your wife is keen to try. If your wife disagrees with your suggestion, you can choose our mini 100cm doll. Your wife can collect them easily without being discovered by your wife.


Will sex dolls affect my sexuality towards women?

This problem depends on personal factors. Every man's sexual desire is different from that of a woman, so everyone has a different answer to this question. Most men find that they are more satisfied with real sex dolls than women. Because you face sex dolls, you can focus on your venting. Enjoy the good times you can liberate. The urdolls mini 100 doll will make you feel satisfied. You will not be affected by the mismatch with women's sexual desire. If you have high sexual desire, sex dolls will be your best choice. It does not affect your sexual desire to women.


Can you tell me how to make sure I like sex doll?

Of course, many customers who want to buy sex dolls will want to try a sex doll before buying. But we can tell you. For health reasons, we can't provide you with a sex doll try service because of the sex after you use it. We will not be able to sell them to other people. The dolls we sell are all new and high quality. Whether you like sex dolls depends on your purpose. Some customers of urdolls buy sex dolls as their girlfriends or wives and satisfy them. Sexual desire. Some customers buy sex dolls for collection. Our mini 100cm doll are loved by many people. Whether you like sex dolls depends on the first feeling of seeing sex dolls and your needs. They can always help those Lonely people feel warm.


Sex Doll's Head Installation Method?

Tool material: a connector, a pair of gloves, a doll body, a sex doll head, a sofa chair.
1, the connector alignment doll head screw mouth rotates clockwise 3 times;
2. One end of the connector is rotated three times clockwise with respect to the spiral position of the head;
3. Move the head to the neck position after rotating 3 times;
4. The connector that has been installed on the head rotates four times clockwise around the neck screw, and the installation is completed;
5. After the installation, put on the hair sleeve, and the hair sleeve will be buckled and the hair will not fall off.
Note: It is recommended to wear gloves when installing the connector to avoid scratching your fingers.


Will sex doll robots destroy humans?

Robotic sex doll are controlled by humans. They want to write their own programs, self-study, production, self-production, the need to integrate biometric databases and build robotic behavioral specification systems. This seems to be a long process.
The statement that robots destroy humans is logically natural, but this phenomenon needs to evolve over the long term. Humans, robots and artificial intelligence are obviously much simpler than we think. We only need to maintain our original intentions all the time. The research and development of the sex doll robot is the principle of bringing warmth and perfect real experience to people. At the same time we control it, I believe that the day of the sex doll robot destroying humanity will never come.


Will humans be slaughtered by sex doll robots?

This is a very wide range of questions, and we understand that you have such concerns about sex doll robots. Because they are getting more and more realistic. Coincidentally, the famous physicist Hawking also expressed similar views. The great man who can study the "time" can't avoid the prophecy: the highly intelligent robot will move on its own and can be super fast like never before. Redesign yourself. Human beings are bound by slow biological evolution, are not competitive at all, and will be surpassed. "But I don't think humans are being slaughtered by robots. Just make sure we use them on the right path."


Can sexual dolls provide emotional support?

Of course they can. What should be done in view of the harmful effects of loneliness being identified and identified? In our opinion, silicone dolls or TPE dolls can provide powerful alternatives to emotional support and physical realization, sometimes creating real differences. Sex doll look like real people, providing realistic and realistic facial expressions that feel like humans and provide an important tool against loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Living fast in the needs of today's developing societies makes it difficult to achieve and maintain emotional balance. For the average person, a healthy relationship with another person can be very beneficial and sometimes even change lives. According to psychologists and medical doctors, building a healthy relationship with another person not only provides emotional stability, but is actually an important physical component of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This is not a mystery. It is not surprising that the feelings of love and desire and passion can have an important and positive impact on our physical and mental state. This is due to the chemical reactions and chemical processes that occur when we experience these positive emotions. Recently we have been researching new classifications of sex dolls, and we believe that it can play an important role in today's society. We are talking about emotional support dolls.


I caught my boyfriend having sex with a sex doll. What should I do?

Don't panic when you find that your boyfriend is using a TPE sex doll. Before you do anything, you should figure out what happened and why. As a man, my first guess is that your boyfriend loves sex and loves it more than you. There are men everywhere on the Internet, and they lament that their important people are not as frequent as they are. To give you a reference point: When I was in my twenties, my personal preference was to do 4 sexual acts a day. You need to know that your boyfriend has not betrayed you. He just masturbates with sex toys and doesn't have sex. It takes two or more people to make love. Sex dolls are not alone, you can't have sex with a person. This means you need to do more things in the gender department. Why not make a trio with you, your boyfriend and sex dolls. I believe it will increase your sex life. I have a sex doll and me, my wife has done it many times.


Can I put my sex doll face down?

I will not hesitate to tell you, don't do sex doll like that! Sex dolls are the source of sexual pleasure and psychological pleasure. They are made of different fabrics, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common are silicon and TPE sex dolls. Putting a sex doll face down is a bad position that can seriously damage her face, breasts and knees. Her face will be hurt, her breasts will be deformed and her knees will be torn. Even if it only takes 1 second, it won't do it! You should take care of your sex dolls! When you buy a sex doll, you must love her and protect her. Unless you don't like your sex doll.


Is the person who has sex with a small sex doll a pedophile?

Silicone sex doll are just lifelike sex toys. They are not real people. So you don't have to worry about using a small sex doll that will be seen as a pedophile. I have no doubt that some people are unsafe and feel that it is necessary to use sex dolls as a form of "cheating", which is up to them, but I will not mark them as cheating. I also don't call it a pedophile because of a sexual relationship with a child-like sex doll, not when someone uses a cabbage doll as a sex toy. Sex dolls: If the rule of your relationship is that you can't play a sex doll and you are doing behind the lover, it is cheating. If your lover is good to it (for those with lower physique, they may recognize it wholeheartedly, so the pressure does not always come out of them) and then go to the city.


What do you think of people with different sex dolls?

Sex dolls are not real humans. They are just toys that give you a sense of security and sex. Therefore, it is a normal phenomenon for a person to have multiple TPE sex doll. Sex dolls are definitely logical conclusions. Just like the boys who play cars, they like them. What you need to know is that there are more than one boy's toys. Boys playing with dolls can also choose to play with adults. What are the problems with boys playing with dolls, we are increasingly encouraging young boys, aren’t they? Single men are always looking for a safe form of sexual release, which does not cost too much emotionally/economically, as sex dolls improve they may become a popular interactive fantasy.


Can adults sleep with sex dolls?

If you are an adult, you can of course choose what you want to do. Whether you can sleep with a sex doll depends on whether your own sexual desire has a place to vent. When you sleep with a sex doll, it will not cause damage to the surroundings. When you fall asleep or wake up at rest, a sex doll is still - unless it is possessed. Sometimes dolls can bring a sense of security and comfort while hugging and sleeping. Knowing that you have something to embrace, it is warm and beautiful. It always exists and is fixed in its place. Silicone dolls have a stronger, softer feel and are heat resistant. They are very flexible and can be easily bent to any position.


What are the attractive places for sex dolls?

Sex doll have almost the same size and shape as female sexual partners, and also have artificial holes. These parts can be removed or changed according to the owner's wishes. I might say that this is the tempting look of a doll that is really fascinating. Real dolls look more attractive and beautiful, so every man's choice is pleasing. Sexually attractive dolls can attract the attention of every man and give them happiness when playing with them.
Sex dolls are a good substitute. Authenticity dolls have amazing quality. If you are married, your wife works a lot. You love her. Since she works long hours instead of risking a sexually transmitted disease or breaking your vows, you can buy a sex doll. Sex dolls make men more visually awakened.