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Can I fix the broken finger of Japanese sex doll?

Unfortunately, my Japanese sex doll now has four broken fingers in the left hand. The finger line seems to break all on the hand board. The first is the thumb, and then the other thumbs appear almost simultaneously. I tried very carefully and barely moved my fingers, but it still happened after only two months. Can this be fixed? If so, is it possible for amateurs like me? If it is not used to store items, then I think a smaller version of this construction toy can be used for joint fingers. This means that the size of the magnetic ball bearing is the same as that of the ballpoint pen, while the thin rod is wrapped in something that does not react with TPE or silicone.


Can I use the sock method to powder the Japanese sex doll?

I use the sock method mentioned to powder. After washing, I wiped all the excess water from the Japanese sex doll with a towel and then dried completely. It was safe for about an hour, but it depends on heat and airflow. When powdering, I used clean white socks, placed it on top of the powder box, and then shake it to fill it. Then I put a knot on the sock and patted it, sometimes her body sometimes hardened until she turned white. Then, I used a big blush brush to spread the powder and smooth it. If the Japanese sex doll has fixing bolts, beware of electrostatic shock. After brushing, they are not a gentle impact. I haven't tried the way of socks yet, only buckets and brushes, my "bucket" is only about 4 inches square.


Why do we add baby oil to the Japanese sex doll cut?

Apply TPE glue to the open incision with the other hand and a paint brush. Close the incision and hold it together. The extruded TPE glue can be carefully wiped with a Q-tip or paper towel. That's why we add baby oil to the Japanese sex doll cut. It is squeezed out and dried so that the TPE glue does not cause damage on the surface. Yes, I think this is the second question I mentioned about using oil. But I hope you can understand my meaning of contradiction - it specifically says no drinking, and Mandos says he drinks. Confusing. Not because there is a lack of information or advice, but because many things are contradictory. I think I only need to master some Japanese sex doll exercises and learn about it myself. I guess all sorts of methods can work at least to some extent in their own way.


How to deal with the tears and cuts of Japanese Sex Doll?

I ended up feeling frustrated for the same reasons as you. I have given up discussing this glue with anyone. I have never done anything with acetone, so I don't know it at all. I found that alcohol is very good because the alcohol is very clean and will evaporate immediately. There used to be a videotape, and the Jinshan workers demonstrated how to do it. After using this technology, I will never encounter any trouble. I can't find the video again. It does have limits, but for clean tears and cuts, I think Japanese Sex Doll is fine. Don't you have a TPE insert or part that you can try first? That is very helpful. All I have to do is "open" the wound with two fingers and clean it with some alcohol on the Japanese Sex Doll and then dry it.


Can I use scissors to make a perfect cut on a Japanese sex doll?

At this point, it usually goes wrong. I often slip and take a piece from the perfectly cut Japanese sex doll. Now it's a simple glue and grip. Nothing, but now it has become glue, stuffing, and even hot air. Worst of all, I hate it for cutting the webbing. I used scissors to make a perfect cut on the TPE and then reached the tape, which was immersed and difficult to cut. I scraped it with a scalpel. Shooting practice. Honestly, I plan to complete other repairs yesterday morning, then start looking for her job, then call me, they have no electricity at night, I have to go in and make sure everything is fine, this is an extra cost. Bonus, this place is very empty, I stayed in the fitting shop for 3 hours and prepared a doll stand for the Japanese sex doll I was hanging. Then I had to pop up the window and visit a forum friend. I thought that 9.30 couldn't bother me last night, so I gave her a clean powder and glued all the new blue nails with glue. I have been watching her and think that this is actually not a trouble. It is not in a chaotic stage. More often, she will continue to maintain her posture as she leans forward beyond a certain point. Slow and decent.


Did I miss any knowledge of Japanese sex doll?

I think the best way is to cut and fix, and then always look the best, that is to cut straight with scissors, they are perfectly bonded together without leaving a lot of confusion, but once they are stretched and pulled with a wrench Tight, it's not that easy. Actually, I think of a 75 mm long incision that is big enough to insert a ratchet and a sleeve without putting too much pressure on the Japanese sex doll. Several questions. The last point sounds right or what am I missing? Although I may have already made up for it. I will get the problem soon, the wrist cuts, tightens, glues, and organizes, in the usual way it is a dog pose, rather than I usually cut a strange wrist on the side of the bolt instead of the nut side. Next is her back, it becomes slightly slack, the Japanese sex doll will stand very well, then when she leans forward past a certain point, she will lean forward, and in the operating room, I may Will tighten it.


Can you provide information about Japanese sex doll foot bolts?

Currently, I have installed standard foot bolts with stainless steel penny washers, and I am considering continuing to use the coach bolts. Information about the Japanese sex doll foot bolts. It's worth a try, they are not particularly expensive. High heels need 40 mm long and the front wall IIRC needs 25 mm long. You can even add a washer to it to increase the load distribution. The department has not made much progress this week. I have lost the ability to adjust the tiny hex wrench needed to modify the Japanese sex doll's modified finger joints, so in addition to wrapping the fingers and bonding them into a line (to reduce the poke and increase friction, prevent it from moving inward) In addition, I have been doing some work using a heat gun for secondary work.


Will my Japanese sex doll be any worse?

For those looking for a quality Japanese sex doll, the right heel is still very wet and imperfect, but all the incisions are sealed and hopefully won't get any worse. Look at this photo carefully. This will require more work. I will adjust the heel bolts to make them stand out, and as time goes by, it seems to be involved. With the reasonable success of high heels, I turned to the next task - elbow. At some point in the past, I made an amateur mistake, which was to lean her on a hard surface without any soft support. This means that the elbow joint passes through the TPE, leaving some unsightly puncture wounds: some are blown with a hot air gun, some are sealed with a microfiber cloth to seal and secure, and then sealed with 180 grit and talcum powder, Japanese sex doll It works much better.


Does Japanese sex doll need an oil bath?

Put your eyes on your knees, but don't worry now. Slight wear should be able to oil. The same is true for the belly, and the rough skin just indicates that the Japanese sex doll is dry. Now, I need you to take another look. Just finished the powder, I think I will get some close-ups of the area of concern. I hope they can clearly point out the problem and hope that someone can make suggestions on treatment and how to prevent it from worsening. This is her. The armpit on the arm was bruised. The most worrying thing is between her legs and on her stomach. She has similar plaques in all parts of her body. Does Japanese sex doll need an oil bath? The finger crossed the shadow on the image. Most of your concerns are skin peeling after sunburn.


How do you change the feeling of Japanese sex dolls?

There are also some children's products: one is 8 to 10 years old and the other is 12 to 14 years old. I can't help but wonder if buying children's wear and sex toys would be the best on the list, and looking at these children's wear models is still a bit wrong. Japanese sex dolls do exceed the proportion of humans, so if you don't spend a lot of time, then a lot of fixed things will not work. Yes, you made a good suggestion, but the opposite. If I wear the skin when I open it completely, it will rupture when it is closed, and vice versa, I can only wear foam and add some foam around the joints. Be flexible, but still thinking... I will cover everything with shorts or something similar. No matter how you change the feeling of a Japanese sex doll, it doesn't matter, because I find it feels like a paper coating. Lycra or similar products may feel better.


What is the role of silicone in Japan for the restoration of sex dolls?

If the designer ever thought about making the leg connections closer to the Japanese sex doll body, it might be easier to make love without legs but without taking pictures. I am also considering changing my chest to a silicone chest, which seems to be very cheap on the website. If it is around, what effect does liquid silicone resin have on the repair of sex dolls in Japan? The best way to bond and repair the link is to divide the PU foam itself into two parts, but it must be used quickly. For smaller areas, you can mix a drop of one drop and two drops on the old can lid. Although I have been paying attention, I will try my best to help you with your project, but I don't think I can do it because I have not dealt with the materials you use.


Why is the Japanese sex doll expensive than the inflatable doll?

From the planning to the completion of the Japanese sex doll, including dozens of dolls, artists, make-up artists, assemblers, mold workers, cleaning workers, etc., the production process of the physical doll is a labor-intensive and technology-intensive In the coexisting industry, 95% of the work in production needs to be done manually, so it will be slightly more expensive in the final price. The doll uses medical grade silica gel as raw material, and the raw material cost is much higher than TPE and inflatable doll.


Can Japanese sex dolls bathe and contact the bath?

In principle, we prefer to start the description with the word "clean". You can't throw the TV into the bathtub, but you will wipe it regularly with a rag. Before you want to clean your doll, you should first understand what the structure of the Japanese sex doll is, and decide what method to use to clean it. The structure of the doll is metal skeleton, sponge muscle and silicone skin from the inside to the outside. Ok, you saw the metal, that means you must be careful about the natural enemy of "water". The cleaning method we recommend is: the main cleaning method is to wipe the talcum powder frequently, and the frequency is freely adjusted according to the weather and the oil output of the Japanese sex doll. Take the shower as a supplement. Do not use hot water when washing. The standard for this hot water is water that does not generate steam. The only place where the doll can enter the water is the neck. The only advantage is that it is safe to protect it. The downside is that if it enters the water, it will be difficult to come out. If it takes a long time to corrode the metal parts, it will produce a taste, so remember, be sure to Be careful. As for the bath, as long as it is a bath of a regular manufacturer, there is no problem at all, but it is not recommended to use it often, because after all, the bath is also a kind of chemical.


How to get an invisible Japanese sex doll body seam?

You need a small nail clipper. Japanese sex doll The curved fingertips are very sharp, you just need to start cutting and fix it in place, then run along the length of the seam. I wish you a good luck in your project. The truth is that there will always be a seam line, because that's where the two halves of the mold are put together. If you trim too much, there will be a reverse "stitch" because there is a little dent. The curve cuticle scissors gave me the best results so far. To get invisible or almost invisible body seams, you must use two parts of silicone to repair. Trimming the body seams, each Japanese sex doll took me 10 hours. Patching is a new technology that must be learned and practiced. I spent 30 hours on each doll to repair the body seams. I used a very sharp, non-straight stainless steel blade scissors (similar to a small, high-quality, keychain folding knife) on the suture line of BoyToy's pubic part (from thigh to thigh), which was achieved on the suture line. Some good results. Gently trim and shape until the lines are very smooth and less noticeable. I think that by using a curved blade, although I have not tried it, it may be difficult to achieve the same effect.


How can I move the knees and ankles of a sex doll?

The range of movement of the sex doll's knees and ankles is as follows:
The calf can be bent back to a maximum of 120 degrees, with a recommended angle of 100 degrees. They have mechanical displacement limiters and cannot bend forward. All doll eyes are movable. If you want to move the doll's line of sight, first open your eyes, push the eye back, and then rotate the eye to a new angle. Although our dolls can be moved over a larger range, the angles listed above are officially recommended activity limits. The range of angles given above does not apply to all brands of sex dolls.


Why do people buy sex dolls?

There are many reasons why people buy sex doll. Below we will introduce you to some of the reasons for the buyer. According to researchers at Harvard University, 21 orgasms this month are a natural need for humans, and the risk of prostate cancer is further reduced by 22% compared with men who are only 7 years old. Given that women are subject to certain restrictions, such as menstruation, family life, fatigue, or the first month of life, sex dolls are a very friendly alternative to avoid adultery. Still others are working outside the city for professional and/or commercial reasons because of court or long-term separation, so the partner is not there, but they do not want him to be outside and have adultery outside. Frequent travellers, miners, builders, engaged in remote field operations or just vacationing in their second home, because they are often in a long-term or short-term separation, couples may have sexual needs, so the doll can be without unfaithfulness It also plays a key role in temporary satisfaction. If you have these conditions, then we recommend that you buy a sex doll of your own. Help you solve problems.


How to unbox and set up adult sex dolls?

The sex doll and accessories of the urdolls store will be shipped to the customer in a hard box. When you receive a sex doll. You need to keep the box flat and lay it flat on the floor. Check the contents, carefully remove the packaging material to avoid damaging any nails or fingers, and be sure not to leave anything behind when removing all protective materials. Once you remove the box's doll, keep it on a soft surface like a bed or sofa to avoid any body parts shrinking. You need the doll's head to be linked to the body by screws. Because the doll's head and body are separated during transportation. The aim is to better protect the doll.


How to avoid buying fake sex dolls?

Everyone is afraid to buy a fake sex doll, someone told us before. They bought the doll on other websites and spent a lot of money to buy a scam. I can recommend urdolls sex dolls to you. The dolls here are guaranteed to be new high quality real human dolls. Now let's tell everyone how to tell the true and false dolls so that everyone can no longer be fooled.
The authentic quality doll has the following characteristics: the doll is identical to the photo, the quality is finished, the durability of the TPE/silicone, the sturdy hinged metal skeleton, the very detailed sex field, and the more flexible (TPE). For example, the breast is a pleasant shake,
Pirate dolls have these characteristics: the actual dolls are slightly different from those shown in the picture, roughing, and the life of the TPE is shorter. The tendency to tear quickly, especially in terms of sex, strong chemical odor, fragile metal skeleton, if there is a metal skeleton. It may be an inflatable doll with a TPE jacket. The orifice is not positioned correctly.
I hope this article can help you solve the problem. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.


Is my sex doll sent in a separate box?

When you successfully place an order for a sex doll on our website, we will process your order quickly. Your sex doll will be produced as fast as possible. We put it in a large blank box. It is a separate box. There are no labels on the outside of the box. We care about your privacy. The dolls you buy will not be known to anyone. Includes logistics personnel.


Where Can I Customize My Own Sex Doll?

Are you looking for someone who can stay with you? Is it hard to tell your partner your wildest fantasy? Japanese sex doll from the urdolls store can help you solve this. With their popularity around the world, there are many types of sex dolls that can satisfy this need. For those who use sex dolls, it's important to understand that sex dolls are a masturbation device, not a substitute for human connections. For them, sex dolls are much better than women and vow to be consistent with the popular concept of conflict. Please set a price range for your sex doll before you perform other operations.


Can I receive a sex doll on a certain day of the month?

We know very well that you are eager to receive the mood of sex doll. We understand your expectations for birthdays, Christmas, etc. We will do our best to get them in time. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee the delivery date because we can't control too many external factors (such as the busy time of the delivery service, such as Christmas). If you want to receive the item before a certain date, the only solution is to place the order as soon as possible. 


Can I send it back to you for repair after the doll is damaged?

When you accidentally damage a sex doll, we will not bring the doll back to the factory. We are very sorry about this. Because this is a health issue for the customer. The department does not sell used dolls. They may carry some kind of virus. But please don't be too sad, we can always help by email and phone. You can also repair your doll according to the repair methods we provide. Yes, this is easy. 


How do I transport my doll when I move?

If you want to move your sex doll to your new home, you need to be extra careful. Take some measures to protect the doll from harm. The best option is to transport the doll to the original box, just like us. The same is sent to your storage. You need to keep the dolls gentle during the transportation process. When transporting in the doll box, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions for instructions. This will be of great help to you.


What if a sex doll is discovered by my mother?

We can assure you that the packaging of sex doll is always carefully transported, they will be packaged in a brown box, there is no advertising outside, this is a completely ordinary package. But you also need to consider your own situation. If your parents disagree with your own sex doll, you can't hide anything. This is an adventure. Because you always have your own secrets.


Is it legal for me to buy sex dolls here?

Buying sex dolls here is definitely legal. We are an ordinary sex doll manufacturer and retailer, all of our products are produced and sold through regular procedures. Therefore, if you buy a doll in urdolls, you will also get a legitimate interest. Our mini 100cm doll are sought after by many people. This is not an escort service in the form of camouflage or prostitution - it is just a high quality sex doll available for sale. Another point to note is that you need to know if a sex doll is legal in your area.


Can your sex dolls be shipped worldwide?

Of course, we are a professional sex doll design, production, wholesale and retail company. We have several years of experience in sex doll production. Our dolls are sold all over the world, and most of the countries in the world have our sex doll customers. We are deeply trusted by them. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email. We can definitely solve the logistics problem for you.


Whether the doll price in the urdolls store includes shipping costs?

Of course, all the sex dolls in our store are free shipping. And can be shipped to every country in the world. The price you see when you check out on the website is the total price you need to own the doll. We will not charge you for other fees. The shipping costs required to ship the dolls are all borne by us. We can guarantee the authenticity of all this.


Will others know what is in my doll's box?

You can rest assured that you know what's inside the sex doll box. No one else knows about it. We always focus on protecting the privacy of our customers. We don't label any tag doll brands on the box and shipping label. All sex dolls will be shipped in a pure brown box to keep the transport cautious. When the courier delivers the goods to you, the courier will say, "I don't know what is inside."


Can I choose to pick up my sex doll instead of putting it at my door?

Of course, we respect the customer's requests and opinions very much. If you want to receive your sex dolls in person, you can choose to arrange a local UPS withdrawal or FedEx. You can have the right to sign in person by either way.


How long does it take for my doll to transport?

We will send you a brand new doll as soon as possible. The doll's production process usually takes 3-5 days. Once delivered, your doll will arrive in 4-8 days, depending on how long it takes to get through customs.


How to choose the right mini sex doll?

The following information will help you decide where to start when looking for a reasonably priced, best performing sex doll.
Choose a doll experience:
1, what size doll do you want, what price, the bigger the doll, the more expensive the price is.
2, where to buy before buying a doll, how to collect.
3, think about what kind of function mini sex dolls, such as pronunciation fever function.
TPE is a relatively new material with a similar realism to silicone. The final and most realistic dolls are made of silicone. The material is soft, does not cause any allergies, lasts, does not respond to anything, and feels amazing during sexual intercourse.


What are the psychological benefits of sex dolls?

I am not a psychologist, but I would say living through a sex doll, this is a person running through a pretend scene. It may be a way to solve problems, release stress, work through anger or sadness and promote self-esteem. Recent research has shown that sex doll patents have been shown to improve mood, reduce stress levels, and improve memory recalls, and when they are using dolls, they can take care of them psychologically. People do the same thing about their cars on an almost universal basis. How many times have you entered your car on a cold winter day and urged to start rather than letting you get stuck somewhere? People always project emotions and thoughts onto inanimate objects. This will relax their body and mind.


Should I allow my husband to buy sex dolls?

If it is me, I will not refuse to buy sex doll. Because I know this is his freedom, they have the right to buy anything they like. I have no power to interfere with his hobbies. But I may personally help him choose high quality sex dolls online. Because love needs to be built on mutual understanding and tolerance. So we had a great time. The truth is that when he loves you passionately, he wants to forget everything. However, when you are not around, this is different. Dolls can satisfy all their sexual desires.


How do sex dolls help couples?

Sex doll are helpful to all kinds of people, and life between husband and wife is no exception. I want to know how to have a trio, but are you too embarrassed to ask or can't find someone you and your partner feel comfortable on the bed? Well, sex dolls are what you need. For those who have no confidence in women, they can represent a good choice for women. For couples, they can add spices, such as the trio's fantasy - without increasing the risk of introducing another woman, which can lead to awkward and broken relationships. They can also get couples to get other things they might not have tried, such as bondage, fantasy role playing and more. Every couple is eager to enjoy a happy sex life! This is not one of the main reasons. Do people get married or decide to establish a relationship? With sex toys, couples will be able to make things more exciting and enjoy a variety of thrilling experiences in bed. If you have a fun attitude when making love, then your sexual relationship will become more satisfying and exciting.


How do I buy a wig for a sex doll?

The wig can reflect the spiritual characteristics of the sex doll, giving you the most intuitive visual effect. So you know what kind of wig to buy, and then where to buy? You can go to a wig shop or shop online. You will find that you may spend a few hours going to the wig shop and there is not much style to choose from. So the best way is to shop online, you just need to click on the keyboard at home, there are many styles of wigs to choose from. Of course, many wigs are normal human hair wigs, which usually last less than 3 months. If you want to keep it longer, I suggest you learn about the doll wig care in our blog post.


Can I buy sex dolls for my friends?

Of course, when you choose a sex doll for your friends, they will think it is a new and practical gift. Because everyone has sexual desire. Sex dolls are a very expensive but popular gift! People are always amazed at the quality and level of realism in the sex doll industry! You will also gain deeper friendships, and if conditions permit, you will also have the opportunity to use sex dolls with your friends, and you will have an unprecedented experience.


Is it safe to have sex with a sex doll?

The sex doll in the urdolls store are absolutely safe and reliable! You can use these sex dolls for oral sex, anal sex and traditional sex without worry! The sex doll is made of a special type of silicon that feels real but does not leave a burn! It is safer than true sex, you don't have to worry about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases! Of course, we recommend that you do not share your sex dolls with others, as this may cause the spread of the disease.


Is the picture on the urdolls website a sex doll or a real woman?

We can tell you very clearly. All the pictures you see on this site are real sex doll. Sometimes it can be confusing, because professional photographers can really make these sex dolls look very real when they use sprays to mimic sweat droplets. Plus our workmanship is superb. We only sell super realistic dolls. I believe you can have a great experience.


Can sex dolls meet my needs?

Sex doll can satisfy your libido, drive away your loneliness, and bring you warm sunshine. No sex toys can satisfy you like your sex doll. I mean, you can get off with a fleshlight. When you use your silicone doll, you will feel like having a sexual relationship with a real woman, just giving up the foreplay or getting stuck too fast or wanting The problem of sex 4 times in a row. It allows you to have a good sex life and then go back directly to work and everyday life. Sex dolls have so many advantages waiting for you to discover.


Do people prefer regular feet or standing feet?

Sex doll have implanted steel skeletons in their standing feet, so their feet cannot bend. Surprisingly, most customers prefer that her feet look natural without any metal implants. In addition, it is not recommended that you have sex with her while standing. She may fall. Damage to the doll. This is the result we are not willing to see.


How to Maintain Close Relationship with Humans And Sex Dolls?

Everyone deserves the love and love, friendship, happiness and happiness in life. The relationship between the lovers of these sex doll and the people who sometimes accompany them comes from all walks of life. Some people just accidentally enjoy dolls to get the excitement and joy of embracing dolls, and never form a strong attachment to them. The purpose of this approach is not only to make a persuasive man-made person, but more importantly, to teach these artificial intelligence to maintain a close relationship with humans and other perceptual robots. Teach them to give and receive basic human qualities to experience love. Others find intellectual and emotional satisfaction and form strong connections with their artificial partners.


What Is The Controversy About Sex Robots?

Sex robots that exist today are just very real and intricate sex doll. Many men spend a lot of money on beautiful clothes, luxury cars, houses, jewelry, etc., not because they like it, but because they know women like them. The final outcome is always a sexual relationship. Women are aware of this and are able to control men’s sexual behavior and gain social privilege that men cannot obtain without some serious economic and social influence.


How to Judge The Quality of Sex Doll?

Tool materials: two dolls, one glove,
1, good quality dolls, beautiful appearance, face standard, cute. The fake sex dolls are dull, and the facial features are not coordinated;
2. Sexual dolls have a large position due to joint turning. Many dolls are easy to crack under the armpits, and the use of doll materials is a large part of the reason.
3, good quality sex play neck and head connection perfect, poor quality sex doll neck and head seams obvious;
4, good sex doll joints can be positioned normally, bad sex doll joint material difference is easy to rust, easy to break, the skin has no toughness, no elasticity, easy to break when used;
5, poor sex dolls when the lower leg is stretched, the material is easy to break, and the space is too large to use;
Note: Follow the instructions when using a silicone sex doll.


Can you give me a reason to buy a sex doll?

We have collected a lot of customer uses for dolls. Shown below is part of it. Some people like to play with sex doll because they need emotional help after losing their partner. They may not be ready for a date yet, nor do they like to live alone. So they buy a sex doll and keep them in touch until they are alone, then they return to the same old self. I think sex dolls are perfect girls and emotional loads, although many people think that sex dolls are a tool for sexual desire. It is not just a sex toy, but a way of life about loneliness and love.


What is the salesperson's comment on the sex doll?

As a dealer with many years of doll manufacturing and wholesale. Maybe we have a deeper understanding of them. The following is our point of view. Sex doll are mainly used to help people get the warmth and real experience of the family. Of course, they are also the favorite of photography enthusiasts. Sex dolls have attachments for sexual stimulation (vaginal, anal, mouth, penis). Some of these components are detachable or interchangeable. There are many other uses and advantages of sex dolls. You can find out in our blog post. If you don't know anything, please feel free to contact us by email.


Can sex dolls solve my problem?

 If you need family companionship, or want to experience real sex life. I can tell you with certainty. Sex doll can solve your emptiness problem completely. After China, the trend of Japanese sexual partners is growing rapidly. Sexual diets are becoming a habit of people; however, these sexual partners have some specialties.
Sexual trends are increasing today. Some people think that this doll will reduce prostitution. Chinese scientists have invented such sex dolls, from everyone's work to sex. After China, the trend of these sex dolls is also increasing in Japan. These sexual partners can also do all the normal work. Because in this world, they are the kind of dolls and humans related to sex.


Is my sexual relationship with a sex doll normal?

It is a normal phenomenon that people have sex with sex doll. Dolls are smart inventions. This shows that men should pay attention to how much money a woman has. Many women stay in touch with men during sex, and for some men, this is just an adventure, they don't want to repeat with the same woman. One of the most popular uses of our dolls is photography and fashion. Many of our customers found great joy and satisfaction when exploring their photography and fashion techniques while using dolls as models. This is a perfect example of the positive effects that a sex doll can produce positive changes in one's life. If men are serial addicts, it makes no sense to use other real-life women for this purpose. A woman is more than just an object. Anyone who needs to make love should be better off buying dolls or other cheaper sex toys. This is all, thank you.


What do feminists think about lifelike sex dolls?

People often make such assertions that women are expected to tremble in our boots and beg them to come back. Every once in a while, a man or a group of men will be full of praise for lifelike sex dolls and sex robots, and will be full of praise for men’s enthusiasm for women, because they have got everything they need from inanimate objects.  In fact, in many of these cases, I think that life-like sex doll are the type of partner that such men need, so they don't want to be a real person with tragic feelings. Although both sides talk about the misogyny that may exist in sex dolls, I don't care about them at all. In fact, if you can't handle a date with someone you need, then a sex doll is perfect for you.


Is it safe to have sex with a sex doll?

When you buy sex doll from urdolls, we assure you that all sex dolls have passed safety certification. Urdolls is a professional sex doll supplier that offers customers 100% brand new sex dolls with the highest quality and affordable price. We guarantee you to be satisfied. You can use these sex dolls for oral sex, anal sex and traditional sex without worry! The sex doll is made of a special type of silicon that feels real but does not leave a burn! It is safer than true sex, you don't have to worry about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases! In addition to singles, couples also buy sex dolls. They found it safe to bring someone into the bedroom instead of inviting others to join the trio. The couple can explore sexual fantasies without deceiving each other. The doll is also suitable for use when the partner is unable to enjoy their love for health reasons or others. There is no need to have another lover from outside.


What is the attraction of sex dolls?

Facts have proved that there is no way to change the fetish of others, so silicone sex doll can help people express their desires in law and morality. If you have to endure the suppressed desire, you need the companionship of sex dolls. This is a phenomenon involving sexual attraction of statues, dolls or other figurative objects. Sex doll manufacturers pay special attention to making dolls look more attractive and beautiful, so that every man's choice is pleasing. These are meant to attract the attention of each man and give them happiness when they have sex with them. There are thousands of sex dolls on the market, but only a few will satisfy you. Regardless of the various types of sex dolls, they are divided into two categories. Sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE material. You can get them in urdolls.


How to buy a sex doll without the neighbors or the deliveryman knowing?

When you buy TPE sex doll from urdolls. You don't have to worry about this problem. Sex dolls are always shipped in a cautious package with a harmless return address label. You are not the first person to face a sex toy. It will be delivered securely without any name on the box. The courier can't see anything on the cover. The doll will be wrapped in a regular brown box. We will pack it carefully. No one knows what is inside except you! Why do I know because I have many years of experience in the adult doll industry. Your privacy is always our top priority. We will protect your privacy.


How much do I need to pay for my silicone sex doll?

The biggest advantage of silicone sex doll is that they are real and not easily deformed. This is also the main reason why silicone dolls are expensive. The price of silicone dolls in the urdolls store is generally around $3,000. There are several artificial intelligence dolls that cost around $6,000. There are also some small silicone dolls that cost $1,700. They provide a satisfying treatment for their customers, and you can also get a solution to your sexual problems, because you may have problems when you spend time with your partner. It will provide you with comfort and pleasure, as you can enjoy these pleasures at any time of the day without any restrictions.


How to distinguish the quality of doll materials?

The most direct way to identify the quality of a silicone sex doll is the oil bleed test. If the sex doll is stored for a period of time, it will naturally ooze and rot, giving off a strong pungent smell. It is a sex doll made of inferior materials. The reason for this phenomenon may be: raw materials are unqualified, raw materials are not properly matched. TPE will see oil leakage is normal, for example, oil will seep out after one month, but inferior TPE materials will see oil leakage in a short period of time, such as within an hour, and a strong pungent smell, then we need to pay attention to this time! For example, after one month of storage, toys made from unqualified TPE materials will rot.


Will sex dolls make me feel shame?

This is not an embarrassing thing. Relax, guys, this is not a shame. Some people are afraid to order their TPE sex doll, and prefer to have one in their minds. The truth is that we live in a free generation. Some of the most obscene ideas have now been accepted publicly. In this era, all you have to do is accept who you are and what you want. The final answer to a sex doll is the unrelated baggage of every man's dreamy at any time. In addition, sex dolls are not just sexual satisfaction. TPE sex dolls are usually designed to look and feel like real humans. Therefore, they are not only used for sexual pleasure. It can help you reduce stress and feel at home.


Will you let your partner have sex dolls?

In fact, I am not sure if I can fully understand the embarrassment or threat of being a sex doll. But if a partner buys a sex doll, I won't be bothered because I am not threatened by plastics and silicone. I don't think plastic and silicone can replace me. I don't think plastics and silicones can divert attention away from me or endanger the relationships we build. I don't have the sexual pleasure of a partner, nor do I think plastic and silicone can take away anything that belongs to me. Considering that one person is a person and the other is a sex doll, it seems a bit strange to group a lover and a love doll.
I think your partner is an adult. Whether or not you have a sex doll is his decision. If he says he wants a love doll, this is his decision, he must know what your feelings are. It depends on how comfortable you are. 


Are sex dolls better than women?

In some ways, sex doll are indeed better than women. In the process of sex, people will feel eager. The intense desire to experience a sexual partner is intoxicating and thrilling. Until the dolls have such incredible artificial intelligence that they can make us believe that they are eager for us. The dolls will not be abused (including excessive frequent shit tests). They won't manipulate you. A doll won't deceive you. Many men will "the dolls will be unhappy" as their biggest concern. "Dolls won't marry you because of her problems, and then when you try to solve them instead of sitting there listening to her chatter And/or frustration when creating painful trivia for herself. Sexual dolls don’t make themselves obese like real women sometimes, when she is hooked on you or with you, because she feels no longer You need to work to keep your attention. Dolls also have shortcomings: dolls can't give you a quick kick, leaving you in stubborn problems instead of giving up.