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It will devour existing sex dolls material

Tab Conan
Dec 14, 2019 12:09

For this purpose, the cheapest form of TPE is the chamfer of the blade. I dissolved the TPE in xylene in the bottle and repaired it. well. It adds a layer of TPE in a saturated form, which is less saturated, and it will swallow the existing sex dolls material and combine them together. I also successfully used a battery soldering iron to melt the tpe into a wound. I considered melting a small amount of tpe into xylene and adding it in large quantities because the tears were not large at all. I tried looking for places where tpe pellets could be sold, but all of this I managed to find a company that sells by metric tons. It looks like so far only a small amount of mixing is needed. The harem is correct, xylene will work well in the repair of TPE, but be very careful because it is very strong and if used too much, it will immediately make the situation worse. Mixing TPE with xylene to make a cream or paste is also possible, but be careful again. Similarly, how to use it depends on the type of sex doll damage you intend to repair. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. If you can post pictures, it will help get more accurate suggestions. As for the glue sold by the manufacturer, don't waste your money. Try xylene on an insert. Practice it before using it on ladies. You know what they say is perfect!

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