Taking Care of Your Sex Doll Can Be Very Simple

urdolls 06/25/2019

If you need to clean the outside, just wash the sex doll with water and soap. Wipe until dry, do not use a hair dryer, because if you heat the toy more than 40oC it can start to melt.

Sex dolls have animal-like facial features. There are even custom dolls that let you master the look of the doll. TPE is a relatively new material with a similar realism to silicone. It is cheaper than silica gel and is often used to make authentic dolls at reasonable prices. The size of a sex doll affects its price and how to use it. Full-size dolls over 5 feet are much heavier than small ones.

Then apply some baby powder on her skin, which will absorb any moisture and improve the touch. Please thoroughly clean sexy sex dolls every 2 weeks or at least once a month. (or after sex) please clean her with a mild antibacterial soap.

Hair and cosmetics used in making dolls and robots are usually not designed for soaking. If you need to clean his or her face or mouth, use a mild antibacterial soap and a gentle round or pat action.

We recommend using a microfiber cloth. You can put the sex doll in the bathtub and shower with her, but please don't immerse her head or neck underwater. Wipe your face gently with a damp cloth and a mild antibacterial soap. Never immerse your head in water. (Hint: You can also wipe with a baby) Dry her with a soft towel.

More expensive and hand-made silicone dolls are not affected by these problems (and they dries faster). When choosing between TPE and silicone dolls, you should consider the opportunity cost and vulnerability of additional maintenance - it turns out that silicone dolls are actually more cost effective!

To dry the holes, we recommend the use of tampon, one for the mouth, two for the vagina (behind each other) and two for the anal opening (behind each other). The tampon is easier to insert, soaks in moisture, does not produce fluff, and can be easily removed with a strip.

The tampon is saturated with most of the sperm-lubricant mixture. This allows you to move the doll without worrying about falling out of something. You can remove the tampon in a few minutes. You must not dry her with a hair dryer or other similar heating device. Please apply a baby powder to her with a brush to keep the skin soft and lifelike.

Insufficient maintenance of sex dolls can quickly lead to several problems. Depending on the material, skin and pigments degrade and erode quickly if not maintained properly. When dealing with errors, dolls and robots may rupture, stain and even chemically react. If you have the right tools, taking care of your doll can be very simple.