Hinged Finger Item Keeps Silicone Sex Doll Pose

urdolls 06/18/2019

Sexual dolls look like elves, pointed ears and petite bodies, anime dolls with those big, iconic eyes. You can customize the doll to your liking, covering everything from hair style to toenail color. TPE is also significantly softer and more like meat. But don't worry, if you are on your first doll, you may not be able to distinguish them.

Using the palm of the sex doll instead of letting the finger off the wire (which seems to break over time), I will make the finger with a plastic R/C connector. Initially I was planning to use the Bondick welding plastic link, but I think the best way is to use a brass 4 mm hollow tube for the connection. I also decided to use a 3mm brass universal joint and 3mm solid copper on the knuckles to connect to the CC palm.

Plastic R / C and brass universal joints are required to be shot peened to make the joints tight enough to maintain the silicone sex doll posture, but I think this will work. Just entering the parts needed for the second prototype, I am happy to say that I am sure we have designed a viable design. Parts are not very expensive, but the workforce is a bit heavy. There is no doubt that once a system for preparing raw materials is assembled before assembly, labor is no longer an issue.

Everything is done, and once the original part is modified for actual assembly, it can take an hour or two to make a complete set of fingers during the assembly process. For a manufacturer there may be too much labor and not enough profit, but many people will be interested.

You may be interested in my articulated finger design. The joint comes from the clear eyeglass frame. They are spring hinged, so they require some pressure to bend them and then they return to a straight position. The parts are already manufactured so they can be used at any time. I will make a complete prototype and am developing a modified palm board.

They (universal) are completely unusable. They are held together in such a way as to prevent the pin from being shot and therefore can be released. This will only create a "floating" finger that can't hold the pose. I was able to modify the RC joints (thanks to CC) to form a joint combination on the base that provides four-way motion to allow the fingers to move left and right. Unfortunately, the universal joint is not feasible. I will be elegant. But don't worry. The problem is solved

In order to advance the development of doll technology, I really hope that having a clear finger may be one thing. The skeleton of the doll really needs to develop in order to get a life like a posture. Skin materials are another thing that requires a lot of research.

TPE and silicone dolls work well but we still need more flexibility to treat major joints such as the hips and shoulders. When a doll can wear a T-shirt on his head without taking off his head or tearing his arm, then you have a winner.