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Can Sex Dolls Improve People's Quality of Life?

urdolls 06/13/2019

In the past few decades, sex dolls (also known as love dolls) have come a long way. I really hope that users who love dolls or other lovers will take this opportunity. I hope that the love of love dolls has different aspects, putting other life stories and love stories in the foreground. Love dolls and masturbation or penis rings are male sex toys.

Only one month since the start of the Russian World Cup, many fans from all over the world will watch Russia. The first hotel in Russia to offer sex robot services will pick up guests during the World Cup and bring a different experience to the fans.

According to the "Sun", this special hotel is located in the Moscow business district, the cost of the room is 17.75 pounds to 29.5 pounds / hour, after the use of sex doll robots, the total price will rise to 60 pounds per hour, this price even includes anti-eavesdropping services.

In addition to the body that is almost impossible to find in real life, you can also experience a fantasy that is truly impossible. With the variety of options offered by multiple sex doll manufacturers on the market, you can create the perfect sex doll. In addition, you can find high-end dolls made of silicone, fabric, TPE and rubber. A major advantage of TPE is its affordability. You can find a full-size silicone love doll that is less than a few thousand dollars.

A spokesperson for the Sex Doll Hotel said: "We look forward to the consumption of tourists during the World Cup. We look forward to many foreign customers, including of course customers from the UK. So we now offer special offers to foreign tourists, of course, if the players' coaches and managers If possible, we also welcome players from the World Cup to spend money."

The founder of the hotel said that the purpose of setting up this special hotel is to help those in need. Statistics show that 36% of Russians are not satisfied with their sexual life. Establishing such a comprehensive adult leisure centre in Russia will not only improve your sex life safely and legally, but also solve one of Russia’s oldest problems, namely the violent exploitation of women’s prostitution.

Sex dolls can also help people with mental disorders. For example, in Spain, 30% of sexual robot users suffer from mental or physical illness. He pointed out that "some men cannot improve their sexual relationship with women, leading to potential dissatisfaction, but may become aggressive and aggressive sexual behavior.

This kind of problem requires a professional "summoning girl" to solve, which can make his sexual fantasy become a reality. He also stressed that after each customer's use, these sex doll robots will be thoroughly disinfected according to international standards to ensure that there is no risk of infection.

The hotel divides these sex doll robots into two categories, namely the independent royal sister type and the gentle and shy cute type, and named each sex robot, such as Lolita, Sasha, Natasha, Alice. A local Russian customer such as Isil said after using it: "These sex robots are very realistic, I never expected this.

Another user said: "Now we have this place, let us get a new experience, don't feel embarrassed, because we lost our loyalty to the spouse. It's great. I like everything here, a polite receptionist , a great modern room and of course a great sex doll robot."