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Do You Really Understand Sex Dolls?

urdolls 06/13/2019

Today, a wide variety of dolls and dolls on the market are becoming more intelligent and customizable. They should now have more space and should use all new techniques to represent and spread the love of love dolls. Men's self-satisfaction is no longer a taboo topic in our society. The many sex toys designed for men make the solo fun even stronger.

Sex dolls are used to satisfy people's sexual desires? This is not the case. For lovers of sex dolls, its value can be more than sex. Sex dolls have been in history for a hundred years. In 1970, the inflatable surname dolls first appeared in Japan. After the 21st century, both design and touch gradually became anthropomorphic, also known as "solid dolls."

No matter what your description of the ideal human body is, sex dolls can suit your fantasy. A TPE doll will wobble in its breasts, swaying, and you can't touch it with a silicone doll. Or you may always feel embarrassed about a celebrity. The last thing you have to do is to buy a real sex doll.

For the beginners, "It is a joy, a person is fighting outside, and libido has nowhere to vent. Compared with other toys, sex doll are more real and more enjoyable.

For mid-level players, "it is a companionship, sex dolls will not be noisy with you, will not hurt or leave you, is your most loyal companion.

It is also a kind of spiritual comfort. A wife of a "sex doll" died of illness. His sex doll "Yuko" is a replica of his wife.

"For advanced players," sex dolls are their "lovers" with it to go shopping, eating, exercising, dressing up for her, doing all the things in love/marriage.

Some people even think of sex dolls as art and collectibles, think about the house full of sex dolls, or shy or sweet or sex, and feel that the world is their own.

In fact, most people who play with sex dolls know that no matter how realistic or lack of interaction with real people, in the life of both sexes, sometimes it is sweet and sometimes sweet, and life will be colorful. Will sex dolls replace girlfriends? The existence of all toys is to help people's sexual life, more harmonious, do not have to be attached to the sex dolls will replace.