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How to Ensure The Safety of Sex Dolls When Showering

urdolls 06/18/2019

With a life-size love doll, you can not only enjoy a happy sex time, but also show your love when you hug. Now let others express their opinions, for example, they deal with dolls in different ways to incorporate them into their personal relationships or to satisfy their artistic streak. In addition, many people love dolls as companions.

When you are bathing for a sex doll. Be careful not to put too much weight on the top tiles in the bathtub or shower. If you are using rock climbing gear, remove the sex doll after it has been safely placed in the bath or shower.

Clean, dry and powder your doll there, then reconnect your support system before removing her or him. Once the water hits them, the good information as a doll will become very slippery! Imagine the rescuer trying to keep a straight face.

I often put a silicone sex doll on the stool to wash my face, then dry her, and then try to pick her up. Protecting the neck and other entry points is necessary to avoid damage to your doll and premature replacement. Once your doll safely leaves the cleaning area, you can always repair the powder area.

Anything that is too rough can cause damage to your doll's overtime work. Compare vendors to see the different options available to them. They were more popular before the silicone dolls took over. The main problem with rubber dolls is that it is porous. It is possible for mold and bacteria to start growing on it. You have to make sure it is always clean and dry. If you want a toy to penetrate your vagina, choose a slim, smooth sex doll.

Do not smash nipples or other painted areas as the powder may be abrasive. There are many sex dolls falling. Some of these accidents caused casualties. Regardless of the doll's support system, the doll should have an attachment that provides safe support while not allowing liquid to enter the doll's head, neck or body.

I have a bath/shower chair with wall-mounted and hand-held shower heads. The doll never really sat in the water. The chair is also very helpful in getting in and out of the lift angle. There was once a plate with a welded anchor on the top of the head that could be connected to the support. Later, the neck ring/rear bolt was used. Many manufacturers have followed suit. Independent dolls have long been the dream of doll lovers, but those who have the same potential to slip and fall as humans. The auxiliary support system will provide greater safety for these dolls with minimal impact on existing skeletal designs.

For sex dolls without a built-in support system, climbing equipment using winches or cranes (see link above) will help you safely get in and out of the bath/shower without damaging your doll or back. I am doing the same thing. Fortunately, there is actually a pipe running through my shower. I bought a rope picked up from Home Depot (not a sliding but more of a double hook lock) and hanged from there to shower.

Then I have a sink connected to the water pipe so I can navigate the neck area carefully. Unfortunately, my shower is not big enough for two. For dolls with a neck ring, a back bolt or a heater port that passes through the skin without hiding under the wig, a simple plug can be constructed from the repair kit for the material. (Do not mix TPE and silicone. They don't work well!) This plug should be flush with the skin so it is not easy to display in the photo. It also helps prevent liquid from entering these holes.

To make your own plug, you can buy a simple casting kit from any hobby store. When inserting the material of the mold armature (used in the form of a mold), be careful not to block the holes permanently. A toothpick or pipe cleaner inserted into the cast material can be used as a handle to remove material after curing.

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