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Why Is The Face of D Cup Sex Doll More Attractive than Real Face



I think I have found the answer. Why the face of a sex doll is usually more attractive than any real face. It is very attractive for humans to find symmetry through hard wiring. However, real faces are never 100% symmetrical, and making a fully symmetrical baby face is easy. You can test it and take photos of some crazy humans and mirror them. The original and mirror images are next to each other and you will see that they are not identical. Do the same for your favorite sex doll face now.

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One aspect of sex doll hobbies is that real women (and men) have difficulty getting the perfect doll. Some women have beautiful faces, hair or numbers. But few women have all of these qualities in one package. If some dolls are not perfect, we tend to ignore the same flaws as real people. Even if the doll reaches automatic movement and some form of artificial intelligence, no doll will replace humans. On the other hand, no one can provide perfect no-baggage for the doll. Dolls do not have human support requirements, food, drinks, health care, etc.

2019-08-13 05:51:21

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