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The Most Delicate Part of The Retentive Sex Doll

urdolls 06/25/2019

Mineral oil is the reason why TPE is soft and elastic. If it dries, it can tear or tear, so it is important to provide extra care for the vagina and ankle. The cream is left for about 6 hours to be absorbed on the skin. For better protection, you can use it every time you use a hole.

For many people who want to buy for the first time, they are both curious and afraid, because they don't know how to use her or buy her. These dolls can be the size of a real girl with a curvy figure. If you want to date a celebrity, you treat her like a sex doll. After sex, bodily fluids may remain in anal and vaginal activity, which is unhygienic and may cause long-term infection to the user.

Clean the intimate part of the silicone/TPE doll. This is the most delicate part of a retentive sex doll. Using a condom can help you avoid many restrictions, although you should not forget to rinse her with a little water to remove the lubricant.

When you shower a doll or robot, make sure the water temperature is moderate. Hot water is not a good choice because many dolls are not resistant to high temperatures. In particular, TPE dolls do not respond well to excessive temperatures. Therefore, you must take care of your silicone/TPE doll and take considerable precautions.

For those who don't like condoms and ensure maximum happiness, you must take care of your silicone doll's vagina. Flush Ball Foam Cleaner is ideal for cleaning silicone/TPE dolls. You just need to sit up and insert the detergent, and gravity will do the rest.

Therefore, you can choose to wash the silicone doll in the bathtub or with a wet towel. You can use a household soap or shower gel to finely clean the surface of the skin. Have fun and let this intimate moment become a sensual game of desire.

TPE dolls, although usually cheaper, are porous in nature, meaning that they can hide and retain bacteria unless carefully sterilized and cleaned, especially when any moisture penetrates the skin.

For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to clean the private parts of the silicone/TPE doll immediately. For general cleaning, we recommend that you keep the silicone doll fresh for at least once a month at least once a month. Your doll will reward you, so don't ignore these little practical tips.

Most sex dolls are equipped with a vaginal douche (or vaginal douche). After use, flush the holes with the pump we provided. A soft absorbent cloth is then inserted into the holes to absorb the remaining moisture.