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How to Heat The Important Places of Dolls

urdolls 06/18/2019

As the sex dolls are ready to wait, boil the kettle. Pour boiling water into the teapot and insert the 杵-fine diameter into the teapot. Make sure the waiting lady is lubricated. After a few minutes, take out the 茶壶 from the teapot - hold the wide diameter end with the thumb and middle finger - move it into place, lubricate 杵 (caution, it is very hot) and insert.

If you don't look closely, you'll think the sex doll is a real person. There are many things about them that will persuade you to choose the doll you like. The presence of pores in the material means it cannot be sterilized and makes cleaning more difficult, because you must ensure that all water is removed after cleaning. Sex doll makers will be able to design sex dolls to look like certain celebrities and models.

Make sure you can take it out easily and it's not that deep, it's hard.
Lubricate yourself and foreplay yourself. When you are ready, remove the cockroaches and insert yourself in a convenient place. Beautiful and warm - suitable for me.

For silicone sex doll, I like to put her insert in a cup or a bowl of hot water for a while to open. This makes her temperature very good. I use electric heaters on sex dolls, but after 4 years I still try to calibrate this thing completely.

I should mention that when I first made the calibration, I screwed up the calibration, so I really should do it well, etc. This is a very simple thing for my electric doll heater. You will need a 1x 50w aquarium heater set to low.

1x dimmer switch for lighting. I chose a sliding one.
1 power outlet. The one I got has two exits.
1x gang or similar.
1x electrical extension plug wire.

Simply follow the instructions to connect the extension cord to the dimmer switch and follow the instructions to connect the socket to the dimmer switch. Then plug the aquarium heater into one of the outlets and slowly increase the dimmer switch. Between the dimmer switch and the heater set low, you will ensure that the heater never overheats without damaging itself.

The technique you are there is very similar to what you do on a plug-in doll. But I can say from experience that as long as you are careful, the heating element method is safe and effective. To be honest, I am a bit worried about inserting a hot element into my composition, but for those who have inserts I have a very simple way to get the most important warmth.

Take a pot of water and boil. Turn off the heat immediately and let it set for about 5-10 minutes. Immerse the insert in water for 10-15 minutes. The plug-in when removed will be very hot, but will not affect the silicone. Change your doll and enjoy 20-30 minutes...

There is a solution. For me, the doll will be hung on the wall, from her dress with a Renaissance neck bolt with an oversized heating mat dress on the dress from someone else's eyes hidden like my mother. It can be inserted and heated and then preheated in 15 minutes. The heating pad is a larger heating pad that helps heat part of her legs, hips, waist and abdomen.

The heating pad can be worn like a diaper. My article is for people who live in their parents, parents or family like me now or in the future. As mentioned above, the problem I have the potential to solve is not something everyone has to deal with. I hope this reply can help those who may have similar situations.