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Step Description of The Cleaning Sex Doll

urdolls 06/18/2019

Sexual dolls are basically adult toys, and their use is limited only by your imagination. Using sex dolls as a couple makes this even better, because a partner can control the doll or use it to really increase fantasy. No matter what you imagine, the doll can really add it, and many couples find their libido more expressive and creative.

For the sex doll SaSa, my TPE 156cm mate has a standing option (three bolts under each foot), which is what I did when I was preparing for the shower. By the way, SaSa has no support bolts on the back or neck and does not require a seat belt. She is very much like an ordinary person. However, silicone sex doll are as usual, I plan every step and prepare any items I need in advance.

Not only is the look of the sex doll closer to that of the real human body, but even the skin is restored with the highest technology. One interesting thing about dolls is that they never ask for anything or expect a gift from you. This has been done with custom sex dolls, but it will get better. Worst of all, men are afraid that their girlfriend will betray them, especially if their girl is too hot.

1. Place extra towels outside the shower area, then I need to pat her.
2. Place the hard rubber pad on the far end of the bathtub area - the position opposite the shower head - Alexis will stand there. (These mats correspond to the bolts on the metal doll's feet to the ceramic/smooth surface of the bathtub.)
3. Place a few pieces of cloth on top of the mat to provide further cushioning for SaSa's feet.

1. Before transporting the doll SaSa, I make sure that her foot bolts are screwed out to the maximum length to support her weight.
2. Bring SaSa into the bathtub area and carefully place her feet on the mat. Then I bent her forearm at the elbow, making her wrist/palm outward, about the shoulder level. I allowed SaSa to lean forward, so her palm rested on the shower wall for support.
3. Open the shower and make sure the spray is facing her rear - far below her head/hair area. Then we started taking a bath together.

Clean up
Once the shower time was over, I took Alexis and let her shoulders dry down.
1. I walked out of the shower, put a few towels on the floor, then lifted/moved the SaSa onto the towel for final drying, put down the legs, etc. 8) (I also made sure she leaned against the wall - still her The palm is outward - provides a third point of support. Eventually I transport the SaSa back to her bed - by maneuvering - then gently clean the soft cloth in the area of the bolt, perhaps a Q-tip or two.

2. Before we finish the task, I will tighten her foot bolts so that they are under the TPE material, I will point slightly to SaSa's feet, so when I cover her with sheets/blankets, this weight will not be pressed directly Sexual doll's toes. This will be a good cleaning fun!