Personal information

  • Name:Emma Finn
  • Birthday:Feb 7
  • Hobbies:Swim
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Emma Finn

Name:Emma Finn


Background Information About Emma Finn:

Emma's appetite is great and she is very greedy. The favorite thing at school is eating. The favorite foods are "burned meat" and "sashimi" and also like "strawberry buffy".
Her character is more extroverted, eloquent, and self-expression; when treating a beloved object, it will be arrogant and become versatile; sexual orientation is as long as the appearance is beautiful, and men and women will eat. I love art and performance, claiming to be "the artist of Apollo's God", but the headaches of her own poor voice and infection by her mother also limit her talents. She has a good reputation in the circle of friends. She is a very realistic TPE sex doll.
She has a dream, she wants to be a professional e-sports athlete. Some of her beliefs must come from her time as a summoner. When she experienced hard training, she could use any of her ideas to create a powerful Warcraft out of thin air. But her heart is also weak.
"Perhaps everyone's wishes are different. In my heart, I am eager to get true love. At the same time, I am more eager for sex. I can only imagine the feeling of making love every day. But I have never experienced it. I hope to get rid of it here. Single life. "Amy said when she came to our company.
She is a poor small village from the United States. Since she was a child, she has been helping her family with housework. Labor life gave her a very healthy body. Petite and big eyes. Small and compact B cup breasts. Bright red curls. Not like a weak girl. Her skin is more textured. She is your perfect lover. Take her home. You will never regret, because you know, she can give you more fantasies and happiness.
She likes to take a bath. It seems to be very energetic and cheerful compared to those who are serious and unsmiling for the responsibility of life. I am very concerned about the fact that the height is short, so I hate being treated as a child. If she is called a princess, she will be angry.

She has been moving forward at all times, she is an unremitting girl. She is not good at sports, but she struggles to overcome and enhance herself.

They said that girls never forget things, but I don't agree. Look, recently, my girlfriend forgot my birthday. I thought she didn't even notice that I was frustrated, but not. This time, she is planning a surprise.