Personal information

  • Name:Darlene Morris
  • Birthday:May 28
  • Hobbies:Skiing
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:China

Name:Darlene Morris

Name:Darlene Morris


Background Information About Darlene Morris:

Darlene's character is very gentle, kind, quiet, cautious, embarrassing, honest, and she has some inferiority. With the temperament and endurance that are easy to follow the trend, I don't want to hate anyone. I only react to the most close-knit cockroaches. I am very embarrassed and embarrassed. There is no claim of his own, but for the ones he loves, he will occasionally reveal his own side. At the same time she is very affectionate.
"I want to ask, does your family have a Christmas tree, will Santa Claus return to your home? If the answer is yes, I will be very happy to go to your home," Darling said.

She is a very naive girl. Now she is still developing. She doesn't understand sex, but she is very curious about it. Her only understanding of sex is through television and the Internet. This cold Christmas is just the 19th birthday of Darlene Morris. She doesn't want to have another birthday. She is always looking for the warmth you bring home. Give her a space to care and grow. This world belongs to only two of you.

If these scenes and landscapes appeal to you, then you come to the right place and the right video. In the beginning, the guy came in. He stared at the beautiful blonde with a beautiful big hanger. She is wearing the sexiest underwear in the universe, and she looks at you with big black eyes.

She is a real doll. Long brown rolls and pure bright big eyes. This Christmas is her 19th birthday. This is a cute sex doll with a height of 145 cm, a bust of 80 cm, a waist circumference of 51 cm and a hip size of 83 cm. Her skin is made of TPE material, allowing you to experience the most realistic touch. Take her home, you won't regret it.
Her eyesight is very good, both eyes are 1.5. The current interest is cooking, like eating squid and sizzling near the home; not like oranges. Although the amount of alcohol is not good, but likes to drink; like sweet things and strange talk, accidental can eat, do not like all kinds of sports and weight scale. In addition to selling Meng, the whole sport will not work.