Personal information

  • Name:Akumi Hakumi
  • Birthday:May 3
  • Hobbies:Postcard, Pillow
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Japan

Name:Akumi Hakumi

Name:Akumi Hakumi


Background Information About Akumi Hakumi:

Akumi is kind and very fond of small animals like rabbits. There is a white rabbit that can only speak human language, called Dabai. Dabai is currently traveling with Akumi. During the school year, I use my vacation to travel with my sister and sister.
On a sunny morning as you walk on a tree-lined path, you suddenly find a girl holding a rabbit in front of you. "Hello, my name is Akumi Hakumi, you can call me Akumi, see you for the first time, please take care." Akumi said in Japanese.
She is a Japanese girl, but when you know her, you will be surprised to find that her spoken English is also very good. She can communicate with others very fluently. She has a pure heart and has not been tarnished by this world. Everything in her eyes is so beautiful, just like her lovely face. Small animals like to be close to her, just like her rabbit. She is from a single-parent family. She has never seen her father. She has lived with her mother since she was a child. So she lacks fatherly love. She wants to experience the feeling of being spoiled. All her secrets can only be passed to her rabbit. But when she saw you at first sight, she felt that you were very kind.
Do you often feel lonely, do you want to experience the warmth of having a home? If the answer is yes, then she will be the best gift God has given you. She is a very realistic TPE sex doll. She is very suitable as a family to accompany your partner. You can tell her the glory of your past, she will vote for you. You will have an enviable life.

She has some natural stays. One time in London, she was asked by a pet: "What universities are there in London?" I answered "Cambridge University, Oxford University" without thinking. Although the personality is quite natural, but it is very smart, will think about things, is also a very girl. Like cute things, collect them often, such as postcards, pillows, cups...

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