Personal information

  • Name:Nicole Macaulay
  • Birthday: May 3
  • Hobbies:Adventure, Piano, Reading
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:France

Name:Nicole Macaulay

Name:Nicole Macaulay


Background Information About Nicole Macaulay:

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Nicole is a top student at the school. It is also known for its perfect beauty, excellent performance, dignified and good manners. Very popular with male students, the popularity among female students is also good. It is said that she even has an informal support team. In front of people, they talk elegantly and use respectful words for everyone. But everyone who knows her knows that she is actually a little demon who loves mischief and teasing people she likes.She is a very realistic TPE sex doll.
She is mysterious, fair, creative, and perhaps a bit too harsh. She started traveling frequently at the age of 13 and gradually improved her existing skills. Together with her good friends, she explores new areas in a strange world. But with her determination and honesty, nothing prevents her from staying ahead. She will soon become a true friend. But anything can happen; she is still looking for a real phone call. She feels that there is more to explore in this world.
Although she is quite good, it may be a genetic relationship. The more critical the moment, the more likely it is to screw things up. All the electronic devices are very tricky for her. It is said that more than ten buttons will be unclear. In the Fantasy Carnival, there are even troubles about how to record programs. The room was often messy and seemed to go to two extremes compared to her sister.
You may be attracted to her. Her charming eyes and smiles have fascinated many people. She has plump breasts and slender figure, she is a network red man. When her photos are sent to the Internet, it triggers the crazy forwarding of netizens. She currently has a lot of fans, are you a fan of her? How much do you know about her when you fall in love with her? We interviewed her before recording Nicole's information. "I am not good at expressing my thoughts. So I am usually very quiet. I hope to find my sweetheart here." She answered before the camera.
She comes from a harmonious family. Father is a teacher. Mother is a musician. So she has been well educated since she was a child. Her manners are very elegant. She remains pure. She is still a virgin. She may be as pure as she looks. lovely. But it can also be sexy and sensual. This will be because of the touch and blow of a strong man. She will feel pain and happiness. When you bring her innocence home, you are the luckiest person. Her breasts are round and look cute, letting you fly. When you live together, you will feel happy. Because she is the pinnacle of your heart. She is your perfect companion.