Can Intelligent Sex Dolls Analyze The Owner?

urdolls 06/13/2019

The sex dolls are also equipped with an intelligent voice system that responds to the user's performance. In other words, she is more likely to know you better than your bed companion, even more than their perception of every movement of your body, really reach the realm of what you are doing when you hit the ass!

Unlike the cold-blooded robots, these sex doll robots have heaters in their bodies that simulate real human body temperatures. Their limbs are also very flexible, very similar to humans, and each joint can be bent freely to meet your various posture needs. In all kinds of details, it is also very hard, even nails and eyelashes are very realistic.

You can find high-end dolls made of silicone, fabric, TPE and rubber. You can also get a fitness bunny, a perfect six pack and a butt that won't give up. At the same time save their opportunities and cash. You can use it to twitch, you can hone the right way to advance, pace and inhale, so you can have a pleasant conversation.

As always, these sex robots can be customized, and they want everything and what they want. After all, the degree of understanding of the female body by the founders has made women feel good about themselves.

This black-haired robot is called Yuko. It has a Scottish accent and says that he likes to watch science fiction. The light character is divided into 18 kinds. She has a full breast and a tight thigh, enough to imagine her wonderful feeling under you!

In the near future, when sex robots are popularized, it is crazy for men, because "they" will know your "one stroke and one style" better than your wife, through intelligent learning, you can chat with you, you All topics of interest.