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Wonderful history of sexual doll development

urdolls 06/06/2019

When doing love itself, be careful not to force movements and postures. Otherwise, your love doll may be damaged. Remember to grab their wrists instead of their fingers. Even now, compared to the complexity of modern dolls, sex dolls decades ago are unambiguous - but does this also apply to sex dolls that appear 20 years later?

The development history of sex dolls is like a blockbuster! The history of adult sex dolls is comparable to a movie blockbuster, which makes people feel fragrant, wonderful and admired! It is said that the first adult doll was written by the Chinese.

There is a saying that the originator of the sex doll is Hitler. In World War II, Hitler personally gave the party guard to prevent the German soldiers from engaging in the "non-Aryanian" women in the occupied area and to eliminate sexually transmitted diseases (especially syphilis) in the Nazi military camp. The commander of the army, Himmler, secretly developed a "doll" with a similar physiological structure for women, fighting for the male soldiers.

Hitler also demanded that sexual dolls must have fair skin, golden hair, big eyes, a height of 1 meter and 76, as well as a meaty mouth and a full chest. But the geese... the soldiers refused to carry these sex doll because they were afraid of being ridiculed after being captured.

Danish doctor Oren and German psychiatrist Rudolf took over the design and development of sex dolls. However, on the evening of February 13, 1945, the Allied bombing destroyed the doll factory and 130,000 residents.

Ten years later, the United States copied the "sex doll" plan that had been dead, and provided a large number of dolls for the American soldiers on the front line. The soldiers were excited to cry! Then Germany quickly began selling similar toys. Sex dolls are also the lust and welfare of Japanese civil servants.
In the middle of the 20th century, Japan sent personnel to the South Pole for the first time. The government is worried that the long-term abstinence of the expedition team will affect health. Therefore, the public fund is used to develop a high-quality emotional doll, named "Antarctic No. 1."

The Japanese sex dolls at the beginning are basically personal self-contained balloons, made of vinyl and rubber, and the price is very cheap. Blowing before use, it can be folded after use, but the edge of the body is often leaked due to cracking. Imagine that when you were excited, the face of the inflatable doll suddenly dried up quickly... Can you harden it? Haha?

Most people in the general population are very stressed about the daily process of the exhibition, so there is a good choice here, effectively increasing the best chance of getting more fun. Sex dolls are almost plug and play. When you buy a silicone doll, it can be used out of the box - although you should clean it thoroughly before use. Sex dolls with AI may need to be built first.