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Personal information

  • Name:Tachibana Shinya
  • Birthday:May 15
  • Hobbies:Drinking tea, Reading
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Japan

Name:Tachibana Shinya

Name:Tachibana Shinya


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Background Information About Tachibana Shinya:

Tachibana likes to drink black tea. He is very particular about the black tea. In the comics, he said: "Black tea should be brewed with boiling water of 95 degrees or more, and then milk that has been warmed beforehand. The tea cup should be heated first." The golden classical tea set reveals that she likes black tea and has fought for tea time. "Thank you for inviting me, I am very happy, so where do you want to take me this time?" Tachibana said to you very excitedly.
She is a middle school student from Japan. She is 19 years old this year. She has an innocent face. Like most children, she likes to play. When she came home from school, she began collecting wildflowers along the road. This scene happened to be taken by you, you are fascinated by her. You sneak on the way to school and school every day. After a period of struggle, you finally have the courage to invite her to be your role model. To his surprise, she actually agreed with your request and said she was very happy. Because she also wants to go to more places and enjoy more beauty.

She is a very realistic TPE sex doll. Where do you want to take her? Do you want to share any secret base with her? Maybe you have a lot of answers, she can't wait. Are you ready to take her home? If your answer is yes, take action and give her more concern at her best age. We believe that you will be interested in her breasts.

You hold her little wrist and stuff your penis deep into her young pussy. Her hands are hard and her vaginal muscles contract around my penis. If you don't enter her, you may have a heart attack. Looking back at her between her separate knees, she saw your huge penis. The swollen head gleamed by desire and saw it rushing out of her genitals. When she pulled her to the edge, she shouted, I want your cock!

I like to read German books (mainly about subconscious psychology and alchemy). Everyday life is very regular, and it usually starts very early in the morning. Unless there are special circumstances, the night is 9 o'clock on time. I like to watch the "Detective Coach" puppet show, and I am quite obsessed with the protagonist "Kuku". The voice that once pretended to be "Cuku" confuses her. It is almost fake, and True Red completely thinks that Cuku is alive. Because it is often called pure, it is called "cursed doll", but sometimes it shows the other side of fragility and gentleness in front of pure. Fear of cats and darkness, I like dogs very much. Always follow the words of the father, sometimes the same philosopher's sentiment. Not good at housework.