Personal information

  • Name:Kelly Geordie
  • Birthday:May 9
  • Hobbies:Racing car
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Germany

Name:Kelly Geordie

Name:Kelly Geordie


Background Information About Kelly Geordie:

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Kelly is a veritable racing fan. He went to Germany from Germany to participate in the peak matchup. Because it is a land of sorrow, it’s still a slap in the face, or because it can go to revenge, it’s not even her own. Understand the state of love and communication. It's like a boxer is going to be the same as a player who has to fight but has to be defeated. Although I am excited in the lounge, I don’t know where this feeling of excitement comes from. "What happened? How is this feeling? Her heart is already very excited.

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She lives in the castle in the middle of the tree-tree in the suburbs. It usually takes an hour to drive from the street, but for a very high-tech car, she only needs 20 minutes to reach the end. Everyone who rides her car is scared. Do you have the courage to sit in her co-pilot position?