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Will your other half quietly use sex dolls?

Sex dolls are artificial life, just like dolls that are usually designed for male masturbation. Our mission is to help you find the sex doll that best meets your needs. Sex dolls will be part of our lives, and then we will know.

I know that many people have misunderstandings about sex dolls and it is easy to understand why. Many people still want to use ugly and fuzzy human inflatable dolls to find unattractive basement residents. A wide variety of dolls are available from a wide range of suppliers on the market, which means that each pocket has a variety of options. Be sure to consider storing the dolls. Full-size dolls take up as much space as people.

She is outside. If you want a random stranger to better guess your answer, you should better understand this person and then claim that she is your girlfriend. Personally, I would be happy if my spouse is satisfied with a sex doll rather than often considering having sex with a real person. Sexual dolls do not carry sickness, cannot be pregnant, cannot hire a lawyer or sue for sexual harassment or child support, and cannot engage in emotional blackmail. I am happy to talk about this topic with ease. It is very interesting to buy such a good toy together. Then, many others will be upset about this idea. That is different. You must know that this person is guessing.

However, if you think that a random stranger can better guess your girlfriend because you want a sex doll, then this may mean that you don't understand what kind of unique character she is. If you don't understand this, then you may not let her feel a lot. Therefore, her relationship with you may not be safe, which means that her perception of sex dolls is more likely than average.

For most men in that situation, the problem is solved manually. The use of dolls is a more expensive solution that requires more preparation and planning, so it is less common. The two advantages of a sex doll are: (1) it is a more immersive experience, including more physical contact and exercise; (2) it can be thought of as something different from masturbation. Some men may be religious scorpions about masturbation, so sex dolls may be a way to solve this problem.

When you find that your boyfriend or husband is quietly using silicone sex doll. How would you react? Do you know rubber products? Do you want to marry him? Come on, it's not like he is emotionally related to himself; he is itchy. If I venture and guess again: if there is a choice, he will like you more. The doll is his substitute because he can't get it according to your ideas.

Then your choice is (1) to give him more care or some "lighter" alternative relief; (2) to force him to expel the doll, may reduce his self-help. (3) tolerate his solution, understand you Still his, he will be reasonable to be discrete and hygienic. Of course, just for the record, there are options. (4) Frightened, away from screams. Depending on other things he brings, you may not have a good reason to fail.

Talk to your boyfriend and try to find out what happened to you and fix it. Is it because he doesn't have enough sex with you? Is it because it makes you feel that you are not wanted? Find out why it bothers you and solves it. If the answer is only biased towards you or you think it is serious, then this is even more of a problem for you. But work with your boyfriend. There are no inherent errors in using sex toys. This is no different from using a dildo or vibrator.

This means you need to do more things in the gender department. Why not make a trio with you, your boyfriend and sex dolls. I believe it will increase your sex life. I have a dildo and me, my husband did it three times.

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