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Is there a conflict between building a partner and a Japanese sex doll?

Tab Conan
Sep 10, 2019 15:02

In fact, sex promotes innovation and drives technology forward. From the early days of civilization, we carved nude characters with rocks, wood and clay. We portrayed the sexual behavior of cave walls and stone monuments in prehistoric times. Inventions such as photography, print, video and the Internet quickly became a broad medium of sexual expression and pornography. I work on a handful of adult websites because it's where money is, and it's no coincidence that many frontier innovations were also pioneers in the adult industry. I am a positive person in sexual life and I like to stay at the forefront of my field. Applying my scientific knowledge in this area is an easy decision. Like the early Internet, I don't think there is a conflict between the establishment of artificial partners and the humanitarian artificial intelligence and robotic work I am doing. In fact, Japanese sex doll are a mutually beneficial effort. I am not only an advocate and supporter of this technology, but also a supporter of the people who use it.