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Why Are Sex Dolls So Expensive?

Alan Ted
Jul 16, 2019 18:01

Sex dolls are in the process of research and development innovation, crafts, raw materials, skeleton materials, production according to national standards and head innovation and development, dolls in addition to the skin is the skeleton has no filler, the simulation of human skin material is true, long service life, not because of expensive She is durable, just like a good piece of furniture and a car, you don't have to buy it often, but basically buy it once and basically buy it a second time. The second time you buy it may be a product with new features, or It is important to choose a different height. It is very important for a company to develop its quality in the long run. Does a company want to disappear today after tomorrow, or do you want to continue to develop in this industry for a long time? I want to be innovative in the sex doll industry for a long time, and we are determined to be a responsible and ethical company.