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You Can Extend Your Life By Loving Your Silicone Sex Dolls

urdolls 11/08/2019

Improve the longevity of life. Yes! ! You can extend your life by loving your doll. The basic principle behind this fact is very simple. Sex makes men happy. Happiness leads to healthy people, and healthy people means longer lives. Therefore, these dolls are very popular and can add more years to human life.

Do not scrub her hard during the cleanup process, and do not be violent when having sex with her, as this may make the synthetic meat rough. Remember that sex dolls can be fragile, but should not be rude or exposed to high temperatures.

Do you know that you can fix your sex doll in many situations? This is real. If there is a problem, we have skilled staff who can restore your sex doll to perfect working condition. More preferably, the detachable parts such as the vaginal doll can be replaced while worn. This means losing only part of your sex doll instead of replacing the entire toy.

Make sure your doll sits or stands on a soft surface - the doll's skin is tender. Never place her directly on the floor of a bathtub or shower. When you take a shower, fold a blanket or towel underneath.

You can use the hair that comes with the very gentle shampoo cleansing doll. Let the wig dry. Do not use a hair dryer on top, but you can use a wet towel. Do not completely immerse the head of the sex doll underwater, and be gentle when brushing the hair of the doll.

Set the price range of your sex doll before you do anything else. Obviously, we really want to be the source of your sex doll, but no matter what you choose, we hope you have the best advice. We will be very honest. You won't find a good sex doll for less than $1,200. Anything cheaper than this will be made of cheap materials and may not be guaranteed.