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Sex Doll Robot Has Been Listed

urdolls 06/13/2019

In order to design the most realistic sex dolls, the designers invented a sex robot and said that they can fall in love with the user. This strangely shaped doll is called Yuko. It has a Scottish accent and has 18 characters such as "shy" and "sexy".

Another aspect of the fantasy I want to cover is the appearance of a sex doll. Sex dolls with AI may need to be built first. If you think that all the clothing and accessories are real toy needs, then it is not uncommon to use a small room. For people with certain conditions, it is very difficult to meet and even meet with them. By using appropriate sex toys, you can earn a desire by hiring this buying platform.

In a recently released video, sex doll president asked Yuko: "What do you think is sex?" She replied: "Sex is the best thing in the world." He said: "I don't think she has any answer. problem."

Sex robots, also known as companion robots, are intelligent robots that satisfy people's sexual needs. Sex doll robots are highly intelligent in simulating human skin and posture, and can brain-react human language and movements. They are intelligent robots that specifically meet people's sexual needs.

This sex robot has a permanent memory, which means it can establish emotional connections with the owner and remember user information. They are currently developing a sex doll AI system that will add a new dimension to the relationship between people and sex dolls, and chat is not limited to sexual topics.

Sex robots are highly realistic, with a built-in flexible skeleton, and it takes 80 hours to build a sex doll. Moreover, the genitals of the robot can be customized, and the faces can be changed at will according to the user's interests.

Currently, the product is available in 18 female bodies and 2 male sizes. The starting price is $3,000, and the more eye-catching premium version starts at $6,000. They also designed a high-quality silicone that simulates real body temperature, gives a sense of realism, and the robot is softer.