Personal information

  • Name:Quintina Charley
  • Birthday:May 24
  • Hobbies:Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Surfing
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Quintina Charley

Name:Quintina Charley


Background Information About Quintina Charley:

Of course, this guy immediately received the news and began to touch her big chest to stimulate her. She is gorgeous in death and a very thick body with great tits and ass. He began to kiss and lick her chest, making her more enthusiastic. Looking at them both, I want to know what they are doing in the girls' uniforms. The party can begin. Lying side by side on their backs, the girls lifted their skirts and opened their legs.

Although Quintina is a beautiful woman, She is a very realistic TPE sex doll. she is often mistaken for her cold personality because of her thorny temperament and cold words and deeds. In fact, she is simply a trouble, and she does not want to do anything. Silent, cold. It is difficult to understand her, but she is not weak, but rather a character that considers too much and is in her heart.

Although Quintina looks like a pure and cute little girl, she is actually a very naughty lady. She likes extreme sports. She likes bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing and more. She likes to wear a bikini to slide in the sea. When she returned to the shore. Her plump breasts make the swimsuit very open. She has been swinging up and down. She quickly ran to you lying on the beach. She is eager to feel your tough guy. She never seems to feel tired.
At home, she usually wears underwear. She can feel the joy of sex at any time. Take her home. She will wake you up in different ways in different ways. For example, a fierce kiss. Sexy breasts continue to rub your face... Your life will be fresh every day.
Very energetic in the battle, as long as there is your order, let her obey. She was fascinated by your appearance at first, but very quickly, the melancholy of your body is more attractive to her. She is the kind of typical girl who "will show it if she likes it." When she gets along with each other, she finally admits to the heart of her, and she is more calm after she says it. But she didn't care, she was convinced that you also like her.