Personal information

  • Name:Mavis Burns
  • Birthday:May 27
  • Hobbies:Swim
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Mavis Burns

Name:Mavis Burns

Flight attendant

Background Information About Mavis Burns:

Everyone has been caressed by his father and has been gentled by his father. Even Mavis's good friends are no exception. But she can't, she can only watch it all, her father is so close to herself, close to the hand, but she can't touch her father, can't get any love, any gentleness. But she also loves her father! So she knows that if she wants to feel the love of her father, there is only one way to become a promising person!
"What do you want to experience my big breasts? They are a burden for me because they are heavy, but when a pair of men's hands touch them, I will feel happier than ever, my nipples It will also become very hard," Mavis said.
She has been a waiter on the plane, but to be honest, she may not be suitable for the job because her breasts are too big and she will accidentally put her chest on the food when serving passengers. But the strange thing is that passengers are not dissatisfied with this. Even many passengers choose to take the flight she works for. As you can imagine, when you are on the plane, she is wearing a uniform and bending in front of you. Sir, she whispers in your ear in a gentle tone. What can I do for you? However, you didn't answer her question because your focus is on the huge breasts because her big breasts are about to touch your legs. You can't help but pinch. Bring her back. When you get home, you can immerse yourself in the excitement of spending love with you, and you will be surprised how real it is.She is a very realistic TPE sex doll.
She can't say that she is ruthless. She actually loves her father. She can not participate in this work that will lose her virginity at any time. But she went to work in order to get a positive eye from her father. She ignored her sister because she loved her father.