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What Are The Ways to Dress Clothes for Sex Dolls?

Alan Ted
Jul 16, 2019 18:09

In order to help everyone, I now share the experience of wearing clothes for the sex doll, hoping to help everyone. 

Tool materials: a doll, a dress, a pair of gloves, a stool, 

1, the doll body has a skeleton so he can do the action, posing, first raise the doll's hand to the shoulder position parallel to the ear, the palm straight up; 

2, the left hand is raised to the shoulder position and the ear is parallel with the left hand palm straight up; 

3, open the left and right arms in parallel and try to be close to the ear so that wearing clothes is more convenient as shown below; 

4Pass the prepared clothes through the two palms and pass through the head; 

5After a hand is knocked down to sort out the clothes, the second hand is knocked down to complete the dressing operation of the doll.

Note: Do not use excessive force when raising the arm, keep it within the operable range, so that the doll joint can last longer. If you feel that your arm is not working well, you can stretch it back gently.