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What do you think of child sex dolls?

Tab Conan
May 15, 2019 19:16

I know that few people think they need a private slave. The only mission in their lives is to do what they want as partners. I am not worried that men will replace women with dolls and robots. Being a pedophile does not automatically make you a sex offender. Did not have a piece of silica gel. This is an illusion. Sex doll are not real children. It is not based on real children, but on silicone. It doesn't even look like a porn star sex doll that you can buy. You can buy a dragon penis dildo, but that doesn't mean you will run a dragon (if there is such a thing). It's just a versatile small-scale doll that might give something that people desperately want, but know they'll never have it. The idea that people put forward this point is that some people who will eventually harm the child will find enough satisfaction in the doll and choose not to hurt the real human being.