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Will you buy a sex doll?

Tracy Max
May 07, 2019 15:17

I am a member of the urdolls team. As a supplier of TPE sex doll, there are several real sex dolls in my home. They brought me different fun. Some sex dolls will buy sex dolls for sex, curiosity, impulsive consumption, etc. Not everyone's girlfriend or wife is perfect in terms of sex. Sometimes your dear refuses your request or travels for a long time, this sex is very much needed. It can not only solve your requirements, but also maintain a good marriage. Here are the answers from urdolls customers, I hope I can help you. 

Rex Pound said: "I already have a sex doll. She is the best courtesy God has given me. The happiest thing on the day is that she is with her. She always waits for me at home, don't worry that she will leave me. The feeling of having sex with her is like having sex with a real woman. She never says no, it feels great!" 

Vito Meg said: "I have been keeping a real sex doll for a year to help me cope with the long-term relationship of foreign countries. I can't have real sex with women because I am of course tied together. However, especially in On a cold night, when I was alone in my apartment, the physical needs were undeniable. I shared this with my friends who lived near my apartment. He used to have the same dilemma and he gave me a solution. He asked me to use his newly bought adult doll as a man, and later I realized that this is everything I need."