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Sex Dolls Enhance Their Marital Relationship

urdolls 06/13/2019

It can be difficult to talk about sex and admit that you are bored. Many people will live without talking about these issues publicly. In many cases, we may not have physical contact with others for a long time. This prevents the material from sag or sag due to constant pressure. Are you willing to hang your sex doll with the entire closet? You can have a different experience. This will give you the opportunity to try any of them and know which one is best for you.

The husband said that his wife did not mind sharing the husband with the inflatable dolls, but it would enhance their marital relationship. He is a Ph.D. and one of the developers of high-simulation smart dolls. He said that sex dolls have high-tech interactive ability to respond specifically to human touch and hugs.

Sex doll can not only speak multiple languages, but also learn new things through artificial intelligence software. Dr. Sex Doll said that sharing a bed with a sex doll does not harm his marriage. In fact, it helps the marital relationship.

Artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds, and I think integrating it into sex dolls will give people a better experience. Imagine how fast these days of technology are developing. When I first entered IT work, if you have 1 GB of RAM your box screams quickly.

My first computer was probably 12 years ago and it has a 1G hard drive. I think they say technology doubles every six months. Who would have thought that there is no ground line that is normal for your house, and there is a phone in your pocket that fits your palm so that you can talk to anyone in the world and get more data than you think... many of us I don't even watch TV, but stream movies on our computers. Ip calls are very common. You don't like it.

Look at the extent to which artists make real-looking dolls. In the near future you have a doll that will share your bed and clean your house? And cost? It may be less hell than my ex-wife.