How to Make Sex Dolls Self-lubricating or Cum

urdolls 06/18/2019

Give them a try and you will see how many good things they can do for your relationship. This level of sex dolls are usually not made of the highest quality materials or can be customized, but they can still do the job. In many cases, you can always rely on sex dolls to achieve sexual pleasure.

I don't have sex dolls yet, but I am working hard. Is there any way to make a sex doll "cum" or self-lubricating? Any ideas? I think this is the cat's jealousy! Want to know if there is a small tube in the back of the bladder into the vagina? Maybe control with a small light bulb connected to the lubricant somewhere just to reach and squeeze the type setting?

Better heat that thing. Cold lubricants before the climax may ruin this moment. An implanted mechanical system would be ideal. Perhaps the reservoir in the navel of the silicone sex doll fills the pocket above the "uterus" area, and the capillary extends down to the vulva. This way the lubricant bag acts like a pump, and the movement of the ocean creates waves. Work harder on sex and work harder.

The low-tech version of this idea uses a large piece of water-soaked sponge and concentrated water-based lubricant soaked in it. The problem is that the pusher can move it all the way back as a piston. Fast rest and repositioning will get backflow. I usually use a small mist bottle with water. It's easier to clean rather than take out the pliers and let the sponge come back. But the reward points for the internal scraping sponge.

This certainly won't be an "ejector" but it can help. Let things go smoothly. It is not a doll owner from the experts so far, but if you cut the top of the vagina from the top of the anus, you can place the hose on the anus to fill the vagina. Need some serious surgery, maybe someone with experience might consider this idea?

I heard. I have no real cats for 10 years. I am just flat not, I mean can't get laid. So what does one want to do? I tried those $20 explosion dolls. Awesome. How do you know that it is difficult to do a piece? This face looks like something in Jason's movie. A few months before I ordered a new bride. but
Hey! She is very energetic!

Finished, last time I fucked a real girl, her pussy seemed to be very hot, almost uncomfortable, just as I suddenly realized that I was used to the cold pussy, actually I like it now. More strict. Not to mention 24/7/365 available 24/7. Yes, having sex dolls has great benefits.

Perhaps the other airbag on the other end is filled with oil with a check valve, so that the light bulb you squeeze will push the air into the second bulb, pushing the lubricant into the vagina. If you don't want another bladder, I think you can just plug the open end but it can only be used for one shot and may leave unexpectedly before you want.

It may not be practical for a vagina built-in doll, but it is very reasonable for insertion. Simply cut the plug one or two inches to make room for the second bulb at the top, or fit it completely into the insert. In either case, there is a hole in the top of the insert. The tube is then run along the edge from the top of the insert. (I hope it's quite curved.) When you're ready, just squeeze the airbag that has run out of her body.