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Is There Any Easy Way to Clean The Sex Doll?

Alan Ted
Jul 16, 2019 18:16

For the vagina is a plug-in sex doll: prepare the glove lubricant hand to wear gloves, hold the vagina, squeeze the lubricant on the surface of the name of the designer and apply it evenly into the lower body. After using it, put on the glove and directly put the name. The device is taken out and taken to the bathroom for cleaning. The glove is squeezed into the lower body cavity and inside. After use, the silicone sex doll is placed on the bed, the legs are placed on the stool, and the bottom is connected with a washbasin. Water, prepare the vaginal cleaner, shower gel, pour the shower gel into the vaginal washer and add water to the vaginal washer into the hole. Squeeze the cleaner repeatedly and rinse it three times.