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How to prepare my sex doll for the best experience?

Tracy Max
Mar 15, 2019 16:26

Before you use sex doll, there are many ways to get your sex doll to their best. You can cover your doll with electric blankets before sexual intercourse. Silicone dolls have insulating properties and therefore do not lose temperature very quickly. When you heat the TPE doll, you need to pay special attention to the temperature is not too high. Because the TPE material may deform when exposed to high temperatures. The doll is damaged. Another option is to bathe your love doll for about 15 minutes.

Ben Gray
Jul 27, 2019 10:40

The type, size and any specific factors that can help them have sex with sex toys. There are many married couples still confused how to satisfy each other's libido, this is the time when sex toys enter. Most men don't know how to satisfy their wives, and some don't even have the ability. With adult toys, men can let their wives enjoy the best sex.