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How to repair the cracks on the surface of dolls?

Tracy Max
Feb 8, 2019 18:26

In the process of using sex dolls, if you accidentally let a sharp object scratch the skin of the doll, you should take the following measures immediately to restore your doll. First you need to be prepared to repair the skin crack. The materials needed. They are silicone adhesives, mild soaps or cleaners, clean water, clean towels and a pair of clean gloves.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 14:33

Your beloved sex doll is your partner, and you will want her to remain beautiful at all times. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to keep your cute partner high quality and extend its life.

Tracy Max
Sep 23, 2019 19:30

One of the main mistakes males make about sex dolls is to expose them to rough, dry impacts that are neither satisfactory nor beneficial. Are you standing on a big bust? Still a big ass? What if you are not sure which sex doll is right for you? Open-minded, adventurous couples also like to integrate dolls into a shared love game. Now, having sex with a doll is no longer unusual.