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Why do people buy realistic silicone dolls?

urdolls 05/02/2019

The inner skeleton is usually made of wire, which is very good, but you can even choose a doll like Barbie. As a biological function, it has a direct connection with physical, emotional, psychological and mental health.

This is a real doll owner why buy a reference to a sex doll. After a hard day's work, I got tired of walking into an empty house. All I have to do is see my sex doll smile in the corner and know that everything will be fine. I know that my house is still empty, but at least my doll won't feel empty here. "

No matter how you look at them, we all believe that we will see more of these lifelike replicas in the sex toy industry. Even customers can take advantage of special discounts for buying dolls from this website. If you think that sex dolls are only made for men or lesbians, because only female sex dolls are available, you are completely wrong. These sex dolls have beautiful breasts and exhilarating nipples that will ensure your libido liquidation rises to the top!

"For me, I am just tired of loneliness. I have been there all the time. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in this way. I think a fake girl is better than no girl. Besides anything else from that on, Any girl I can get along with doesn't look as good as the dolls people sell."

"I have been married for 25 years. Most of the past ten years are not happy. Now I am single. The last thing I want is the (real) relationship. The doll does not complain, always there, never has a headache. I won. When I was young, I started using latex fans. It extended to inflatable dolls, then silicone dolls. These dolls are not substitutes, they are just for illusion."

In order to capture the beauty of women's expression in photos. I have always admired some people's views on their photography. I am just tired of being alone. Most of the women I went out when I came here this season were very angry, and I went to the competition most of the time. And I don't want all the head games that real women bring.

It seems that the entire dating/marriage concept has become a man's death trap. No matter how you play it, she will hold all the cards and may use them at some point. The doll is a good choice. They can fully meet your needs and make this arrangement sustainable.

Realistic silicone dolls have many advantages

Because having a realistic silicone doll has many advantages. First of all, sex dolls will never say no to you. Second, you will never worry about getting STDS and AIDS. Third, don't worry about getting pregnant. Fourth, don't worry about important days. The feeling of having a sexual relationship with a real silicone doll is like having a sexual relationship with a real woman.

“Never a girlfriend, trying online dating for many years, no success. I have reached a point in my life, I think it is like you. It is better to have a doll than a woman without life.”

The real reason is still that those who choose to buy silicone "lovers" are "hidden", but the general consensus seems to be the following mix: the world's sexual desire has increased. The absolute competition to find "partners" has forced people to be on call and easier to choose. People are becoming more insecure to other human partners. Some people have professional minds and just want to 'quickly solve.

Some people practice with their dolls (and last longer) and then “real sex” elsewhere. Some people are “irritated” about the requirements of full-time partners and find it difficult to “skip the hoops requested by the partners” but to “reduce the trouble”. People are more "virtual" and "lonely." There are many other reasons, but these are the most square.

If you are interested in finding silicone partners/fans. Urdolls is one of the best options you can consider. "With silicone dolls, you can be yourself. You don't need to deceive them and want to be with you (I have never been good at it. They are always by your side, they won't judge you, don't force you to change them.) Expectations. Of course, they can't replace real interpersonal relationships, but you have your friends and family."