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Description of the skeleton of the sex doll

urdolls 05/03/2019

Given the importance of sex in human experience, it is equally important for people who are not currently in love to find some ability to release their sexual energy. The service life is longer than the cheap blow molding doll. You can even buy wigs, clothes and other accessories for medium and high-end dolls.

The sex doll industry has become popular in the retail industry. According to the data, global toy sales reached $15 billion in 2014, and some observers said that by 2020, this figure could grow to $52 billion. The difference between the TPE sex doll physical doll skeleton is that the material is made of steel or composite metal, and the manufacturing technology includes full processing, skeleton joint flexibility, etc...

If you have the opportunity to buy dolls for adults, then by expanding the most extreme exhibitions, this is the perfect place to get more quality dolls. Many people reach orgasm through masturbation instead of real sexual intercourse. Sex toys and sex dolls can help you reach the orgasm stage. Sex dolls have male, female and male genders.

Skeleton introduction of sex doll

This may be a combination of various socio-economic changes that drive the sex toy market, and most importantly, people meet their physical desires in a very healthy and safe way. It is not difficult to find that there are many kinds of physical dolls on the market, and the price difference is also very large, as low as one or two thousand, as high as three or five thousand. In addition to the details, the doll's manufacturing materials and crafts lead to different prices.

The following is an introduction to the skeleton of a sex doll. The silicone solid doll is mainly made of bone and silicone. The skeleton of the skeleton is made of steel or composite metal. The difference is that the material is made of steel or composite metal, and the manufacturing techniques include full processing, flexibility of the skeleton joint, and the like.

Skeleton material: If the doll uses lightweight alloy bone, it has stronger toughness than steel frame, is not easy to break, has good durability, and has moderate weight, high strength and light weight. It not only satisfies the practicality of the doll, but also satisfies the durability of the doll.

Skeleton Joint: A silicone-like doll with an ergonomic alloy skeleton. The new ball joint structure allows for flexible positioning. The range of joint motion can reach 85%-90% of the range of joint motion of the human body. Therefore, the action of the doll is more flexible, you can change the various sexual postures you want, such as squatting, reclining, riding, etc., so that you can get a more comfortable experience in the process of sex.

Skeleton production technology: In addition to joint activity technology, the silicone doll skeleton uses advanced automated production technology. Based on advanced, stable and reliable product design and process, it can provide mass production. Stabilize and improve product quality, reduce production costs, shorten production cycle and ensure production balance. The entity doll factory relies on good technology to produce quality products and serve the public.

These metal skeletons provide them with human size and features. Their facial features are even more so; they are designed to resemble people of Eastern origin. They have built-in metal skeletons that separate them from the inflated fittings. This metal frame helps keep the dolls sturdy and helps maintain their posture. Female dolls are equipped with breasts, vagina, buttocks, anal buttocks and face to highlight their femininity. Their male counterparts have a penis, a pair of balls, abdominal muscles, thighs, shoulders and a man's general body.