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Some things that are forbidden to do sex dolls

urdolls 05/08/2019

There are many different versions of love dolls. The inflatable doll is made of soft rubber and is filled with air before use. In addition, when handling lubricating oil, please do not use it at will, so as not to damage the mouth, anus and vagina. The gel should not be made on an oil basis, but an aqueous gel should be used to avoid eroding the silicone of the doll.

Finding the right sex doll is one of the biggest problems today. Simply select and buy the small sex doll of your choice, which looks more realistic than a traditional doll. When your good guy finally arrives, we know how you feel! When she was brand new, her limbs were a bit stiff. After moving for a while, she recovered.

These dolls are mainly used for masturbation purposes, but they can offer customers a number of different advantages. Can love dolls replace real love? The answer to this question depends on the user of the love doll, but to some extent. To be honest, too many types of sex dolls should be fully described. I have picked some of the most popular types to discuss. Idol worshippers are a real thing, and there is a huge industry there.

Don't bend or stretch the doll, not the doll that she can handle. Even if you stretch your arms and legs or bend your hips, you can only feel it to a certain extent. If you feel it, stop, this is her tight limit, giving more pressure will immediately grab her, it may damage the bone or tear her skin. If this happens, you are unlikely to fix it unless you send them to the workshop.

Therefore, in order to provide you with more convenience, you can buy more erotic and attractive silicone sex doll online. All you need is to customize your favorite little dolls at the urdolls store. You can easily meet your sexual needs.

In the process of using sex dolls, in order to keep the doll healthy. There are some considerations to follow. Don't turn your sex doll. This is a bad position, it is severely licking her heels, chest and knees. Her spine was injured, her chest was deformed, and her knee was torn. Please do not finish in one second.

Don't leave sex dolls in a strange appearance. Obviously you can pose as you like, but sit down, lie down or stand and put her in a natural position. Keeping her in a strange position will catch her. One of the very bad postures is the dog's style, which puts a lot of pressure on the knees. This position will tear her knees without delay. If you really want it, you can do it on a soft bed and add extra blankets and pillows under the knees of the female love doll.

With whip chair moving dolls. They are heavy and we have to give up, especially if you are unfaithful to sex dolls, she may make you unable to handle it. If you are not afraid of this, try buying a sex doll of less than 30 kg. This is the size and weight of your being deceived. You need a chair with a chair, such as an office chair, that can be moved around her. This is easy for you.