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Is it strange to have a silicone sex doll?

urdolls 05/02/2019

These sex dolls usually have the same functions as top-level dolls. It can serve as a catharsis of sexual fantasies and sexual desires. Driven by erotic photography, industry films and documentaries, and the emergence of pop culture neutral robots, the sex doll revolution will be a crazy journey.

The spray speed is fast and the cleaning is more convenient. In the online store, you can find many cleaners so you can easily increase the life of your toys. A true sex doll is a person who changes the rules of the game, albeit a controversial doll. You can choose to use India, Africa, Asia, USA, France, Russia and Brazil or any type of race in your sex dolls. There are no restrictions on creativity and choice.

Many people now have silicone sex doll instead of their wives. They think sex dolls are better than their wives. But not all sex dolls are equal. Like humans, sex dolls are really diverse. Some are just beautified beach balls made of cheap vinyl that pop up and shrink as they are penetrated. Others are made of silicone and are made of metal enamel, allowing real doll idiots to position their joints.

Some sex dolls even have an internal heating system that makes them feel less fatal when touched. The manufacturer of high-end dolls - currently costing up to $10,000 per doll - is currently working on "robot dolls that talk, flirt and interact with customers. Yes, men have sex with them. This is what they call The reason for "sex dolls".

Sex dolls bring you endless happiness

Even the most basic, cheap, and ugly band-aid color-exploding dolls, as a gift for some singularity at some bachelor parties, somewhere for some desperate men designed a hole for It's not pretty to stick his tip and blow his sticky items, but it does. This is not rocket science. This is socket science.

No quarrels, betrayal, sex dolls will always wait at home. Sex dolls are easier to get along than real women. I think if no one is hurt or abused. why not? Some men have high sexual desire and need to export. Sex dolls will never marry you.

It is true that sex dolls are not as warm as real women. But according to some men, they are not so cold. The inventor of the silicone dolls filed a patent in 1995, creating a "female functional mannequin" whose "cavity" will be lubricated with "oily elastomers". According to Dr.'s book "The Erotic Doll," Smith designed his mannequin excuses.

Women are cruel, greedy, superficial, they humiliate and break the heart of men, on the contrary, dolls are reliable, obedient, companion and love. As a sex doll manufacturer urdolls explains: our dolls won't judge you, you can do whatever you want, whenever you don't complain, criticize, or talk on any pillow!

I have never tried it, but I can imagine it brings you happiness, so why not? I never judge the sex toys they like to use. I now feel that I need to ask a question, how do you say women with dildo?

I remember that in a stage in my 20s, I masturbate three times a day just to ease my impulses. I am now 50 years old and my sexual desire has dropped dramatically. When I was young, sleeping with a pillow was just because it felt good. I can sympathize with men who just want dolls to hug at night.

I will say that the world is full of sexual appeal that surprises me. Silicone dolls are a fairly complicated device. The doll seems to be very realistic, or at least very exciting. I use some toys to have sex with myself. I found my toys by reading and viewing various directories. I found out how to use them experimentally.

I believe that some people will think that my use of these toys is very strange. I can only say that this belongs to the wonderful category of "everyone belongs to himself." I don't think I can condemn the man who uses the silicone doll anyway. In fact, if I know someone and they are willing to let me try them, I will probably say, yes.

For a woman, you must also endure her. Talk to her, participate in social interactions, and more. Some men just don't want that. Female masturbation and various silicone shapes are like male anatomy, so I don't see anyone using silicone sex dolls to basically masturbate and there is nothing wrong with it.

But for some men, this is not just sex. It is said that a small group of people with sexual dolls will have a deep emotional attachment to them - a fact that has made many people in the society find that they are more disgusting to do with them. However, if you have emotional attachment to a doll and prefer a real woman, it is wise to seek some professional help.