Use some type of oil on TPE sex doll?

Tab Conan
Dec 14, 2019 12:29

Their quality is better than I thought, and I think it is worth recommending. I have never been able to successfully repair sex doll, but I have found that a pretty good job is to use a cheap balloon head doll as an inner tube. It may take some time for it to line up correctly, but once you are done, you will be in a better position. My current setup is a mink head and a fool, a cheap inner tube doll, she is wearing a "balloon" made from the mid belly of another doll that previously had a molded cat and I have removed it And replaced with. She won't win any photography competition, but she is very capable. When I read on TDF, I said that it is essential to use some type of oil on TPE sex dolls (such as Vasaline, Nivea Cream and Baby Oil) to prevent cracking and splitting.

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The Difference Between Real Sex Doll's EVO Skeleton And Ordinary Skeleton


2020-01-09 06:56:04

In the process of purchasing sex dolls, we may see that some sex dolls' skeletons are EVO skeletons. So what's the difference between the sex doll EVO skeleton and ordinary skeleton? We will give you a detailed explanation here. Currently, sex dolls with EVO skeleton and common skeleton options are ...

2020 New Year Sex Doll Promotion


2019-12-30 03:44:45

Happy New Year. To celebrate the holiday, 15% off all sexy sex dolls in urdolls store. So you may never return empty-handed. As a special offer this season, you will get a free sexy set, three pairs of eyes, 2 wigs & 2 combs, two pairs of gloves, cleaning tools, heating rods! Event Name:  2020 ...

Description of Delivery Time For Urdolls Sex Dolls


2019-12-27 01:54:13

1. High-end TPE dolls: Dollhouse168, piper, doll4ever, capacity increase, can be shipped the same day when there is stock, and delivery will be completed within 3 days of your order. 2. High-end silicone dolls: Sino, Sanhui, because the production process of silicone is complicated, the production t ...