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Sex Doll's Head Installation Method?

Alan Ted
Jul 16, 2019 18:33

Tool material: a connector, a pair of gloves, a doll body, a sex doll head, a sofa chair. 

1, the connector alignment doll head screw mouth rotates clockwise 3 times; 

2. One end of the connector is rotated three times clockwise with respect to the spiral position of the head; 

3. Move the head to the neck position after rotating 3 times; 

4. The connector that has been installed on the head rotates four times clockwise around the neck screw, and the installation is completed; 

5. After the installation, put on the hair sleeve, and the hair sleeve will be buckled and the hair will not fall off. 

Note: It is recommended to wear gloves when installing the connector to avoid scratching your fingers.