Sex Doll Robot Is So Real

urdolls 06/13/2019

From inflatable dolls to physical dolls, all are meant to let lonely people experience the sex that is closest to the truest state. In this era of rapid development, artificial intelligence dolls are becoming more and more real. At present, a more mature sex doll robot has appeared.

Is this a real person or a robot? This picture can be said to be very shocking. It is difficult to tell whether it is a real person or a robot. When you look closely, you will find that the kind of shyness and desire in her eyes are full of dissatisfaction. She is one of the sex doll robots that came out this time. These sex robots are from American urdolls.

Urdolls is a mysterious organization in the United States. It is located in an inconspicuous building in the United States. There is no sign. The first time you go, you must not find it, but it is the largest fun toy in the United States. factory. Focusing on the production of sex dolls, and specializing in personalized high-end customization, a doll sells for $6,000.

The urdolls sex dolls are completely handmade. Each doll has a production time of more than 80 hours and can produce 300-400 per year. The founder is also the first person in the world to create a silicone-like fun doll that fits perfectly into the human anatomy, fully hinged bone structure, and can have a variety of shapes.

His sex dolls also appeared on various Hollywood blockbusters. Some psychiatrists used his sex dolls for adjuvant treatment. Even the US Department of Defense ordered dolls from him: they bought the cut-off version for daily use. training.

The chiefs, princes, racers, Nobel laureates, and lead singers are all their clients. Of course, his confidential work is also trustworthy. Recently, he has produced ultra-realistic sex robots. Of course, the price is also very cheap: starting from $1,000! These sex robots can be said to be part of the robot revolution: incorporating artificial intelligence into robots very similar to the human body.