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Explore a new sexy area of ​​your partner with a sex doll

urdolls 05/24/2019

I find that no matter what your price range is, you can find the best doll for you. Most manufacturers recommend that you suspend your doll during long-term storage. The reality is that silicone and TPE sex dolls are really beautiful and can satisfy all your fantasies. Sex dolls are also a good gift for your single friend or family. If you haven't decided if you should buy a vibrator or something else, consider buying a cheap sex doll.

New robotic dolls. Although silicone dolls and TPE dolls on the market can bring great satisfaction to customers, as long-term partners, there are still many needs for these dolls to be improved.

TPE sex doll are not effective with olive oil. TPE generally uses fading cream. The principle of fading cream is to etch a layer of raw material on the surface of TPE to dissolve the dyed part. It is destructive, so it is necessary to confirm if it is toxic. After all, this is a doll that comes into contact with the body. Avoid using toxic substances. However, mineral oil does not corrode.

In the world of sex dolls, the reputation of urdolls is undoubted. No matter which sex toy you choose, it will significantly improve the quality of your intimate life. The life that meets the desire may be that you can choose your own wishes. There are thousands of sex dolls on the market, but only a few will satisfy you.

Regardless of the various types of sex dolls, they are divided into two categories. The sex doll is made of silicone or a thermoplastic elastomer. In order to solve the problem of expensive silicone dolls, the best way is to find a suitable and cheap material instead of silica gel. Finally, after many trials, manufacturers have found TPE to be a perfect replacement.

TPE (thermoplastic material) is a mixture of plastic and rubber that has properties similar to those of silicone. People entering our store are nervous and worried about how to raise intimacy and personal problems. This is perfectly understandable, and we are proud to make sure you are proud at all times, so sometimes we will start from your day or talk about the weather until you are comfortable enough to show us anything you need.

Sex doll manufacturers are not satisfied with the status quo. I hope to combine sex dolls with high-end smart technology and try to create market-leading robotic dolls to lead the market and help them gain an edge in future competition. Sex dolls must be able to provide more and more services to keep up with the times, not just to meet the sexual needs of customers.