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Why do people buy sex dolls?

Alan Ted
Sep 24, 2019 17:42

Useful dolls allow you to try different poses. Therefore, it should be considered as a kind of training. This way, you can say hello to your girlfriend in a new position. Although love relationships do not involve pure sexual behavior, love dolls naturally have a vagina and anus. You don't have to force the doll to enter the box, the shipping company won't ask stupid questions, and you don't have to do anything about it.

Alan Ted
Apr 8, 2019 17:12

There are many reasons why people buy sex doll. Below we will introduce you to some of the reasons for the buyer. According to researchers at Harvard University, 21 orgasms this month are a natural need for humans, and the risk of prostate cancer is further reduced by 22% compared with men who are only 7 years old. Given that women are subject to certain restrictions, such as menstruation, family life, fatigue, or the first month of life, sex dolls are a very friendly alternative to avoid adultery. Still others are working outside the city for professional and/or commercial reasons because of court or long-term separation, so the partner is not there, but they do not want him to be outside and have adultery outside. Frequent travellers, miners, builders, engaged in remote field operations or just vacationing in their second home, because they are often in a long-term or short-term separation, couples may have sexual needs, so the doll can be without unfaithfulness It also plays a key role in temporary satisfaction. If you have these conditions, then we recommend that you buy a sex doll of your own. Help you solve problems.

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 16:26

In many cases, we may not have physical contact with others for a long time. In addition, you may feel that you need to have sexual contact with your partner out of the box and not be able to communicate with him or her. In this case, you can always rely on sex dolls to achieve sexual pleasure.