Can sex doll analyze the owner's needs and emotions?

urdolls 05/17/2019

The new female sex doll robot was released. The price was as high as 20,000 US dollars, but it was still sold out. According to the company, these robots are mainly the housewife model, so they were named "wife". Their appearance is sweet and cute, and they can mimic the behavior of a normal woman.

At the same time, they can also meet the various requirements of the owner, and can help the owner to do some simple housework. And they look like real people, if you don't look carefully, it's hard to feel that they are robots. The sex doll robot Samantha has a sensor underneath the skin, and if it is detected to be treated in a violent or rude manner, it will enter a state of "pretending to be dumb."

Such a robot appears in front of the public and can completely replace the existence of a girlfriend. Especially in this era of getting married and getting a house, its birth is the gospel of countless single men. However, after seeing such a hot sales scene, some insiders also raised concerns.

In today's era when intelligence is becoming more and more popular, humans are already very dependent on artificial intelligence. But female robots are robots after all, and humans still need to reproduce, so some industry insiders say that some productivity-oriented robots can rely on, but this companion robot is best not to rely too much. Because if you live with the robot for a long time, then human emotions will undergo qualitative changes, which will break the balance of human civilization.

Especially in countries where patriarchalism is deeply rooted, female robots are so popular as soon as they are listed. So what kind of scenes will happen in other countries? Although robots can only do simple escorts now.

With the development of science and technology, people continue to study in depth. How likely are these female robots to replace most women in the future? How many men will choose this kind of robot that will always be loyal to themselves and will not betray oneself? It is understood that in order to make the shape of this beauty robot more realistic, the scientific community has made its greatest efforts, using the latest technology and artificial skin materials, so that her shape is the same as real people.

Although there is still a certain gap in the hand, the pores and texture on the surface are easy to fool people's eyes, and there is almost no difference in appearance from real skin. In order to make the touch effect better, the scientists are also equipped with intelligent thermostats, so that all of them are no different from real people, and the touch is very soft and warm.

At the same time, thanks to its smooth gear design, the robot is very natural in terms of walking and movement, not as stiff as other robots. This is also true, this beauty robot is not an ordinary robot. As a male robot companion, the female robot is also equipped with a neural network engine chip.

The sex doll robot chip has a very high computing speed, plus a camera in the eye and a speaker in the ear to analyze the owner's needs and emotions. When the owner is angry, she will bring comfort to the owner. When the owner is sad, she will also tell jokes to make the owner happy.