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How to deal with sex doll picture background?

urdolls 05/23/2019

Life-size sex dolls are helping many men explore a variety of sexual fantasies, and in a very cool environment. They are full of anatomy to meet the needs of both parties, and no one will feel forgotten. The use of adult dolls made of silicone and other materials has increased day after day among single people, even among couples who want to enjoy three people in sexual fantasies. The TPE butt and chest will actually shake and shake as you play.

In the light portrait doll photography, the background should set off the main doll, without distracting the audience's attention to the picture. If the TPE sex doll costume is complicated, the background should be simple; the clothes should be bright and the background color should be bright. The configuration of the background is not easy to over-produce, and should be coordinated with the identity and personality characteristics of the subject. The color of the background and the face should not be too strong, because the color of the skin has always been used as a visual basis for identifying the correctness of color reproduction of color dolls.

Have you ever thought about the material of a real sex doll, the sex doll has changed for a while, the first one imitated ivory. The manufacturer's people respected his craft so much that he supported her, she took a shower, went to bed with her, and was sure to finally call her something "applied doll."

Sex, this wonderful three-letter has always been a colorful word, to say the least. As a concept, gender is more diverse and diversity itself. There are several types of sexual activity that people perform to meet sexual needs. One of the sexes involved a very interesting project called a sex doll.

We sell high quality quality dolls. Build real sex dolls and sell them through the showroom. After a while, sex dolls have evolved and changed the way they are currently made, what they look like, and the way society tolerates them leads to a real sex doll. .

The background distance should not be too close to the subjective doll, otherwise the background color will be reflected on the face and body, affecting the performance of the doll. There is a distance between the background and the subjective doll, which can be treated as a separate individual for individual lighting treatment. The contrast between the sex doll and the background is not always obtained by the difference in brightness, but also by the difference in color.

Sex dolls are actually sex devices; they are indeed famous. These dolls are one of the most famous sexual devices. They help users or users perform a variety of stimulating, semi-realistic activities.

Usually people use realistic dolls to double the fun of masturbation. You can find all kinds of these dolls on the market. Usually, they have different sizes and shapes.