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Sex dolls make your desires satisfying

urdolls 05/17/2019

Ruth, the sex doll robot developer, said that if the desires of a couple can't be reconciled, they are likely to divorce. Some sex robot parts developed by Ruth and his wife. Ruth said that in the next 20 years, humans will marry his sex robots. The Spanish scientist believes that the marriage of humans and robots is only a matter of time, and this situation will become very common in the future.

Spanish scientist Ruth and his wife Samitaki have collaborated on this sex robot, which has a sensor underneath the skin that responds to touch. In addition to the "mute and dumb" mode, this sex robot also has scene settings such as "family", "romantic" and "sex", and can also be converted to a "special naughty" level.

Sexual dolls look like elves, pointed ears and petite bodies, anime dolls with iconic big eyes, furry sex dolls, animal-like human facial features and more. A true sex doll is a person who changes the rules of the game, albeit a controversial doll. TPE is a cheaper material that won't be as long as silicone. They use precision engineering to create the most realistic human replicas. You can buy sex toys at a reasonable price and buy different types of dolls in the online store.

The future sex doll robot will have an impressive memory ability to remember past conversations. Some experts predict that if this high-tech sex robot is released within one year, hundreds of people will buy it in the UK. Ruth and his wife believe that “Samantha” will have the ability to enjoy sex, and can remember past conversations and even sleep.

These sex robots are designed to interact and communicate with people, so they are very different from the sex dolls that are common on the market. Some experts said that these robots are likely to be welcomed by singles who are eager to accompany them. As the inventor of sex robots, Ruth has not only changed the way men are happy, but he may have quietly changed the society we know.

He also claimed that he had a plan to have a child with his robot companion Samantha. Ruth studied nanotechnology in Leeds, England. In April of this year, he announced that his sex robots had saved him and his wife for 16 years of marriage. His wife, Samantha, said she didn't mind Ruth's use of doll robots.

Some manufacturers even describe sex robots as similar to owning pets, and said that companionship is a very important part of them. In Catalonia, Spain, a sex robot developed by the Ruth couple wore headphones and a scarf. Although the lady does not mind her husband using a sex robot, Ruth said that if his wife uses a male robot, he will feel embarrassed.

Dr. Ruth, a power engineer, said that his wife suggested implanting an artificial intelligence network into a sex robot. The robot's expected price is about $4,700, but it's not known when it will be mass-produced. Ruth said that the sex robot saved his marital relationship, because even when his wife has no sexual love, his desire can be satisfied.